Chapter 36

Writer Notes: Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  My internet was down. 😦  This chapter is pretty short, but enjoy it anyways.

Warnings: grieving Vampire, aggravated girl Elf, explaining, and pep-talking

“Don’t look so pathetic.” Lewej said.  “We’re going to figure this out.”

“I hope so.” Zarah sighed.  She was sitting in Vaiden’s house, but there was no Vaiden.  It was a strange feeling.  Both of the girls were scared, at first, to going back to Vaiden’s house, but then they both remembered his house had a magical spell around it that made it blind to the eyes that didn’t know it was there.  The Elves had created this spell for him once he had “retired” from the military.

Lewej scowled.  She knew that Zarah was going through a tough time with her husband’s murder, her best friend being taken away by the enemy, and getting him into this mess, but now was not the time to shut down.  Tatiana had also been taken away.  They needed to put their heads together and save their friends.

“What do you suggest?” Zarah asked.

“What do I suggest? Zarah, you’re over two hundred years old and you don’t know how to put together a rescue mission?” Lewej was angry now. “It was your damn people that took him away!”

“I-I’m sorry…” It was Lewej’s turn to sigh.  “We need to think of soemthing fast though. We can’t sit here while they may be killing our friends!”

“You must remain calm.” Coastal said exiting from the kitchen. 

“How were the barriers?” Lewej asked.  “Any intruders?”

“No, everything was fine.”

“Zarah, dearest, I know this is a difficult time for you, but you must put away your distress and think clearly. Vaiden knew it was dangerous going into the mission, but he accepted it.”

“You make everything sound so simple Coastal, but it is not.” Zarah said.

“Explain to me your worries then.”

“I called him. I knew he would come for me and I knew the La’Belle was going to fine me, but I called him anyways.” Zarah shook her head in aggravation.  “I deliberately got him captured.”

Coastal inhaled and exhaled slowly.  “And Vaiden had a choice to let the phone ring and not save you at all, but he did both. If he had to do it all again, do you think he would change a thing?”

Zarah thought about it for awhile, but frankly she didn’t know.  It was an answer for Vaiden to answer, not her.

“No,” Lewej said.  “I know he wouldn’t change a thing. If he did, he would have never met Tatiana. She would be dead. Zarah would also have died from the Vampires. He wouldn’t be happy.”

“See,” Coastal began.  “We know our brethen. Even with all of his tough exterior, Vaiden has a good heart. He took the mission because he didn’t want an innocent life to suffer a terrible death. The same for the recent situation.”

“I can’t help how I feel.” Zarah said.  “I love Vaiden. I’ve known him for so long and I let him walk right into this mess.”

“Firstly, you were doing your job.” Coastal said.  “I know that you were one of the guardians protecting Tatiana from discovery and when her identity was compromised, you took immediate action. Vaiden will understand this situation. He will also understand that you chose him to do the mission because you trusted him the most and you knew how great his skills were.”

“What do you mean guardian of Tatiana?” Lewej questioned.

“I am apart of the special…it doesn’t matter what the name is…” Zarah said.  “Tatiana’s family is apart of the sorcerory nation. Tatiana did not know this…I suppose she may now. Groups of clans have been hiding her family. I cannot explain why, just that it is important that they live.” Some tension eased in her shoulders.  “When my husband and I were exiled it was because we didn’t agree with our last master about his views on destroying other magical clans.”

“I’m surprised that he let you live.” Coastal said.  “Usually master Vampires will destroy underlings who wouldn’t follow his or hers ways.”

“Harvey talked him out of it and said we would flee the country so the other master Vampires knew not of his not pushing or killing us.” Zarah replied.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Coastal said.  “But for Harvey’s sake you must go on.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her for the last few hours.” Lewej said.

“Patience.” Coastal snapped at Lewej.

“If we go against La’Belle head on we might as well walk into a car accident.” Zarah said.  “But if we be sneaky and go through the secret passages around her dungeon…I could get us in, but I’m not sure from then on.”

“That dungeon is huge.” Lewej said.  “It could take us days to find where Vaiden is.”

“Well,” Coastal began.  “We have to try.”

“What about Tatiana?” Lewej questioned.  “I have no idea who took her away.”

“One problem at a time.” Zarah said.

“I’ll pray for our Human friend.” Coastal said.  “Goddess protect her.”


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