Chapter 37

Writer Notes: I haven’t been able to get online for a few days now so that’s where I’ve been, offline, horrible I know. [shaking head/rolling eyes] Aw, I know  you all missed me. 😀

Warnings: hissing, hugging, telling of tales, needing of refreshment, disgusted Human, and tears

“Are you sure you want to go in there?” Jay asked Tatiana.  “Are you sure you can trust them?”

“If I can’t trust friends of mine from way back then, Jay,” Tatiana said.  “Then who can I trust?”

“I’m sorry Miss Watski, but there’s nothing further I can do.” Bree, the daytime secretary, said.  “You’ll just have to wait until Mr. Reece returns from his vacation.”

The Feline hissed at the secretary, who shook her head and watched the entering customers. 

“Oh, Miss Smith!” she shouted in part excitement and part relief.  “I thought…”

“It’s all right, Bree.” Tatiana tried to smile.  “Is Mr. Pearson in?”

“Oh, yes, do you want me to call him?” Bree asked.

“No, no.” Tatiana said.  “I’ll just go in myself.”

“I-I, um, I’m gonna stay out here.” Jay announced.

“Sure.” Tatiana said.  “Let me guess…”

“Yeah.” he smiled.


Tatiana quietly shut the door behind her and then said.  “I need to file a complaint.”

“Tatiana!” Caden Pearson may have been young and wickedly brilliant, but he was the best boss and friend Tatiana had ever had.  She just knew she could trust him.

His wife Josie was also a dear friend of Tatiana’s.  She was the nicest lady Tatiana had ever met.  She was kind to everyone and everything.  Critics called her a tree hugger and she accepted it, stating trees needed a little lovin’ every now and then too.

“Is there anything you need?” Josie asked.

Tatiana thought about it for a moment then replied.  “Coffee.”

Josie did as requested and came back with fresh, rich black coffee just the way Tatiana liked it.  Caden and Josie sat with her as she told them most of everything that had happened.  Of course she kept something’s secret that way Lewej or Vaiden and even Zarah wouldn’t get in trouble.  It was a mess though.  Vampires, Elves, and a rich and powerful Human family were involved.  How was this one going to get settled?

Caden was disgusted with Gary Martin.  He felt a twinge of anger and fault for Tatiana meeting him for Caden had been representing Gary on a case and had introduced the two.  Of course Tatiana did not blame Caden for anything.  Gary was sick and twisted all on his own and he had made his decisions, not Caden.

“What of your friend, the Elf?” Josie asked.  “Any news?”

Tatiana shook her head.  “I just escaped myself…I-I have no clue where he is or…”

Caden interrupted.  “Tatiana, don’t worry, I’m going to give an anonymous tip to the police and they’ll storm every building associated with the Martins…this Jennifier Verniski, and La’Belle.”

“Thank you, Caden, but…”  Tatiana bit her lip.  “Vaiden said that it is possible that the Vampires have contacts within the police force. It’s one of the reasons we never contacted them. What if–”

“Then I’ll tell the captain myself.” Mr. Pearson replied.

“What if he’s their contact?”

Caden sighed.  That was a problem.  What if the police were setting up everyone to fail?

Josie patted Tatiana on the back.  “They cannot not act if the head of the force, the commissioner, is contacted.” she said.  “Or a Marshal could be contacted.”

“I didn’t think that Marshals could be called on a kidnapping case.” Tatiana said.

“They can when the case includes the monsters.” 

Tatiana didn’t know how she felt about the Marshals coming into this, but it did have its perks.  Marshals wouldn’t be local; therefore, they wouldn’t be involved with La’Belle or Jen, or even the Martins.  The bad guys would have no power of what happened in the legal field after that.  It may have been the best possible outlet.

“Why don’t I go get you some clothes and you freshen up?” Josie inquired.

Tatiana nodded.  “I’ll be in my office.”


It was a bad idea going to her office, but Tatiana needed a falling out.  On her desk sat a picture of Gary and her at Josie and Caden’s wedding.  They looked so happy together.  It looked real, but it was only half real, only on Tatiana’s side of the frame.  Gary was probably one of the best actors in the world.  He had made Tatiana fall in love with him and even pretended to be in love with her so he could tell Jen where Tatiana was, what she was doing, and when Jen could have her.  Tatiana was beginning to understand why Vaiden never let anyone close to him, why he had a problem with intimacy.  You could never be too sure if all the feelings were real or if it was all just an act.  Maybe that’s why Vaiden could stare down the barrel of a gun and have no problem pulling the trigger?

But Tatiana wasn’t Vaiden.  She was weak and soft.  Everything in the last year of her life had been set up by Jen and the Martins.  What did the Martins gain?  Surity that Jen would never attack them?  Or some level of even more power?  Tatiana didn’t know.  She knew it would bother her until she found out.

If the Marshals were brought into this situation, Tatiana felt that the monster clans would rebel.  She didn’t know exactly what they would do it, but she assumed it was nothing anyone wanted to find out.  Though Vampires, Elves, and even Felines were respectable citizens, take away their law-abiding masks and they were just as evil and crooked as they were before they were legal citizens.  The Humans were just as evil too.  The Martins were a great example of that.

Even as the tears rolled down her cheeks, Tatiana knew they were not for Gary.  They were for Vaiden.  She feared for him.  It seemed wrong that she was the one free and he was still captured and being tortured.  She hoped that if the Marshals were involved that they could find him quickly.  She didn’t know how much time he had left, but she knew that life was fragile.


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