Chapter 38

Writer Notes:  How’s everyone doing?  After some messed up UPdating I hope everyone is all caught up for this chapter.

Warnings: some inner thinking = too quiet,  secrets, swearing, and waiting 

Tatiana sat at a table flipping her spoon up and down.  Jay had dropped her off here as Caden Pearson, her boss, had insisted.  She didn’t want to be here, but it was the safest place she could be as they were trying to contact the Marshals without the local police knowing of it.  Safe was home.

Her mother, Rina, sat patiently awaiting for her daughter to speak up and announce why she had suddenly decided to return home.  It was peculiar after all.  Tatiana had spent almost all of her adult life trying to stay away from that place.

Tatiana knew that her parents knew not of the plot involving the Vampires, Jen, and the Martins for her parents refused to have anything to do with the outside world.  So they knew not of her being captured and such.  Caden hadn’t told them, which at first she was surprised at.  His only reply was that he wanted to know more information before he revealed such information to them.  So her parents had no idea that their only child had been missing for three months, running for her life, and coming into the hands of evil.  It wasn’t a great situation to be in.  Did she tell her parents or did she not tell them?  It was a secret she would have to take to the grave, if she could.

“Dear, you are extremely too quiet.” Rina finally said.  “What’s on your mind? Are you and Gary having problems?”

“Oh, um.” Tatiana had to sort out her thoughts fast.  “I have some news.”

“News?” Rina questioned, some sort of excitement was in her voice, but mostly she was suspicious.

“Mom,” Tatiana began.  “You know how you’ve always said that I wasn’t safe out in that world and that I didn’t belong?”

“Yes.” Rina’s voice was filled with as much suspicion as she could hold.

“I think I know what you mean.”


“Mom, let’s not be coy here.” Tatiana said.  “I know. I’m a sorceror or something like that, right?”

Rina’s eyes widened.  “How did you come to that conclusion?”

“An Elf told me.”

“And you trust this Elf?”

“Does it matter?” Tatiana questioned. Rina just raised her eyebrows.  “She’s two thousand years old and a High Elf. I think she knew what she was talking about. Mom, dammit, stop being difficult.”

“Don’t swear, sweetie.” Rina said.

Tatiana sighed.  “Just tell me the truth.”

Rina stopped to think about it for a moment before continuing.  “What made you think to talk to this Elf about magic?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes. Yes, it does.”

“I erupted into blue fire.” Tatiana replied.  “I know that Elves are one of the most knowledgeable creatures on this world so I consulted one.”


“We will wait for your father to come home before we talk about these things.” Rina then said.

Tatiana sighed again.  “And when does Dad get home?”

“Tonight.” she replied.

“I don’t know why you have to go through all of this mysterious bullshit, Mom.” Tatiana said.  “It’s just aggravating.”

“Don’t sw…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.”

“By-the-way, me and Gary are over.”

“Oh? Why?”

“He…he hurt me.”

Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not.”

“Was there another woman or something?” Rina asked.

“Sort of.” Tatiana answered.

“Why don’t you go up to your room and freshen up.” Rina said.  “You’ll feel better, dear.”


Part of her wanted to continue to argue with her mother, the other half wanted to be alone to her own thoughts.  As she closed the door behind her and looked over her childhood and teenage paradise, she felt a little more relaxed.

There were so many good memories here, but just as many bad.



2 Responses to Chapter 38

  1. Inga-lill (4mamma) says:

    It has taken some time but now I’ve read the whole story… and you are more then Great.. I love the story and all the pics are talking together with the text. All the poses are really great and I can see that you have put an extreem effort to this..
    So what can I really say about this… I’m so speachless… but I can’t wait fot the next chapter…

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