Chapter 39

Warnings: phone call, one-sided conversation, and set up

Lewej jumped up and answered the phone.  It was an odd time for someone to call, but more than anything she was wondering if by chance Vaiden had escaped the Vampires’ torments.

“H-Hello?” she said sleepily into the phone.  It was staticy for a moment.  “Hello?”

“Lewej,” a woman said.  “It’s Tatiana.” 

“Tatiana!” Lewej jumped.  “Are you all right?! Where are you?!?”

“I’m all right, Lewej.” she replied.  “Don’t worry about me. I’m safe.”

“Where are you?”

“That’s not important.” Tatiana said.  “I need you to get in contact with Coastal.”


Tatiana sighed.  “We need her help.”

“I’m sorry I got you captured.” Lewej then said.

“It…It’s fine, Lewej. You didn’t know they were expecting us.” Tatiana said.  There was a pause for a moment as if Tatiana was thinking of something.  “Vaiden?”

“Yeah, the Vamps still have him.” Lewej mummured.

“Lewej get in contact with Coastal…”

“Wait just a moment, she’s here!”


Lewej ran from the bedroom to the kitchen.  “Coastal…phone…Tatiana…” she panted.

“Darling, I’ve been worried about you.” Coastal said into the phone.

Tatiana told her everything that had happened that night until Tatiana had escaped, except for her laying out Gary.

“I see.” Coastal said once Tatiana had finished.  “And where are you now?”

“My parents.”

“That is the safest place for you.”

“So I’ve been told.”

“The Vampires never found your parents house.” Coastal claimed.  “Neither did this Elf that captured you.  What was the name?”

“Jen.” Tatiana answered.  “Jennifer Verniski.”

Coastal paused for a moment.

“What’s wrong?” Lewej asked.  “Is everything all right?”

“Are you sure of this?” Coastal questioned.

“Yes.” Tatiana said.

“What is it?” Zarah asked.

“You know the name.” Tatiana said.


“How bad is it going to get?”

“The worst.”

Zarah and Lewej stood silent.  This one-sided conversation had them puzzled as Coastal continued the phone conversation with Tatiana.  Coastal was doing a lot of listening as if Tatiana was giving instructions.  Both the Vampire and the Elf girl thought it should have been the other way around.

Once Coastal said her good-byes and hung up the phone, Lewej and Zarah sat patiently waiting for the High Elf to tell them the news.

“We have problems.” Coastal then said into the silence.  “We have major problems.”

“What is it?” Zarah asked.  “What has you scared?”

“It isn’t a bother right now.” Coastal replied.  “Let us keep our priorities straightened out.  Our first objective is to rescue Vaiden.”

“Yes.” Lewej agreed.

“But how?”

“Tatiana has set up a meeting for us with some Felines.” Coastal replied.  “She believes they can help us.”

“Can we trust them?” Zarah asked.

“We have no choice.” Coastal answered.  “If they can help us, we must use them.”

“When’s the meeting?” Lewej asked.

“In two hours.” Coastal replied.  “So get ready.”


2 Responses to Chapter 39

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    HURRY…get Vaiden! Oooh…this is getting good!
    I am so excited and dancing in my seat 🙂

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