Chapter 4

Writer Notes: YAY! It’s posted!

Warnings: a few moments of silence, depressed Sim (with reasons) depressed Sim (without reasons), angry Elf.

Tatiana stepped out of the bathroom door, refreshed and showered.  She should have felt clean and happy, but she wasn’t.  She had had a sleepless night, riding on a bumpy road all the way to wherever they had ended up…they…Tatiana emphasized in her mind.  She was not alone.

Vaiden was his name and he had been silent the whole trip.  The last time he had spoken to her and asked her if she was hungry, some thirteen hours ago.  She had not been hungry, but now she was regretting not taking his offer.  He had given her no reason for her to despise him, but he made this situation of hers real.  She wished she’d wake up and this nightmare would be over, this Vaiden Zarren would just be some Elf in her fantasies.  She could live with that, but it wasn’t happening.  With each growing hour, Tatiana was realizing that.

She sat on the arm of a chair, as close she had been to him since the car ride.  Whatever reason she had, Tatiana wanted him to say the first words.  She needed to know what direction to take for she felt her life was without its compass, falling off of the map.

He sighed and turned to her. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” he finally said, something of irritation underlined his voice.

Tatiana shook her head no.

“I’ll be honest with you.” Vaiden began.  “I don’t like this ‘babysitting’ crap. I’m not good at it, but I warn you, I have little patience and even less nice offerings.”

It was Tatiana’s turn to sigh.  She had dealt with men like him before in the legal department, arrogant and rude.  Just her luck, but then again without him she would have been in the hands of someone else or worse, dead.

They both turned away from each other in silent mode again.  How long would this last?  Tatiana hated the silence.  It had ruled her world when she was little until she finally broke free and escaped, what the policemen, social workers, and therapists called “running away’.

Tatiana moved to the chair by Vaiden’s feet.  He didn’t even blink or make eye contact with her.  She wondered what he was thinking, but when do men really think?

“Let me ask you something,” Vaiden said.  “Have you convinced yourself that this is a dream and you’ll wake up any time soon?”

Tatiana didn’t have to look up; she could feel his eyes on her.  He was watching her for some type of weakness or just to amuse himself.  She shrugged, not trusting her voice to be strong enough.

“It’s not a dream.” He said.  “This is real.”

She shrugged again, unenthused of hearing his words.

Vaiden’s eyes just stared at her.  Again, she didn’t exactly look at him to see if he was staring, but she…just knew.  His eyes were so empty.

“So then you realize you aren’t going home anytime soon.” He said.  “Are you going to even ask me what the situation is? Why are you in this mess?”

Tatiana lifted up her head and looked at his “real” eyes.  “I know why.”


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