Chapter 40

Writer Notes: Happy Chapter 40!!!  WoW, 40 chapters…this is totally a record for me. 😉

Warnings: italisized the, pretty wordy at times, lots of conversations, talks of death and promises, and a freakin plumbob snuck into one of the pictures [grr face]

[knock on door]

Tatiana was startled at the sound of a door closing.  She woke, stains of tears down her cheeks.  She couldn’t remember what she had initially dreamt of, but she could recall Vaiden’s face and he looked distraught.  She hoped that the meeting she had set up between her Feline friends and Coastal was going well.  Jay, the Feline, had called her about a Feline he had met that had intel about La’Belle’s torture chambers.  Tatiana couldn’t afford to let this information go to waste; therefore, she called Lewej.  She prayed that everything went according to plan.

“Honey, are you all right?” a man said.

Tatiana looked up.  “Dad…”

“I’m fine…bad dream.” she said.

He blinked at her for a moment.

“I’m glad your home.” he whispered when Tatiana hugged him.

“Me too.” she lied.

Her father let her have a few minutes to freshen up before she headed downstairs to meet him and her mother for the discussion.  She wondered what lies had been threaded through her whole life, keeping her from knowing the truth about herself.  She questioned why her parents hadn’t told her.  After all, her magic had quietly caught up with her.  What if it hadn’t been a Vampire attacking her that had died horribly in the blue fire?  What if it had been during court, at a restaurant, or just in her office?

Her parents remained calm, which aggravated her more than anything; however, Tatiana had to continue to remind herself that they didn’t know about her almost getting killed and captured.

She sighed.  She would have to tell them.  They were going to ask how the blue fire erupted.  They were going to ask specifics about the scene.  She might as well lead them up to it.

So she told them, slowly, but surely their eyes sparkled with worry and panic, but they remained cool and collective on the outside.  When she finished that were silent and still as the boards of the walls.

“That’s quite a story.” Rina then said.

“It’s not a story.” Tatiana grumbled.  “That’s what has happened to me and my friends over the last three months!”

Her father, Owen, sighed.  “Rina, she knows the truth. Stop pretending she doesn’t.”

Rina shushed him.  “She doesn’t have to know.”

“So I can kill more people, accidently even?” Tatiana shook her head.  “Are you kidding me?!? I know the truth to the basics, now tell me the details!”

“Why do you want to know the details?” Owen asked.

“One to know about myself, two so I can learn to control–whatever I am, and three to help my friends!”

“To use your gifts unwisely is not a good idea, my daughter.” Rina said.

“Helping my friends ultimately is the only thing that matters!”

Rina began softly, stopped, sighed, and then started again.  “Your father wanted us to tell you a long time ago, but it was bitterly my decision that we didn’t–haven’t–you were so innocent. You didn’t need to know.”

“Evidently, I did–do.” Tatiana narrowed her eyes.  “You’ve kept me from the truth of myself.”

“I know.” Rina said, looking down.

“Whoever’s to blame it doesn’t matter now.” Owen stated.  “We are a part of a secret clan called the Mystic Crane, the survivors of the original sorcerer clans. Other clans help in aiding, protecting, and keeping our clan secret because we possess old and powerful…items that could be dangerous if found.”

Tatiana remembered this conversation.  Jen had said something about her parents hiding and protecting items.  She was one of these items.  Owen told his daughter what she wanted to hear.  She was a sorceress, a very powerful one.  Even from a young age she showed promises of great power and now, of course, it was being recognized.  Her parents had moved and put her in isolation to hide her, but as she grew older it became apparent that it would be too strange to keep her from flourishing so they let her go to public schools and college, get a career, and act as if she was just a regular Human being. 

“But I’m not.” Tatiana said.  “I’m not a regular Human being. I potentially am a very dangerous being.”

“Yes, we know.” Rina sighed.  “It’s why I wanted to keep you safe, keep you from the schools, boys, friends, away from that world, because you are not meant to be apart of it.”

“It doesn’t matter now.” Tatiana said.  “I am apart of it and it has gotten my friends into great trouble and they need my help.”

“You can’t go back now.” Rina said.  “We can’t let you, the clan of Mystic Crane cannot let you. We let you out once and it was a terrible mistake.”

“You can’t keep me here!” Tatiana shouted.  “I will leave and will help my friends defeat whatever evil that threatens us!”

“We have to keep you safe. It is an order of our clan’s leader.” Rina calmly said.  “We have already put up protective circles. No one threatening us can pass through it and you cannot escape it.”

Tatiana screamed and then started to cry.  “No! No! No!!!”

Rina stood. “Honey, it’ll be all right. You will be safe.”

“We will teach you all the ways of our magic.” Owen said.

“And you will be safe…with us.” Rina added.

“But I can’t stay here!” Tatiana cried.  “I-I–h-have to go help rescue Vaiden!”

“Is he your Elvin friend that was captured by the Vampires?” Rina asked.

“Y-Yes, h-he’s risked everything f-for m-me!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, my dear, there’s no reason to hurry. Your friend is probably already dead.”

Tatiana cried louder.

“Rina!” Owen hissed.  “What is wrong with you!?!”

“Well, what was I suppose to say?” Rina questioned. 

“Just get out of here!” Owen yelled.

Owen slid beside Tatiana and held her as she cried.  “I’m sorry.” he whispered.  “I don’t know why she’s that way. Everything’s going to be all right.”

“That’s what Vaiden promised me.” Tatiana sniffed.

“Then it will be.” Owen replied.  “Elves always keep their promises.”

“Don’t worry,” Owen said.  “I’m sure your other friends will rescue Vaiden…”

“…and we’ll train you the best we can…”

“…and then we’ll see what happens next.”

“You promise?” Tatiana asked.

Owen smiled then nodded. “I promise.”


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  1. 13pumpkin says:

    OMD Rina…words of comfort…NOT!
    Thank goodness Tatiana’s Dad thinks before he opens his mouth 🙂
    Great chapter!!

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