Chapter 41

Writer Notes: To Kiri, I hope that everything is well with you.

Warnings: brief switch of views, talk of deals and killing

Mrs. Coristor stood her turn guarding the entrance of the “box.”  She just like any other Vampire guard in this building did like this particular room.  But unlike any other Vampire in this building, she could “sense” the life force of the Elf within the “box.”

He was still alive and alert.  It was extraordinary for someone to last this long in the “box.”  By now shock, starvation, dehydration, or even insanity would have killed them.  Why was this Elf hanging onto life so vigorously?  The one person that seemed to matter the most in his life was probably already dead by the hands of Serial Killer Jen.  The poor lonely sorceress.  She wouldn’t stand a chance against a mighty powerful High Elf such as Jen.  Of course, Mrs. Coristor hoped that Jen delivers the rest of their deal.  With La’Belle dead the Coristors would be the powerfulest Master Vampires in the area and they had plans to turn the whole political network of their clan around.


Any day now, Vaiden kept reminding himself.  He doubted either Zarah or Lewej would let him perish at the hands of Vampires.  They would get help and come save him.  He trusted Zarah to do this, but he wasn’t 100% sure about Lewej, but then again she was obsessed enough about him that she would go get lengths to get his attention.  Maybe saving him this time around would be the triggered?

He rather doubted it.

Another twenty-four hours in this hell-hole would surely warp his brain for the worst.  He could only hope that he would survive so he could give the Vampires hell for what they had done to him.

He would give the other half of this evil plot hell too for all the damage they had caused Tatiana.  She didn’t deserve their wickedness.  She was too innocent for such a dark and damaged world as theirs.  Too innocent for a lawyer in hard crime.

He sighed.  Yep, he had made up his mind. Kill, kill them all.

It seemed very satisfying on his half.  With these demons out of the way, he could go back to his life–could he?  First he would need to find out about the Elvin situation.  Had the rebels destroyed the Elvin kingdom yet?  He had mixed feelings about that.  However, they had killed Asiram and that was unforgivable.

Yep. Kill them all.

The Vampire lords dead, whatever evil that was chasing Tatiana on the other half dead, and the Elvin rebels dead.  The world would be a little more empty, but a whole lot more quieter.

But first…

…he needed to get out of here.


4 Responses to Chapter 41

  1. Zhue says:

    Poor elf : (
    (That black eye looks great though)

  2. 13pumpkin says:

    I wouldn’t want to be on Vaiden’s bad side when he get’s out…they will suffer his wrath!!

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