Chapter 42

Writer Notes: I’m baaaaack!  Enjoy all!

Warnings: nervous and worrying Human, anxious Elves, Felines, and a Vampire.

Tatiana calmed down after a shower.  Now she was in deep thought.  Her parents would train her to the best of their ability.  They had promised that, but she wasn’t sure what that meant.  What training would she need?  She had done some power training with Lewej and it had helped when dealing with Serial Killer Jen.  Her parents were informed of this.  They just nodded and acted like it wasn’t a big deal.  She thought by giving them her previous training skills that they could come up with a solution as to how to train her, but, evidently, they were planning to do it the old ceremonial way.

Her worries, of course, weren’t about herself.  There were thoughts about Vaiden, Lewej, and Coastal, her great Elvin friends, as well as, Jay the Feline and Zarah…she hadn’t ever meant the Vampire, but Zarah had been the one to get Vaiden to rescue Tatiana; therefore, she deserve more than just thanks.

Coastal would be meeting with Jay and his Feline friend soon.  Tatiana could only hope that everything went to plan.  So many things could go wrong.  This Feline that Jay met could be a spy for La’Belle.  It seemed strange that a Feline would help another specie, but then again, Jay was helping Tatiana.

“Hold on, Vaiden.” Tatiana whispered.  “Help is on the way.”

At least, she hoped it was.


“I’m glad you could meet us at such a short notice.” Jay said.  “Sorry that we’re bringing you back to the scene of the crime, but we scouted the area to see if we could find anymore clues.”

“That is fine.” Coastal replied.  “What exactly would you like to share with us?”

“This is Watski…”

“And I’m Jay.” he began.  “I’m a great friend of Tatiana Smith’s and would do anything to help her. Watski came to me with information once she saw me with Tatiana.”

“You’ve seen Tatiana!” Lewej yelped.

“I escorted her to her whereabouts now.” Jay said.  “Sorry about the mysteriousness, but she made me swear to not say where she is and I can’t go against her word.”

“Felines.” tsked Zarah.

“You requested us for detail of La’Belle’s torture chambers.” Coastal said.  “I would very much like to hear what you can give us.”

“Watski use to be a spy for La’Belle, but she let her go after her mission was over.” Jay said.  “She’s got the information you need.”

“Interesting that La’Belle would let you live.” Zarah said.  “Especially since you have a bunch of her secrets.”

“Well, Zarah,” Coastal interrupted.  “She let you live too.”

“La’Belle be smart, but careless.” Wastki replied. “She think no one cross her.”

“She definitely has a big head about herself.” Lewej agreed.

“And what is your plan of action against La’Belle?” Zarah asked. “You cross us, we fail, and she finds out about you then she will hunt you down and destroy you.”

“But we won’t fail.” Lewej said.  “We can’t.”

“Watski has given me the information as well.” Jay said.  “And we have drawn a blueprint of the structure.”

“That’s great!” Lewej smiled.

“La’Belle has guards in special places and a few in the box.”

“What’s the box?” Lewej asked.

“That be where you friend is.” Watski replied. 

“We are grateful for your information.” Coastal said.  “But it seems that you have made up your mind into aiding us in this act.”

“We have.” Jay answered.  “I can’t fail Tatiana since she put so much faith in me.”

“If you’re going to stand with us and you need to remember who you’re going up against and how powerful she is.” Zarah said.  “Powerful Master Vampires won’t even fight La’Belle. She’s a Master Vampire killer and so is many of her bodyguards.”

“Yeah, we know.” Jay said.  “And we’re ready.”


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  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Let the battle begin…I’m so excited!

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