Chapter 43

Writer Notes: Enjoy all!

Warnings: sneakinessesseses, fighting, angry, aggravation, teasing, and some tears

“Another peaceful night.” La’Belle sighed.

“Oh, come now, Mrs. Coristor, sing me a song.”


“Well, it’s now or never.” Jay said.

Lewej nodded.  “We must save Vaiden.”

“Let’s get this over with.” Zarah huffed.

“Agree.” Watski said.

“I pray for our swiftness.”

“Wait there’s someone there.” Zarah whispered.

“Mr. Coristor.” Zarah growled.

Lewej’s heart was racing.  Some way they had to get passed each of the guards in the hallways and the few guards in the box room.  She didn’t like these small empty spaces or the danger that they posed, but she would do anything for Vaiden.  Anything.

“One down, a few to go.” Zarah said.

“One step at a time.” Lewej whispered to herself.

“Someone’s coming.”


“This is so boring.” Bailey complained.  “Like the Elf is going to be able to go anywhere. He’s piled high in brick and rock.”

“Just follow La’Belle’s orders, Bailey.” Mr. Thomas said.  “We must stay in her good graces.”

Bailey sighed.  “I know, but I’m still bored.”


“Go!” Zarah shouted.  “We have her!”

“What do you want me to do?” Jay asked.

“Break her neck!” Zarah screamed.


Watski stopped at the top of the spiral stairs.  She was ever so careful and completely silent with each footstep she took.  Deadly silent.

Lewej followed her and stretched.  It was time to get her hands dirty.

“I will follow as soon as you clear the room.” Coastal whispered.

“Let’s get these bitches.” Lewej smiled.


“I can think of something that will be lots more entertaining.” Bailey purred. 

“Oh really?” Mr. Thomas smiled.  “Will I?”

“You will be most pleased.” Bailey continued.  “I guaruntee it.”

Mr. Thomas let out a pleasing sound.

Lewej and Watski acted so fast, the Vampires had no clue what or who hit them.

“We make a good team.” Lewej said.  Watski just nodded.  “Coastal, come on down!”

The High Elf examined the scene before them.  Something quite odd, she could feel it. 

“Girls, move all of the decorations.”

They did without question.  Coastal touched the brick, smelled it, and listened within it.  She felt a weak force behind it.  She didn’t know how deep the box was.  She didn’t want to hurt Vaiden.

“Step back girls.” she ordered.  “Hide behind that sideboard.”


Vaiden’s skin tingled.  Magic.  Someone magical was here.  Who?


Lewej and Watski screamed together.  The display of power was tremendous.

As soon as Coastal gave them the “ok” Lewej ran towards the opening.

“Vaiden!” she screamed.

“…a…bout….t…time.” he managed to say before he passed out.

The first slip of a sob escaped Lewej with it tears.  “Oh, Vaiden!”

“Coastal, you all right?” Watski questioned as the High Elf collected herself.

“Fine, just fine. Let’s find the others and get out of here.” she replied.


“You poor dear.” Zarah smoothed Vaiden’s hair.  “When will you wake?”

“He was in pretty bad shape.” Lewej said.  “It’ll be awhile.”

“He has great nurses so I know he’ll be fine.” Zarah smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Lewej, you should rest.”

“I will…I just…” she sighed.  “Need to make sure he’s all right first.”

“He is the strongest being I have ever met if that helps you.” Zarah said.  “And I have lived for a long time.”

“You do really love him, don’t you?” Lewej asked.

“Yes.” Zarah replied.  “I know you do too.”

Lewej looked away.  “Yeah, but he’ll never love me.”

“He does, Lewej.” Zarah smiled.  “He just doesn’t know how to show it.”

“Does he love love Tatiana?”

“Only he can answer that.”


Author’s Question: What do you guys and gals think Vaiden is dreaming about during the end of this chapter?


2 Responses to Chapter 43

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Kicking some Vampire ass!
    As for the question…
    He is being pampered by all the beautiful Elven Weman..they are feeding him grapes and fanning him with feathers…then Tatiana walkes in and motions for them to leave. Vaiden is powreless to overcome her suduction and he give in to his passion.
    (just an idea) 🙂

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