Chapter 44

Writer Notes:  All right, let’s check in with the other side of the playing field.

Warnings: anger and upsetnessesses

“Why do I always have to do everything myself!” Jen yelled.  “You were gave simple orders! You were told! You are failures!”

“Give us a break!” Gary huffed.  “We didn’t know what to do. We did the best we could have.”

“I will not stand for futile mistakes!” Jen shouted.  “Remember your place, Gary boy!’

“We acted the best we could.” Gary growled.  “If we rushed her, what would have happened? We could have been just as toasted as your Vampire friend!”

“So you were cowards?”

“N-no.” he stuttered.  “We just aren’t equipped with whatever you are. How did you expect us to handle it?”

“What are you brainless?” Jen questioned.  “Knock the girl out and put her back into prison, but NOOO, you had to be a bunch of complete morons!” 

“Stop your whinning!” Mrs. Martin yelled.  “It’s not our fault she escaped!”

“Then who’s is it?” Jen questioned.

“Maybe your servant had something to do with it, hmm?” Mrs. Coristor stated. 

“How dare you!” Jen shouted.

“Marcie is in my complete control! To challenge her is to challenge me!”

“We are not challenging you.” Gary said.  “We would not dream of that.”

“Well, you Humans have certainly decided to be useless.”

“We are not useless.” Mrs. Martin stated.  “We cannot help that we are Human and do not have the powers that you do!”

“We are sorry to have lost the girl.” Mr. Martin mummbled.

“We need to think of a new plan.” Gary said.  “Tatiana is somewhere out there. We need to get her before she stirrs up trouble.”

Jen growled.  These Humans did not understand the severity of their crimes.  Tatiana would not be found now.  She knew they were looking for her.  She knew what they wanted, who they were, where they resided.  Not that Jen feared that the police came for her, no mere Human could stand up against her power, but she feared that she would never find Tatiana again.  After all, it had taken her over twenty years to find her this time around.

“We should get ahold of the Coristors.” Mr. Martin said.  “They may know something we do not.”

Jen nodded.  “Why are you the only smart one in this family?”

“If we are to continue with our plan then yes, the Coristors must be contacted.” Jen said. “I may have to move forward with my contract with them and then branch out to complete this mission.”

“Whatever you wish.” Gary sighed.  “But La’Belle is not going to be easy to take down.”

“Nonsense.” Jen huffed.  “She does not stand a chance against my powers!”

“Yes, Lady Jen.” Mr. Martin smiled.

“Yes,” Mrs. Martin hissed.  “Let’s do.”

“And you better not fail me this time!”


“This is completely unexceptable.” Mrs. Coristor said.  “How could all of you have failed?”

Mr. Coristor growled at his wife.  “We were terribly out numbered!”

“That’s your reasoning, dear?” Mrs. Coristor questioned.  “You couldn’t handle a couple of Elves and Felines?”

“We didn’t even have time to react!” Bailey said.  “They were lightning fast! I didn’t even hear them!”

“Maybe because you were too distracted.” Aliana sideglanced at a petrified Mr. Thomas.

“Do not make excuses!” Mrs. Coristor hissed.  “You have failed La’Belle and that above all is unexceptable!”

“Oh and you were a big help!” Bailey growled.  “Where were you when the intruders escaped!”

“I do not have to answer to you, underling!” Mrs. Coristor shouted.  “I did not fail, La’Belle, you did!”

“But where were you, luv?” Mr. Coristor asked.

“Dining hall.” Mrs. Coristor answered her husband.  “With our lady.”

“It is always amusing that you are always hiding while the rest of us seemingly fail!” Bailey said.

“You are the failure for not coming to aid your brethen!” Bailey yelled.

“Enough!” La’Belle snapped.  “You pathetic ingrates!”

“While you stand here smighting each other over useless talk, our intruders are getting farther and farther out of our grasp!” La’Belle yelled.

“You are failures!” La’Belle hissed.  “And if you want to see daylight ever again you will find them!”


4 Responses to Chapter 44

  1. Tori says:

    This story is AMAZING! I’ve been keeping up with it for weeks now and I love it! I’m totally excited to see what happens next and I hope Tatiana and Vaiden get reunited soon =) keep up the great work~

  2. Clara says:

    Loved the story. Hope to see new chapters soon enough ! 🙂

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