Chapter 46

Writes Notes: OOOOOOOOooooooooooooooHHHHHhhhh…SO Chapter 46.  It has been a very VERY long road.  Only 4 more chapters left and then…it ends.  I know I know.  It’s terrible, but where one ends another adventure begins.  I shall be putting up teasers in a few days for possible new stories and your picks.  Thar shall be a poll for votin’!  So when it happens, you need to vote so I know what you all want to read/view.  It helps my mind believe it’s doing something pleasing for all of you out there.

Warnings: multiple changes in view (yes I know, I’m bad), she be trainin’, he be a spyin’ for evildoers, thar be silent mateys a lustin’, and thar be him a smokin’ his cigarette. ARRRRRRRRRR!!!

Rina had Tatiana doing the works.  Potion making, weeding growing, calling up cats, and whatever else it would seem usual to a sorceress.  To Tatiana it was unusual, definitely considering her mother was very enthused about it.  Her mother was never enthused.

However, spell casting had developed into Tatiana’s biggest challenge.  She had the protection spell down, but other spells were becoming taxing.

She really wanted to learn the curing spell as it healed wounds.  Tatiana assumed that this certain spell would be helpful on the battlefield.  Battlefield…it seemed odd that five months ago Tatiana would never had dreamed of using that word in a sentence unless she was talking about a vigorous court battle.

It seemed like she was getting the hang of it, but she knew she was so far away from being able to control her power like her parents.

Especially considering the spells would fall apart turning blue right in the middle of the summoning.  Her parents her both befuttled as to what was happening.  Her mother assumed it was from lack of concentration, but her father knew there was something deeper amist.  He protested against Rina that Tatiana’s concentration wasn’t an issue, it was that her power was different from theirs.  That statement didn’t settled well with either of the ladies.

“What do you mean?” Tatiana asked.

“I just believe that your power isn’t orange like ours that’s why in the middle of the spells it keeps breaking up and turning blue.” he said.  “You’re a blue power.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Rina cried from afar.  “Neither of our ancestor lines have blue power.”

Rina evaded the conversation and switched to auras.  She wanted to teach Tatiana how to summon her aura, not only for protection, but as a weapon.

However, it proved that the power she summoned became blue…

…and ferocious!

Rina flabbergasted once again sighed.  “Maybe she is a blue power.”

Tatiana began to cry.  She didn’t know if them having two different power colors was an issue.  She didn’t know if they could help her, but her parents wrapped their arms around her and rocked her back and forth in their embrace.  They told her that it would be all right.  That everything would be fine.  She didn’t know if she could believe them.

But whatever the cost she knew she had to be prepared.  Jen would be following her trail soon enough.  The bitch would find them and Tatiana wasn’t sure if her parents could fight the High Elf.  She didn’t know if they stood a chance.  Tatiana had to know the basics and maybe some more complex spells before the fight against Jen and the Vampires. 



I just happened to be crossing the alley to the little shopping district up on 2nd Street when I spotted them. Vampires.

They were walking very casually in their masks and leather.  I wondered if they knew I had picked up Tatiana at that very spot a week ago, but they didn’t seem to scout the area for anything.  Heck, they just seemed dazed like anyone walking down the street.

But I knew these were Vampires, they are hot on our trail.  These sons-of-bitches aren’t going to give up.

But if anything we are going to be damn well prepared for them.


“So I came here to tell you all.” Jay explained.  “I thought Vaiden would be a little bit more appreciative…but I guess I pulled the wrong string with him.”

“Oh don’t mind him.” Lewej smirked.  “He’s just being his usual bastardness.”

Coastal cleared her throat.  “He probably has his mind on protecting us from any upcoming threats, Lewej. You must remember that Vaiden specializes in areas like this, but it does put a lot of stress on one person to do so much.”

“Well, he could spread it around.” Jay said.  “I would be happy to help.”

“You don’t know our Vaiden very well.” Zarah replied.  “He doesn’t accept help in any form or shape.”

Coatal had been watching the way Lewej and Vaiden were acting around Jay.  She knew by bringing in another male that Vaiden’s mood would worsen.  He didn’t like competition, as Zarah had said, in any form or shape.  Lewej was flirting with the Feline more than she would usually with any other male, which (even if he hadn’t noticed) was ticking Vaiden off.  He was not use to being second on Lewej’s list of woos and aws.  But, in any case, Coastal breathed a whisper in Lewej’s head to sit down and be a nice, desent girl to the guest.  After all, they didn’t need Vaiden locked his bathroom the rest of the week.

Lewej did as the message said.  She didn’t say anything more to Jay about Vaiden or their situation.  Amazingly, she just listened to everyone else.

But listening may have been a turn on to Jay.

Zarah elbowed the Feline and told him one powerful word.  “No.”


Vaiden sat on the cold floor of the bathroom sunken into his thoughts.  This Feline character had shown up at their doorsteps and Lewej had waved him in as an ally.  It had taken a few moments, but Coastal finally explained to him that this Feline by the name of Jay had a hand in saving Tatiana and escaping…to wherever her parents place was.  He didn’t like this stranger coming into his house, but Vaiden took the information in exchange of passage.

The Vampires were hot on Tatiana’s trail, which meant that Jen was even hotter, considering she was a superior Elf with a passion into plotting serial killer events.  She had also been searching for Tatiana’s parents for half of a century, which gave her an edge above La’Belle.

Whatever the difficulties that were unfolding, Vaiden’s problems were minimized to whether or not he should invest in a mini-refridgerator to put in this bathroom so he didn’t have to make a trip to the kitchen for special beverages.  He didn’t know if his “guests” would want him to serve pie either.  A mini-fridge would definitely solve this problem.


2 Responses to Chapter 46

  1. Tori says:

    Aw things are coming to an end so soon? =( This was such a great story along the way and its sad to see it ending but at the same time I’m very excited to see what finally happens in the end!
    I will definitely be one of the voters who’ll vote on the upcoming teasers at the end of the story so keep up the excellent work! 🙂

    • I’ve been aiming for Chapter 50 as the end…but we’ll see. I haven’t actually made the upcoming chapters so I may have to adjust how many are left. It’s my aim though. If a chapter does come out too long I can always make Chapter# Part 1 and 2. 😉 I hope to get the teasers out soon for all to vote.

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