Chapter 47

Writes Notes: And so it begins…

Warnings: treachery, appearing knife, moved body, long history lesson, and green and orange flames

“Why would this warehouse have any clues to where our target is?” La’Belle asked.  It was strange for her to be on the scenes, working with her underlings, but she put it upon herself to make sure they were making progress.  There would be no room for error this way.

However, when she entered the warehouse, it had become clear that this wasn’t what she expected.

“Aw, hello there.” Jen brightly smiled.  “I have been waiting all night for you, La’Belle. Won’t you sit and have talk with me?”

“What is this nonsense?” La’Belle hissed.  “Who is this?”

The questions were directed at the Coristors as their information had led the Vampires to this particular warehouse, but the Coristors remained silent though their faces represented loathful thoughts.

“Oh, don’t blame the Coristors, my dear.” Jen said.  “They are merely pawns. You should direct your further questions to the real mastermind of these games.”

“Who would that be?” La’Belle asked.

“Just me. I am Jen and this, my servant Marcie. We have been watching your progress as you strive to find the girl and I must admit, you’ve done well…for a Vampire.”

“You will not address me with such inferiority!” La’Belle hissed.  “I am La’Belle…”

“The Master Vampire who murders other Master Vampires, yes I know this.” Jen said solemnly.  “Don’t tire me with petty titles. You may scare your own race, but when it comes to me, you are nothing than another tyrant Master Vampire. No more than the others. I shall tell you that however, I picked you especially because of your reputation. It’s such a fascinating record of how many Master Vampires you have murdered. I do love numbers and murder.”

La’Belle was speechless.  Who was this crazy Elf?  And how did she know about La’Belle’s murders?

“Now, now,” Jen smiled again.  “Coristors come to me so La’Belle knows exactly what the situation is.”

The Coristors did not hestitate.  They strode towards Jen as directed.

La’Belle cursed at them in French, but they only let her see the untainted suede of their backsides as they approached their real master.

It was no surprise to Bailey Rosenhouse of the Coristors betrayal.  She knew that they purposely were retaining information that they knew about their targets.  Bailey knew why now.  They were giving their information to this Jen.  An Elf, for gods sake! Not even one of them!  How could they betray their own race?  But, Bailey knew, the Coristors were never to be trusted.

“Don’t blame them.” Jen said.  “They only fell for the most terrible of temptations.”

“And what would that be?” La’Belle questioned.

“Freedom.” Jen said casually.  “Specifically, freedom of you.”

“Others find freedom in a different way.” Jen motioned to the body bags.  “Your collegues, Mr. Thomas and Aliana, were very nice speciments, I might add. However, they, like most, begged for mercy. But I have no mercy.”

Bailey rushed in front of her master.  There was no doubt that La’Belle could handle herself, but she desired more than anything to show her bravery and be awarded with honor.  If she killed this bitch, La’Belle would pay her nicely.

La’Belle cursed at the witch. Aliana had been with her for over one thousand years and now, her executioner was dead.  She cared not for Mr. Thomas as he was sloppy and careless.  He deserved his death, but Aliana…La’Belle would tear the head off of this Elf personally for her friend.

“It seems I have your attention now.” Jen began.  “You have been nothing, but careless yourself La’Belle.  You let betrayists guide you into failure and those most dearest die for nothing more than petty excuses of let them go first and screen the situation. You are a terrible master.  Do you not cherish those of your servants?”

“You do not speak to La’Belle that way!” Bailey shouted.  “I will cut you up into ribbons!”

Jen narrowed her eyes at the fledgling.  She did not care for such low leveled scum, not even to cut with her own knife.  Bailey was shit, shit to Jen.  Shit that needed to be scraped off the heel of her shoe and thrown into the dumpster.

“Marcie, kill this pest.”

Marcie acted without sound, without hesitation.  She was there with her lightning speed, she bounded in attack with all of her strength…

…and slipped the tip of her knife under Bailey’s ribcage into her heart and there she drove the knife further until Bailey’s horrified screams ended with nothing, but the escape of air and death.

With much delight to Mrs. Coristor.

La’Belle stepped back in horror as Marcie cleaned her blade and held it steady in case to attack again.  Bailey was dead.  The last of her underlings.  How could this be?

“How can it?” Jen questioned.  “Would you like a history lesson?”

La’Belle was speechless and did not even hear Jen’s words.

“A little birdy named Ben, your informant, found out about very important information concerning Vampires named Dellawoods.”

“I know that, dammit!” La’Belle spat.

“Now, now, kitty, let’s not get moody.” Jen continued.  “Well, that little birdy Ben told you and your Vampires about it and of course you acted on behalf of the Vampire community to stop the Dellawoods and to kill the consultant that Mr. Dellawood reached out to; however, little did you know that Tatiana Smith was much more special than the average lawyer.”

Jen paused letting La’Belle soak up the information.  “Miss Smith is a powerful sorceress that I have been trying to find for a very long time. The Coristors and my dear Bailyn…”

“Bailyn!” La’Belle screamed.  She could not believe that her most favorite of underlings was an informant for this Elf!

“Yes, my Bailyn, bless his soul,” Jen sighed. “As I was saying, they brought this suspicious information to me and from there we made a plan.”

Jen hopped off of the truck and strode towards Bailey’s body.  “The Rosenhouse twins, one of my servants and one of your servants, went to kill Miss Smith, right? Wrong. Bailey may have, but Bailyn was working for me as was the dear fiance of Miss Smith. Months before Gary Martin entered the home of Miss Smith, I intercepted him and shook the fear into him. We would spare his life and that of his family, if he worked with us. I don’t kill those would don’t need killing, La’Belle. It’s just wasted meat.”

“So Gary boy acted very naturally from that point on, showing disturbing acting skills. Bailyn shot him with blanks while his sister knocked Miss Smith out.  All was going well until they went outside.” Jen said.  “Then to our dismay, a mystery man, rather Elf, rescued the poor lawyer from her fate.” Jen made a face.  “It seems that as Mr. Dellawood failed, Mrs. Zarah Dellawood would not. She hired the Elf into rescuing and protecting Miss Smith for the Dellawoods are protectors of that particular sorceress’s family. The Dellawoods found out about our plan through, who? But our little birdy Ben, I made him pay his crimes.”

“And you know how it plays out from there: the Elf and Miss Smith go into hiding, Bailyn finds them, but…tragically did not make it, they go hiding again, you find the Dellawoods,” Jen said, walking towards La’Belle.  “You killed Mr. Dellawood and captured the Elvin man. However, you may not know, but I intercepted Miss Smith and brought her home; however, she escaped before I could really do what I wanted with her.  And later the Elvin man escaped from you, so I hear?”

“What? How…” La’Belle looked at the Coristors.  How she had trusted them with so much just to be handed to Jen.

“You see,” Jen interrupted La’Belle’s thoughts.  “I am the real mastermind here and I have all of the people, information, and power. So I give you this one chance since you are such an esteemed murder like myself. Bow to me and I will spare you into my servitude.”

“What makes you think I would do such a thing like that?” La’Belle questioned.  “Go back through your facts and know that I am to be feared! And I will kill you for this, Elf! You think you have power? You know nothing of mine!”

“On the contrary,” Jen said. “I know a lot about your Vampiric powers. How lame they are. What a waste of talent. We, Elves, are the original bringers of power and you will remember that as you burn of our might!”

“Give it your best shot!” La’Belle shouted.

“You prove nothing, but reckless and worthless, La’Belle.” Jen said.  “If you don’t bow to me, I suppose it comes down to this.” Jen embraced her light of power and threw it at the Master Vampire.

Nothing happened until La’Belle went to counter attack.  Her power back fired on her.

And bursted her into flames.

“I curse you!” La’Belle screamed over and over at Jen until she was nothing, but ashy ruins.

Jen laughed hysterically the whole time. She mocked La’Belle’s “I curse you!” with some of her own.

Once she composed herself, Jen fully felt satisfied with what she had done.  In truth she knew that La’Belle would never bow to her and nor did she want her to.  Her competition was now dead.  There was no one standing between her and finding Tatiana…well, maybe only Zarah and her hired Elvin man.  Jen feared them not.  If they were smart they would stay away and move on with their pathetic excuses for life.

“Now, I think it’s about time that we finish this.” Jen said.  “Everyone get ready for the road ahead. Oh, and Marcie give the Martins special instructions. They need to meet us. We have happy hunting to do.”


4 Responses to Chapter 47

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    I was almost cheering for Jen! (What was I thinking…LOL)
    Great chapter!

  2. Tori says:

    Ohs wows you wouldn’t think La’belle always bragging about being a ‘master vampire’ and all and killing so many of the other ‘master vampires’ would be defeated so instantly by that bitch Jen x.x lol. Really I don’t like either of them so I’d like to see BOTH of them dead now XD great work I really loved this chapter! Can’t wait for the new ones!
    (And I’m kinda sad that both of the Rosenhouse twins are now dead…I liked them they’re both so pretty lol)

    • Yeah, the Rosenhouses were fun. 😦 I had been planning this chapter for a LONG time much like the next chapter. 😀 Jen’s been around just a little bit longer than La’Belle and Jen had the surprise on her side. As she said, Elves brought in the magic, she’s more acquainted with it than most, especially different powers around the species. In one of the next chapters she’ll do more history lessons. 😉

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