Chapter 49

Writer Notes: “Let’s get down to business…”  Wow, Chapter 49, right?  Really long 53 pictures, counting the one above.  Even now I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to end it on Chapter 50…it may be a “letting go” thing as this has been my baby for a year now…and ending it…it feels a little strange. 

Warnings: several switches in views, photoshopped pictures (for effects), some explaining, fight scenes, and chained.

Vaiden’s View

“And that’s all you remember from the dreams?” Coastal asked for the tenth time.

“Yes.” I hissed.

“Not to hurt your ears, Vaiden, but I’m allowed to be concerned.”

“Why do you care?”

“Because your pain is my pain.”

I took her words into consideration.  Coastal is a very loving person.  She enjoys all the company of everyone she comes into contact with…well, I suppose, except the bad people like Jen and La’Belle.

“This link that has been formed between Tatiana and yourself could in fact go further than just invading your dreams. You could have a telepathetic connection that we haven’t activated.”

“Well, let’s not activate it.” I growled.  “I really don’t want to know EVERYTHING she’s thinking.”

“Practice makes perfect, my dear.” Coastal said.  “You could learn how to turn it off and on like a switch.”

“It could be useful.” she continued.  “Wouldn’t you want to know when she’s in dire need of your assistance?”

“A simple phone call would suffice.”

“Vaiden…with these dreams you’re having, are you sure that once this is all over that you’ll let Tatiana go?”

It was a fair question, but I didn’t know how to answer it.  Not yet, at least.  We hadn’t made it through this situation yet.  The threat was still out there and we were suffering every second because of it.  When would we meet our last moments?  And by who…or should that be whom?

I saw the worry in Coastal’s eyes.  This problem, my dream problems, went further than just restless nights.  There was real danger in the perks of telepathy.  One was envading someone’s mind so much that you forget your own damn self.  Another was a lot more critical to me, person space.


Zarah’s View

“Geez, who-in-hell, is knocking at 2:30 in the morning!” Lewej yelled as she headed for the door.  I was fine with letting whoever it was just go on their merry way without answering it.  But I suppose, Lewej had better manners than I.  If someone was knocking at this hour, shouldn’t it be important?

The most important thing to me at the moment was Vaiden.  He had been screaming all through the night as he dreamt.  He wouldn’t let anyone else in the room besides Coastal.  I wish he would just trust me and let me help him…but then again, we may have had to get Coastal’s advice. 

Whatever the problem was, it was severe.  I had never seen such tears from Vaiden all our time together.  I didn’t let Lewej see him like that even against her protests.  Vaiden would always want her to see him as he thought he was, emotionless, feelingless…like all birth right Shade Elves.

“Watski…Erin, what are you doing—!”

“Well, hello,” Mr. Coristor smiled.  “Sorry to wake you at such an hour, Ms. Dellawood.”

“You bastards!” I shouted.  I saw the Feline girl who had helped us invade La’Belle’s chambers.  I knew never to trust her. 

I looked directly at her, my eyes as fierce as I could make them.  “I’ll kill you!”

“Now, now.” Mr. Coristor said.  “You may want to check the numbers before you make threats.”


“What is that?” Coastal suddenly asked.  It suddenly like quite a scramble between Zarah and Lewej…but those girls didn’t fight often.  Zarah would never fight Lewej.  She would beat her too easily.

“What-the-hell!” Vaiden shook his head.  “If I have to seperate another cat fight…there at least better be some mud.”

“Vaiden…” It was Coastal’s turn to shake her head.

Whatever Vaiden had pictured in his mind was not the reality in front of him.

“You let her go!” he shouted.

“Now, now.” Mr. Coristor smiled.  “I think you are in no position to make demands.”

“I have her paralyzed and in one swift movement, she will be dead permanently.”

Vaiden looked beyond Mr. Coristor to evaluate the rest of the goons.  Lewej was missing…they may have ambushed her outside.  He doubted they left her alone either so five goonies to take down.  It wasn’t promising, but he had battle such odds before.

“Move, dearie.” Coastal breathed through his mind.  “I’ll take them out.”

Vaiden didn’t hesitate.  Coastal had a plan and when a two thousand year old High Elf has a plan, you listen.

“So she is here.” Mrs. Coristor said.  “Lady Jen was right.”

Mr. Coristor didn’t seem as excited as his wife.  High Elf Coastal Coster was no weakling foe.  She, like their employer, was extremely powerful.  This task wasn’t going to be as easy as they thought.

Vaiden had noticed the red head evade Coastal’s attack.  She made it clear to come straight to him as her fellow goonies attacked the High Elf.

They were making poor progress.

And Coastal was just getting started.

But unfortunately Vaiden was having a hard time.  The red head had some skills.  She was Human though.  How could she have been this good?  Vaiden had never witnessed a Human be able to revive an Elf, but it was happening to him.  How could things get worse?


“Great job Mr. Martin.” Mr. Coristor said.

“Really didn’t think it would take her down.” Gary replied.  “But evidently magic does not tramble good ole iron.”



Jen’s View

As I approached this house, I could feel the barriers break.  It was old magic, a protection spell to alert the sorceror inside of the intruders.   I felt whomever was inside come towards the house as I knocked annoyingly on the door.  How had this house escaped me in the past?  How had I not seen that this was the house!

“Hello.” I smiled as who I presumed was Mr. Smith answer the door.

He looked at me with shocked eyes and a dropped jaw.  He knew who I was as he shouted for someone in the back.

I snatched his throat until he could barely breathe.  I would take my time, if they allowed me to.  It felt so good, this feeling.  I finally found the sorcerors I had been searching for this whole time!  This was wild!

The terror in his eyes.  The smile on my face.  It was a picture perfect moment…for me.

“Let him go you!” His wife already had her power charged, ready for attack, but I was a little too close to her hubby for her to drop the bomb.

“Well, of course, kitty.” I said.

I slung him against the wall with a hard enough impact that I’m sure would knock him out until I dealt with his wife.  She had remarkable power, but all of her attacks were futile against me.  Me, who had drained millennium worth of powerful sorcerors and sorceresses, Felines, Master Vampires, and even pathetic little Humanoids.  I was the pentacle of power.

No one could stop me!  Not now, not ever!

“It’s funny that I have to use this spell twice in a row.” I began.  “A great Master Vampire named La’Belle tried to escape and counter reacted the attack. She burned herself into ruins using her own power. What a sham.”

I laughed.  “But you’re much too smart to do that, aren’t you, Mrs. Smith? You’ll just strain against my power, knowing you’ll never escape it. You can’t fight it. It’s my perfect weapon against all that moves. As you stand here in such a pitiful state, I’ll grab your daughter and add her to my collection.”

I looked up just in time to see Tatiana emerge from a room.

“Well, here she is now.” I smiled.  “Hello, Tatiana. We meet again, except this time you won’t escape.”

“Come with me and I’ll spare your parents.” I said.  “You wouldn’t want anymore harm to come of them, would you?”

Her face was priceless.  She was in another situation where she had no choice.  Poor dear, but I do love giving my prey no choice.


Vaiden’s View

We woke…probably sometime the next day…in chains, bloody, gods only know what else.  I let my mind run away from what I may have been sitting in.  That Feline guy was there as well.  He must have been the one who ratted us out.  If I had gotten lose, I would have killed him.  Simple as that.

But with the look of his face…they must have tortured him for a long time.  I had to remind myself that not everyone is trained like me to be able to withstand any torture for ever how long.  La’Belle hadn’t gotten anything out of me.  Neither would Jen.  But then again.  I remembered one simple truth to this, Jay knew where Tatiana was.  If they came and found us then it probably meant they had gotten Tatiana.  Dammit.

Coastal was still down for the count too.  Double Dammit.

Lewej was praying to the goddesses to save Coastal.  I was with her.  If praying could have caused a miracle, I would have prayed too.  Zarah was back into her slump.  She had been through this process not long ago.  No one looks forward to torture.

Jen, the Unfavorable…Jennifer Verniski, Jen the Serial Killer…whatever she wanted to call herself…she was just playing with us.  She had her prize and we were bonuses.  She wanted to clean out the bugs in her wall, lose all witnesses, clean knife and sparkling so there was no trace of murder.  She had to kill all of us to do that. 

What she would do with her collegues was beyond me.  She had admitted to killing La’Belle for the Coristors.  We need not worry about that front anymore.  She told us not to worry at all anymore.  She would spare our paranoia forever.  I knew that meant death.  Even though in these last few years I longed for someone to kill me…I wasn’t ready.

If no one else would fight, I would.  I would stay on this miserable rock for the rest of eternity if it meant killing Jen in the end.  I couldn’t let this monster go on and kill millions of over souls.  For once, it was a thought about someone further than myself.  And helping others is rich in its own power.  The power of a special bound that can never be broken.  The power of life. 

I had spent so much time killing, I knew what the lights looked like in their final moments as the begged for this life, the lives of their loved ones, and even their animals.  I knew how powerful the emotion was because I could confess, it was in me.

Jen would never break me.  She knew it as an Elf and as a person with so much personal experience in torturing.  She knew I was unbreakable, but she wanted to play with me.  She wanted to see if I snapped a little.  She was going to find herself at the end of the road soon enough and then…we would see.

“Get the Elvin girl.” Jen ordered.  The red head did as commanded.

The only thing that shouted in me head was…discretely: Shit.


Tatiana’s View

Jen left me in this room, all by myself.  It had to be the next day…maybe even the one after that.  What was she doing?  And who was she doing it too?  The last time she had captured me, she let me answer questions, but I suppose this time she wasn’t taking any chances.

This was complete misery.  If she wasn’t draining the life out of me…then she must have…found the others!

That evil crazy twisted bitch!  This had to end.  We had to kill her.  We just have to!

Then the door opened, but who came in was not who I expected.



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  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Ok…I have to calm myself…!
    So many things!
    Coastal, shot! My heart stopped when I saw that.
    Is Gary going to help?? What a twist!
    One more chapter…I can’t wait!
    Vaiden is going to kick some ASS!!

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