Chapter 5

Writer Notes: Since I’m still having problems with my Sims3/laptop functions, I’ll probably be concentrating on getting more of the Alternate Universe out until I can solve problems with TS3

Warnings: flashback, storytelling, quiet Elf, curious Human


“A high class client came in, which means someone with a lot of money. We are either really happy to see these types of clients or very nervous.”

“This particular client was a Vampire. Usually we won’t deal with mystical cases, but my boss was pushing me onto this case. I still didn’t like it. The Vampire told me that he was having problems with a clan leader, which he called a Master Vampire.”

“I suspected some illegal behavior, but because this is a mystical case, I’d have to notify the police. The Vampire was not happy with that, but he stayed polite and said he could not ‘commune’ if the police were involved.”

“Though I had dropped his case, he still seemed very interested in my ‘involvement.’ He asked if I would like to see his proof. I told him if I cannot represent his case then I am not allowed to witness any proof.”

“There was something in his eyes—like he was trying to tell me something, but I couldn’t read them. Before he left he told me to ‘be careful out in the world.’”


Vaiden was silent for a moment, reviewing everything Tatiana had told him.  A little of what Tatiana had said gave reason for why the Vampires wanted to kidnap her.  Maybe by refusing whoever-that-Vampire-was they saw her as a target?  Or was Vaiden mixed up?  Was that Vamp the bad guy and the others trying to rescue her?  It was a puzzle to put together, but Vaiden was sure he would find all the missing pieces before the end of this…whatever this was.

“I should have contacted the police.” Tatiana shook her head.  “I—I just didn’t because I thought he would change his mind and leave that Master Vampire alone.”

“I guess I was wrong.”

Vaiden sighed, closing his eyes.  Her being wrong didn’t surprise him, though even he wouldn’t have called the police.  Something about legal stuff just angers Vampires.

Tatiana stared at Vaiden waiting for him to reply since she could tell he was in great concentration.  As an Elf, she knew that Vaiden possessed the “power” to live for a very long time.  She just hoped he was a lot older than he looked; therefore, he would have the experience and knowledge to know about mystical politics.

“So,” Tatiana interrupted the silence.  “What do you think?”

Her question seemed to go unheard for there was no reply from her Elvin companion.


He raised his head up very slowly, looking at her eyes, but really his eyes didn’t “see” hers.  He was still deep in concentration.

“Vaiden?” she repeated.  “What do you think?”

His eyes narrowed at her, seeming to return back to reality.  “Did this Vampire have a name?”

Tatiana nodded.  “A Mr. Dellawood.”


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