Chapter 50

Writer Notes: Where do I start?  Where can I start?  This is the end, the last chapter of Alternate Universe.  Can you believe it?  A little over a year ago we started this adventure and now we’re at the end.  This is either wonderful or completely horrendous…I’m convinced it’s a little of both.  It’s been an awesome experience.  Thank you to all of the readers/viewers and I hope you come by and say hello with The Gang and any of the other stories to follow this one.

Warnings: oh the language, photoshopping for effects/lighting, pixelated blood and gore,  VI-O-Lence, torturous situations, blinding lights, big-O forehead, and too green of grass

“You son-of-a-bitch!”

“I know you always thought low of my mother, but Tatiana, babe, I believe this is not the time or place.” Gary said.

“What do you want then? To boast or something! Get the fuck away from me!”

“You know, honey, I tried to get Jen to spare you.” he said.  “But evidently the ceremony can’t be done properly without draining your life force.” he shrugged.  “Well, I tried.”

“You should have just left me alone!”

He sighed. “Maybe, but I have to look after myself, Tatiana. Jen spared me if I gave her the one thing she wanted.”


“Well, survillance over you. She would get you all on her own. She likes the hunt, you see.”

“She’s getting what she wanted.” Gary said.  “I’ll survive, my family, but not you. I did enjoy our time together, but unforunately it’s not the happiness I need.”

“Are you happy now?!” Tatiana shouted.  “You should watch it all! You should watch Jen turn everything into a bloody mess and see if you’re happy Gary! See if it doesn’t kill you on the way down!” 


“I think this room is better suited for us. What do you think?” Jen asked all of her captives.  “Yes, this room has everything we need.”

Coastal was still out of the game and Lewej had sunked into a mindless state.  It was just Jen…

…and Vaiden.  Jen was trying her best to break him, but her meaning of break was much different than the other villains Vaiden had met in his lifetime.  She didn’t want bones to shatter, information to be spilt, she just wanted him to cry or scream at her.  She wanted the satisfaction that she had got into his brain and messed with his mind.  She should have known better though.  Elvin warriors never broke.

“We’ll see.” she purred.  “We will see, my brethen.”

She turned the table around.  The light of the laptop showed a video screen.  A bedroom.  There was giggling in the background and kissing.  Two figures moved into screen.  A man’s backside and the gropping of a woman’s arms and legs.  The man suddenly threw the woman on the bed, a flash of blonde hair, her giggle, and her smile.  Vaiden’s eyes widened.  Tatiana.

“Gary always liked to film everything…and I mean, everything.” Jen smiled.  “Over a year’s worth of films, but I like this one especially.  She looks so happy…with him.”


“What do you want?” Tatiana then asked.

“I guess to give my good-byes to you.” Gary said.  “It was lovely meeting you.”

“Fuck off you bastard! I hope you get your fucking neck ripped out!”

“Now I’m trying to be nice…”

“FUCKING DIE!!!” she shouted.

Gary almost slammed his fist into her face, but he stopped himself.  He knew she was trying to get under his skin. 

“Do it!” she ordered.

He walked away and then sighed.  Oh, there was one more thing he wanted to do to her.


“Boy, she’s a screamer.” Jen laughed as she turned the table around and closed the laptop.  “I have lots more if you want to watch?”

Vaiden hung his head.  She hadn’t forced him to watch, but there’s just something’s that can’t be ignored.

 “Aww, I’m sorry, my poor brethen.” Jen laughed.  “Tatiana had such a good time. I had to share it with you.”

 Vaiden was so angry he was shaking, but he didn’t say anything.  Not. A. Word. But his eyes were glazed with so much fury that Jen didn’t need to read his mind to know what he was thinking.

“Oh let’s do.” Jen smiled.  “Let’s watch anotherrrr…”


 “My lady, I’m sorry.”

The image was clear to Jen.  Marcie Marr was being drained by that Feline and Vampire.

“I cannot be your slave anymore.”


 Jen screamed, but that scream was echoed by another from Coastal.

 “NOOOO!” Jen screamed over and over against Coastal’s attacks.  When Jen finally hit the ground Coastal raised another attack and  freed Vaiden from his chains.

 He rushed to her side.

“Just get Lewej.” she said.  “And Tatiana. Get out of here.” she panted.

“No,” he said. “We’re all escaping. Now tell me where to go.”


 Tatiana struggled against Gary, but he was stronger than her.  She screamed and screamed, fighting Gary the whole way.  She would not let him have her.

 He eventually got tired of her screaming and tried to choke it out of her.  Tatiana held on though.  She could win this fight…if she could just…that’s when he entered the room.  She was saved!

 Vaiden was extremely quiet and smooth.  He snuck up on Gary and had the knife to his throat before Gary even noticed his entrance.

“Get the fuck off of her!” Vaiden shouted.

 Gary lifted slowly.  He didn’t want Vaiden getting any rash ideas.  But Vaiden wasn’t the one with the rash ideas.  As soon as Tatiana had enough room, she threw her fist at Gary’s face, but with it she drew power, which shocked both Gary and Vaiden, but Gary got the real shock out of it.

 Vaiden helped Tatiana off of the table and they both stared at Gary.  Vaiden felt hot.  Flashes of what Jen had showed him grew in his mind.  He almost took the knife and finished the job, but something stopped him.

“Let’s go see what Coastal needs.” he said.

Tatiana nodded.


 “What’s wrong?” Tatiana asked.

“She’s low on power.” Vaiden said.

“No,” Lewej began.  “There’s something else.”

“Just get Zarah and the Feline.” Vaiden demanded.  “We need to get out of here.”

“There’s no time!” Coastal shouted.

 Zarah and Jay rushed out of the room just as Jen rounded the corner.  Her power was radiating, out of control power.  She had lost it.  There was no sanity left in those eyes.

 “You took her from me!” Jen screamed.  “You took the only person I loved from me! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!”

 Vaiden almost blurted “try it,” but he thought better of it.  You don’t toy with serial killers, definitely those of Jen’s power.


“SHIT!” Vaiden shouted.

 “Tatiana you must shield us!” Coastal whispered to her mind. “You must for I cannot!”

 “Tatiana, NO!” Vaiden shouted, but it was too late.  Tatiana already summoned her spell and bounced Jen’s attack back at her.

 But Jen was a master.  She took her spell and split it in two, making it deadly and powerfuler.  Tatiana was only a rookie.  She didn’t know what to do.

 The building was shaking.  Lewej could hear the walls cracking.  It was a matter of time before the whole place came crumbling down.

 Tatiana was feeling exhausted.  She felt her life force draining.  Jen had summoned it.  She was taking Tatiana’s power and soul.

“Tatiana get away!” Vaiden shouted, but she could not.  She couldn’t do anything, but die.

 She grew too weak to stand and fell.  Vaiden caught her before she hit the ground.  She whispered “I’m sorry” before she fell unconscious.  He laid her down softly and told her that he would finish it. 

“Now to finish you all! You took her from me now you will pay!” 

 “Vaiden,” Coastal whispered.  “We must finish this quickly. Tatiana must be revived immediately.”

 “No one can defeat my magic!” Jen laughed sinisterly.

“Well, you forget something Jen.” Vaiden snapped.

“Your magic doesn’t effect a…”

“…Shade Elf.”



“Let’s get out of here.” Zarah said.



An unknown amount of time later…



“Yes,” she smiled. “It is time to wake.”

“Where am I?” Tatiana asked, groggily.  “What is this place?”

“A hospital designed for the magical.” Coastal said.  “Do not worry. You are safe.”

Coastal gave Tatiana a moment to “wake up” before she began answering the incoming questions.

“First of all,” she began.  “Jennifer Verniski is no more. The world may smile as her darkness has been defeated.”

“How? How did we defeat her?” Tatiana asked.

“The death of her human servant made her lose…a certain sane aspect that kept her conscious to the situations at hand.” Coastal said.  “I believe that once the human servant…”

“Marcie.” Tatiana interrupted.  “Her name was Marcie Marr.”

“Yes,” Coastal nodded.  “Once Marcie was gone, Jen became as barren as she could. There were only the natural instincts of the murderer, to kill, but she no longer had any focus of her knowledge or power. It was her enivitable downfall.”

“You’re power against hers proved futile, Tatiana.” Coastal said. “But you are still young. You have plenty of time to master what power you have. I believe your parents do not have the ability to transform you into the force you are meant to be though.”

“Then who can help me?”

Coastal smiled.  “We, Elves, were the first magical beings. It would be my privelege to guide you to blossom into the beautiful flower you are meant to be.”

Tatiana could not argue with Coastal. She was over two thousand years old, two thousand lifetimes of handling magic.  She would be the best teacher Tatiana could ever hope for.

“So Jen’s gone…what about the Martins and Coristors?”

“Well,” Coastal began. “The Martins will be put on unbreakable charges of your kidnapping, attempted murder, and many other charges in aiding Jen and corrupting the magical worlds.  If they will be executed or not is up to judge and jury, but I believe them rotting in a jail cell, building up insanity is enough torture on its own.”

Tatiana believed in justice.  She was feeling it a little of it right that moment.

 “The Coristors have been spared.”

“They’ve been spared?” Tatiana was confused.  “They were involved in too many murders to be spared!”

Coastal shook her head.  “They rid us of La’Belle for the Vampire community.”

“By way of Jen!”

“Yes, but their only purpose in this whole ordeal was to free the Vampire community and they are not so bad.” she said.  “When they were ordered to find you, they did nothing. They had no intensions of harming you if it came down to such a situation. They acted to survive Jen and they have.”

“How can we trust that they won’t try to finish the job?”

“Tatiana,” Coastal smiled.  “They are helping us uncover everything on the Martins, Jen, and La’Belle. The whole supernatural world will benefit from them living.  The Vampires need a new leader. Besides, they will forever be in our debt. Any calling we send, they will have to answer.”

“Well, I guess…” Tatiana sighed.  “It will be fine. Wait, what about that Feline girl…Erin Watski?”

“Her whereabouts are unknown.” Coastal said. “But I’m sure she will not come after us. There are no masterminds forcing her to do their bidding.  Is there anything else boggling your mind?”

“You didn’t say how Jen died.”

“My dear son.”

Tatiana blinked at her for a few moments.  “Your son?”

“Vaiden, dearest.”

“I didn’t know he was your son…”

“Oh yes,” she smiled.  “My one and only.”  Coastal giggled.  “He is always so secretive, is he not? But enough of that. There are people waiting to see you.”

Coastal left the room and returned with Tatiana’s parents.

And then Tatiana’s boss and friend Caden Pearson and his wife Josie entered, followed closely be Lewej and Jay.

The last to enter, who Tatiana knew, was Zarah Dellawood.  The one who had put this whole ordeal into motion, who had lost her husband, and sacrificed any racking in the Vampire community, but stood in front of Tatiana with a smile.  They were formally and finally introduced.

Tatiana smiled at the crowd of people before her.  They had survived.

Though she doubted Caden and Josie knew the whole truth, they had survived.

Zarah and Coastal…

Lewej and Jay, they had fought to survive.

Her parents too.  They had been fighting for a long time and they were stilling surviving this world.

As she looked at all of the faces she realized there was one person missing from the reunion.  The one person who had saved Tatiana from the Vampires and Jen almost six months ago, who took it upon himself to keep everyone safe when it seemed so impossible for them to survive, but they had, hadn’t they?  Everything, their survival, was all because of his bravery, but where was he?


Tatiana felt a presence enter the room.  He was quiet, so very quiet, but she knew he was there.  Just knew.  He sat on the bed behind her.  She could feel his eyes, tentatively.  She was ok she whispered in her mind to him, hoping the message would be sent across.  Coastal had told her of the connection Tatiana had with Vaiden.  They could say anything telepathically to each other.  They could probably feel what one another felt also.  Though it was an incredible power to have, Tatiana knew that Vaiden would see it as an invasion of personal space.  Maybe she shouldn’t have tried whispering to him?

But he needed to know that they we ok.  She was ok.  He didn’t need to worry anymore.  They were safe.  That’s when she felt his body warm against hers.

“I know.” he said.

She rolled over into his arms. “You do?” she questioned.  “How so? You don’t think the Coristors will come after us?”

He sighed. “They won’t. I promise you that.”

“What did you do to them?”

“Oh, nothing.” he said. “They just want to be left to settle affairs with the Vampire world. That’s all, but if we need the help, they shall give us any resources we need. It’s a great deal, I guess.”

“It’s over.” Tatiana said, settling against his chest.

He sighed. “Yeah. Yes, it is.”

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For saving us.”

When he didn’t reply, Tatiana switched subjects.  “Where were you today?” Tatiana then asked.

“I was summoned by the Elvin royalty.”


“They wanted to know everything about Jen an–and stuff.” The hestitation made it clear that there was more to say than just stuff.

“What is it, Vaiden?” Tatiana was forced to ask.  “What do the royalty want?”

“Me.” he said.  “There’s an Elvin war that we’ve been ignoring this whole time. They need my…expertise.”

“Ok.” she said.  “What? Do you need my permission or something?”

He didn’t answer.  Vaiden was that way, lost in the secrets of his mind.  Tatiana would find a way to invade that mind one day so he didn’t keep everything tightly locked away.  She knew him though.  He wanted to be invisible to the world and left alone.

“Not alone.” he whispered.


Two days later…

“So where’s the horse and wagon?” Tatiana asked.  “You’re not going to walk there are you?”

Vaiden laughed.  “Hell no. The wood terrain is just an illusion there’s a whole kingdom behind it.”

“I’m sooo going to miss all of your sarcasm.”

 He shook his head and turned to her.  “Take care of her.” he said.

“Lewej’s going to be fine.” Tatiana replied.  “We’ll only kill each other a little.”

Vaiden suddenly had a serious look.  “I was talking about the car, Tatiana.”


“Don’t have too much fun now.” Tatiana smiled nervously. 

She really, really didn’t want him to go.  But she had to, Vaiden had to go and be Mr. Hero like he always was, even if his mission was to sneak quietly through the background and assassinate the rebel command.  He just had to kill the bad guys and save the innocent.  Tatiana knew it was going to be something to get use to.

 “See you soon.” he said before walking away.

 “Oh and I love you.” whispered through her mind and she smiled.

Additional Notes: Please, pleeeeeeeeeease comment and tell me what you think of this series.  You have any unanswered questions/criticism/raves, type below.  You don’t have to be a member of WordPress. 😉  Also because this is the last chapter and the end of this story, I have created teasers and a poll for you to look at and decide, which story you would like me to post next.  Go to it here.


13 Responses to Chapter 50

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    I did cry!
    I can’t believe it’s over…Noooooooooooooooo…..
    (breathe) ooooooooooooo!
    I just knew Vaiden would save the day, and the woman he loves!
    I was also shocked that Coastal is Vaiden’s Mom…what a twist!
    LOVE IT!

  2. Dragonstar says:

    Loved it, sry to see the story end. You do good writing.


  3. Kiri says:

    Good ending! OK, I’m going to go off and have a cry now.

  4. Brandi says:

    where was the kiss at the end? I loved it and i hope to see more of are awsome

    • One day there will be a revisit to Alternate Universe land, but as for right now you have to enjoy The Gang and Nova lands. 😉 Kisses at the end are cheesy…though usually that’s the route I take, but not this time. 😀

  5. krismina says:

    omg! I just stumbled upon this through your post on GOA and I read it all in one sitting! it’s amazing. the storyline… the characters~ although I think there were some loopholes that were left unanswered but it doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t draw away from the story. thank you so much for taking your time to finish this.

  6. Well, I’m glad that you found it and enjoyed it 🙂 If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

  7. 4mamma says:

    Hey…. This CAN’T be the end….. Are you Crazy…
    There must be at least 50 chapters to go…. =)

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