Chapter 8

Writer Notes: I’m putting this out early too.  I know it’s a lot shorter than the other chapters, in picture quantity, but oh well.  The next chapter will shift to a different part of town and things are going to start to roll or die. 😉  If this chapter offends anyone’s feelings or beliefs, that was not my aim.  I’m not here to tell what anyone should believe or not believe.  Again, this is fiction.

Warnings: Human praying and a non-believer Elf

“Please gods,” Tatiana cried.  “Please, let us get past this. Let it all be all right.”

Vaiden wanted to tell her that the gods didn’t listen to such pitiful sorrow.  Since they were gods they could ignore anyone they wanted.  Then again, he couldn’t remember the last time he had prayed.  He gave up all that nonsense long ago.  In fact, he may have been the only Elf that didn’t believe in the gods and cherish the wilderness.  He was destruction not a comfy pile of leaves.

There were a lot of things on Vaiden’s mind as he listened to Tatiana pray to inattentive gods.  He needed to figure out who the Master Vampire Mr. Dellawood had been targeting.  If he could just discover the name, he could figure out what the motive was against Tatiana and get them out of this mess.  Trouble was, figuring out a name of a Vampire that didn’t want to be known to the world, wasn’t going to be easy.

Tatiana had been crying for a good hour now.  It seemed that since Vaiden could not be of any comfort that she needed to pray to mystical gods.  Whatever soothes her though.

But there Vaiden was, listening to her, having to be near her.  Was it the gods?  Or something within her that kept Vaiden close?  He knew there wasn’t any threat at that moment, but he had to make sure she was “all right.”

“And gods, watch over Vaiden as well. I know he doesn’t seem to honor your good graces, but he’s all I have. Keep him safe, please.”



2 Responses to Chapter 8

  1. meowzbark says:

    Vaiden seems so restless from this babysitting job. I feel bad for him – I wonder how he ended up with this job and who else is working with him.

    I love the friction between Vaiden and Tatiana. So much of their characters is shown by the arkward conversations between them.

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