Book 2

Misplaced Stream is still the place, but it has been 20 years since the end of Alternate Universe, Book 1.  The world seems so different for Vaiden and Tatiana.  They are married, have great careers, and twin teenage girls, Delania and Dahlila, the terrorizing of Vampires as La’Belle and crazy High Elfs like Jen are missing from the scene, but the world is far from perfect.  What mishappenings are enstore for them now?

Though there is no longer a threat such as La’Belle out in the Vampire world, there are still Vampires.  The Coristors did as they promised and turned around the Vampire network, making it less hostile than ever before.  However, there are some Vampires that will always possess more power than anyone would like.

The Elvin kingdom had finally made peace with itself and Elves began to feel more safe out in the world.  Lately, Elves have been reaching out into the “modern” world.

Out of all of the creatures, the Felines were still very skiddish to the public.  Out of the numerous reasons why they were still reserved from the world, Jay finally took testimony to just state that since Felines were rare in numbers, they were not a powerful enough group willing to serve more outward to the communities or public.

Other beings also stayed reserved to their lives, most of those creatures being of the magical origin.

Even with all of the confusion in the “monster” worlds, Humans were still looking to keep law and order of the streets and court rooms; however, the job was much bigger than many could perceive.  It is still for the best that all natures of creatures find a way to co-exist for the world would keep changing and the conflicts would continue to become harder.


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