Chapter 10

Writer Notes: I know, I UPdated The Gang twice and no AU.  I’ve been lazy about it because there’s just soooo many freakin chapters to UPload on WordPress and it’s kinda tedious to place all these pictures.  See laziness.  So this chapter is at that damned placed called….HIGHSCHOOL! dun Dun DUN!!!  Yep.  It’s actually not my best set UP for a school (as the original MisplacedHigh was amazing!), but it’ll have to do.  It’s got a lunchroom, though not seen in this chapter.  I’ll be putting it UP for download one day surely.  It’s actually on two different lots.  One is for the “school” (more like a set) and the other the gym.  I like my gyms.

Warnings: school zone, must drive slower to avoid hitting stupid children darting out in the street, multiple changes in view so watch out, rain, meeting lots of Sims, student crushes, student meanies, and views from a Vampire.

Dahlila’s View…

Every school has them.  Clicks.  That’s Miss Pinky Poo Blondie Bitch Rebecca Alpine, your popular girl and her followers: Porsha Lin and Yolanda Claver…

Then you’ve got your funny guys always messing around, Porsha’s older brother Hector and Rebecca’s cousin Scott.  If you don’t follow them then you’re an outcast, like poor Ellen Chapman hiding underneath her umbrella, they’ll makes jackasses out of themselves to make fun at you to impress the pretty popular girl and her followers like Jane Jenkins.

Because that’s the thing.  Everyone wants in it.  To be popular and loved by everyone.  What total bullshit if you ask me.  You’re never “popular and loved.” You’re popular, paranoid about being downgraded or replaced by someone better looking, and you aren’t loved, you’re resented.  Everyone’s fake in the popular circle.  Nobody really likes each other.

Then there’s the jocks like blonde and tan Tommy McCarren, his followers Zeek Claver and the Jenkins brothers: Sam and Anthony.  The bullies, the cool guys, who get the big time awards for their sportsmanship, aka ball hogging, and maybe get a scholarship that’s rejected later because of bad grades if they’re not smart enough to get a nerd, like Delania or her boyfriend Cory Pearson, to do it for them.  Of course jocks are also more likely to knock-up some poor stupid girl too because…well neither of them has a brain.

Then you have our little group.  I guess they consider us “emo” or the “dark group” though that last one could be consider racist if we were actually of color.  So emo they call us.  Actually none of us are “emo.”  We don’t cut ourselves or listen to sad songs that reflect the pain of our bleeding hearts.  We don’t always wear the color black and we just wear eyeliner because we like it dammit!  I consider us more “punks” than emo…but then again, to my knowledge, none of us smoke.

Labeling…it’s so ridiculous.  I’m happy in my little group though I do have friends in many other “groups.”  I like a mix of ideas, views…the whole variety.  I can get along with anyone if they’ll let me, but a girl’s always going to bump heads with another girl or even a boy.  It’s our egos and all.  Girls with attitude, boys with balls.  That’s just how it is.

…in highschool.


Yolanda’s View…

Advanced math class once again, but I was glad to see Elan Coristor here.  He’s been outta school for almost two weeks.  Kinda scared he and his sista Siren had moved, but no.  He’s here.  Good.  I don’t have to tell my twin brother Zeek to calm his shit down bout his girlfriend and her brother missin’.  They’re back and I’m glad.

Maybe I’m glad for more than one reason.  Tommy McCarren’s my guy, but Elan…he’s got somethin’ real special with me.  A friendship that’s sweet as sugar.  Good thing too.  He’s better at math than me. 

I do get a little scrutiny from my girls bout hangin’ out with the likes of Elan and his pals.  They consider them nerds, geeks, whatever to that.  Elan’s good, real good and sweet on me.  I just wish that a little of him would rub off on Tommy.


Dahlila’s View…

Literature of art and film is considered everyone’s favorite subject.  Maybe because half of the year you watch films…maybe because we get to read weird, exciting books from not just early literature, but modern literature.  Yeah, maybe not.

I’m placing all my bets on our teacher, Mr. LaBleau.  He’s French.  The guys like him because he’s a pal and gives them great advice on their work, sports, and maybe they’re relationship problems.  The girls like him well…because of his accent and maybe that he’s really cute.  They say hot as in HAWT, but I just think cute.  He’s not really my type or the type I would look for as student/teacher relationship should be exactly that, a student learning subject crap from a professional, licensed teacher.  Not your friend, definitely not your boyfriend, but there’s been rumors about Mr. LaBleau and a student that will remain nameless until I get the right information first.  I hope the rumors are untrue.  Because he is an all right teacher and I’d hate to see him and the student kicked out…charges being filed by parents, school board members, and maybe a few others just because they want the wad of cash.

I know Porsha Lin has this serious crush on Mr. LaBleau.  It shows.  She gets all nervous and shy.  It’s pretty cute and funny, but also annoying.  For a girl who was moved up a grade, you’d think she’d show some dedication to her classwork instead of gawking at her teacher who’s near the age of her father!

Of course Rebecca likes the teacher, but she’s too busy gawking at herself.

Zeek Claver may be the only guy in our class that’s actually making an effort to be smarter.  He’s learned from time-and-time again that his looks and charm won’t impress his girlfriend, Siren Coristor.  He’s got to use that brain of his!  She likes brains…though I find it particularly funny that Siren, a Vampire, would so simply say she likes “brains.”  Haha!  It gets me every time.

Tommy McCarren is dating Yolanda, Zeek’s twin sister, but he has a “thing” for my sister.  He’s not shy about it either.  I think it has something to do with her boyfriend, Cory, though.  Tommy’s been his terrorizer for…I don’t know how long…maybe 3rd grade or somewhere in there.  Cory shrugs it off, but I know that it really does effect him.  Recently Cory made friends with the Coristor twins so Tommy’s had to back off because of Zeek.  He won’t stand for any of Siren’s friends getting hurt.  So Tommy’s been holding back a lot, but that can be a bad thing too.  It means it’s all building up inside of him.  One day he could explode.

Penelope Steel, my dad’s best friend Gabriel’s youngest daughter, usually sits with Delania or me if we’re in her class.  She’s very reserved, not because she’s shy (she’s not), but because she’s a fully blown Elf in the Human world.  I’m half Elf or whatever from my dad, but I know I’ve never had to deal with the stuff Penelope has.  After all, it doesn’t show that I have elvish blood runing in my veins.  You can point Penelope out in a crowd because of her ears.  Something that the two jerks, Scott Alpine and Sam Jenkins, seated in front of us like to point out.

But really my thoughts haven’t been on childish subjects or, hell, even school work.  I’ve been thinking about the…kidnapping.  Those guys who got us.  They did it so easily.  I’m surprised they haven’t tried it again, but then again Mr. Latimere Greenbrooke, Master Vampires, had promised us it would never happen again because then he would go after those kidnappers and they wouldn’t like it too much.  I’m still puzzled by Mr. Greenbrooke.  I don’t like how he did in Zarah and Mrs. Coristor by using us against them.  I wasn’t suppose to know about that, but my dad can never stay too silent for long.

But…I also can’t blame Mr. Greenbrooke for taking the opportunity.  He’s a very smart guy obviously, probably with a lot of centuries under his belt.  It’s pretty incredible to run into beings that old.  I’m just lucky I have a grandmother who’s over two millenniums old.   I wonder when Mr. Greenbrooke was born and what he’s done in his unnatural life.  He was nice to us and threaten to stand by us if something like that happened again, but it made me wonder at what cost from us would it take for him to protect us if it ever came down to it again?


Taryn’s View…

Computer class 101 with teacher, Ms. Bale, behind the desk.  She pretty much let’s us do what we want as long as she gets assignments to grade.  We’re not allowed to look up random things on the internet either, but we’ve never gotten in trouble for talking.  Good thing too.  Cuz, we talk a lot.  Delania, Kristy, and Ellen like to talk about other classwork and celebrities, but it’s all girl chatter and usually escapes me.

Jane Jenkins like to talk about how much prettier she is then the likes of Ellen and other girls at the school.  I wonder what Siren really thinks of her friend’s comments or if she cares at all.  Poor Ellen though.  She doesn’t really have any real friends at this school.  Her mother died when she was little and she lives with her father, but he’s an asshole from what I’ve heard.  He’s a cop too.  I wonder if those go hand-in-hand?  Our group tries to help Ellen out though.  Give her a group to sit with if she feels lonely.  Give her advice, let her talk about her problems if she wants to.  She rarely does.  She’s just so reserved.

But I have my own problems as I hear Siren ask about the “prom details.”  It hadn’t registered to me prom was so close.  Dammit.  I wonder if Dahlila knows about it…not that she has to go to prom with me, but…Oh it doesn’t matter.  Why am I making myself worry about such nonsense?

Cory Pearson, beside me, is a lucky guy.  He was dating Dahlila’s twin sister, Delania.  She’s smart, real smart and sweet.  Perfect for him.  Perfect with him.  Hector Lin’s dating the most popular girl in the school, Rebecca Alpine, he seemed a little nervous about prom coming up.  That meant Rebecca would be going insane about it.  That means all the girls will be.  Well, not all.  Dahlila doesn’t care for crap like that, but she’ll do it because if not her sister will never let her hear the end of it.  I hope Dahlila goes with me.  I don’t know who else I would take.  No girl is better than her.  To me.


Dahlila’s View…

I pulled Siren away from the crowds marching to lunch so I could talk to her.  I hadn’t thought to ask her about this stuff until I saw her.  She would know right?  She’s a Vampire after all.

“I don’t know anything about the Greenbrookes.” She said before I even asked.  “And no, I can’t read minds.”

“Well, if you keep on like that you just might prove yourself wrong.” I frowned at her.  “How can you not know about another Vampire group? Your parents are the head of the community.”

“Yes, but the Greenbrookes aren’t apart of the community.” she rolled her eyes.

“How are things…with you all?” I asked.  I knew about her mother now having to serve the Greenbrookes as our friend Zarah was.

Siren looked away slightly, the first real sign of emotion I’ve ever seen from her.

“Don’t worry.” I tried to sound positive.  “Things will get better.  I think we all just need time to adjust.  Prom’s coming up so that’ll surely take your mind off of things.”

“Dahlila, I know you don’t like prom.” That made my smile fade a little.  “Neither do I, but I understand what you’re trying to do. I’m not worried about my mother.  She’s escaped his servitude before. She’ll be fine.  It’s my dad…” she shook her head.  “All will be fine.”

I nodded at her.  I understand.  My dad had also not liked the turn of events.  Not that he cared for the Siren’s parents, but Zarah, his friend, had been caught up in the mess.  I hoped that Mr. Greenbrooke was a good master.  That’s all I could do.


Latimere Greenbrooke was an old Master Vampire, though he usually kept to himself and his estates.  He had no quarrel with anyone.  He just wanted to live in peace, but lately the Vampire and wordly politics had been after him because he wished not to join their regimes and “move forward.”  This caused him discomfort and made him have to be more protective of his estates than usual.

“How is the investigation going?” he asked.

Lacarra shook her head at first, but knew her brother could not see her.  “Not as well as we’d hope.” she replied.

“And why is that, my dear sister? Have I not made clear instructions?”

“No, my brother, you have been most clear.” she said.

“It is our targets.” she continued.  “We cannot seem to find where they came from or went or even their motives.”

Not only had the kidnappings of the Coristor and Zarren twins troubled Latimere, but Lacarra as well.  They wanted to find out who exactly had tried to use their estate as shelter and why.  Why ask Vampires for sanctuary?  It seemed odd and out of place all on its own.  But the children they had kidnapped was more interesting.  Two were from Master Vampires and the other from an Elf and his

lawyer wife.  None of it made sense.


Lacarra stared with her brother at the picture.  It had been taken at the last gathering of Vampires of the century.  During that time Mrs. Trudy Coristor had been apart of the Greenbrooke estate.  Ms. Zarah Dellawood had came with the last royal family of Vampires before the war ended the Vampire royal legacies.  And…lastly, Coastal Coster, an Elf, not of Vampire kind, but a great ally to Latimere.  Lacarra wondered why Coastal had not intervened that night when Latimere made his trade: the women for the children.  Coastal had been very vocal in years past.  Again, everything seemed out of place and Lacarra did not like it.

“We’ll have to widen our search it seems.” Latimere said.  “I want to know who this enemy is, Lacarra. We must know how to protect…our investments.”

“Yes, my brother.” she replied.  “I will send word to our people.”


2 Responses to Chapter 10

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Interesting views, through the eyes of teens. It seems that none are what they show outwardly, always hiding a bit within themselves.

    It is a little unnerving that Latimere cannot find the why and the who on the kidnapping of the children and why and how they sought shelter at his estate. He has no idea who Vaiden is? It has to somehow go back to Vaiden, I feel certain.

    • As always thank you for the amazing comment!

      I hope the changes in views were not too confusing…I did put it in my warnings, but sometimes, some people don’t catch it.

      Latimere will stop at nothing to find out what he needs to do to keep his people safe. Because if they’re not safe then neither is he.

      And about Vaiden…I’ll leave that open for all speculation. 😉

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