Chapter 12

Writer Notes: Love this gym.

Warnings: playing hoops, grumpy friend, guy checking out the wrong girl, talks of prom, problems with pink, confrontation in the locker room, mean girls, jealousy, and don’t mess with Vamps, duh.

“Sam, you need to work on your rebound.” The coach said.  “Zeek take a shot. Sam, get on top of it.”

“So I guess I’m going with Jane to prom.” Scott Alpine, the blonde boy to the right, said.

“That sucks.” Hector, in the middle, replied.  “With your ex-girlfriend, really man?”

“It’s better than going alone.” Scott said.

“All right now the other side.” the coach directed.  “Zeek, take your shot.”

The guys were sure to shout loud this time so the coach didn’t get suspicious that they weren’t paying attention.  It also helped put in some realization that when they actually played the game there would be a crowd cheering and booing.

“Yeah, that’s how you like it!” Scott laughed.

“So Austin.” Dahlila began.  “I need your help convincing Kristy to tell Taryn her true feelings.”

“She won’t do it.” he replied.  “You know it. I know it.  Hell, Taryn probably knows it too.”

“Yeah, but she’s your best friend.”

“So what?” he snapped.  “She likes your best friend. Why don’t you convince him to go with her?”

“That’s not so simple.” Dahlila tried to smile.  “What’s your problem any ways? Why the sudden attitude?”

“Wahoo!” the boys cheered. 

Usually the cheerleaders didn’t practice with the basketball players, but with the rain, they were forced into the gym.  Delania really was tired of the guys never ending whistles.  She was particularly tired of Tommy McCarren, considering Yolando was his girlfriend and he kept on hitting on Delania.

“Deal with your guy, please.” Delania begged.  “He’s really started to get on my last nerves.”

“Oh, I know.” Yolanda side glanced Tommy’s way.  “He’s about to get on mine.”

Break time.  Time for everyone to mingle.  Could it be good or bad?

“Come on, baby.” Tommy smiled.  “Don’t tease me.”

Yolanda turned away.  “Talk ta the hand, baby, cuz I ain’t listenin’ to your bullshit today.”

“Nevermind.” Austin huffed, swinging open the door to the locker rooms.

Dahlila just shrugged.  Austin was sometimes really difficult.  You just couldn’t get him to open up and tell you what’s going on in his head.  He really had Dahlila worrying.

“It’s really not that simple.” Cory said to Elan.  “Pink is just not my color and Delania is going to force me to wear it.”

“Why not convince her of a neutral color?” Elan asked.

“Because pink is her favorite color and she’ll tell me all about her dreams of wearing that dress, that color, that night.” Cory sighed.  “I’m doomed.” 

“Don’t be such a wuss.” Dahlila said afar.  “Put your foot down.”

Scott snickered to himself.  That geek, Cory Pearson, put his foot down?  Even to his own girlfriend?  Heck, there was more a chance of convincing the masses that the sky was really green and not blue.

But he guessed it was all about timing.  Getting Delania in the right mood to be understanding of his situation.  Not that Scott Alpine cared what color they were wearing to prom, but he did understand what it was like to feel…wrong.

And maybe it was Austin that brought this out in him.


“So who are you going with to prom?” Ellen asked.

“Probably Taryn, if damn Kristy doesn’t find herself an ounce of courage.” Dahlila rolled her eyes.  “And who’s taking you?”

“Probably a janitor.” Rebecca snickered from afar. 

“Nah, not even a janitor would take her.” Jane replied.  “She’ll be all alone.”

Dahlila hated those girls and their harsh views.  “Oh, grow up and die.” she said.

Ellen didn’t say anything.  She just accepted what they said.  Dahlila couldn’t stand that the most.  She shouldn’t have had to deal with their bullshit.  If Dahlila wasn’t already to the point of getting almost expelled for fighting with students and teachers, she would have beat in both of their pretty faces.  But alas, her mom’s voice rang out clear like her conscious, telling her to control herself.

Ellen still deserved better.

“What’s the matter, Yolanda?” Siren asked, but her voice was completely uninterested in hearing an answer.  Why did she ask if she really didn’t care?

“Oh, nothing. Tommy just being Tommy.” she sighed, pouting.  “It’s like he doesn’t care or something.”

“Well, I care.” Elan was quick to say. 

Once he opened his arms, Yolanda rushed into his embrace.  Elan was her comfort.  He really didn’t have to say anything that was all bonuses.  Yolanda just felt completely relaxed in his arms.  There were no problems in her life, not with Tommy, school, or prom.  Nothing.  Just her and Elan.

And Tommy McCarren had noticed.

Austin knew he had heard his younger brother’s voice and was quick to find out why Tommy was yelling.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Oh, Tommy’s just mad that Elan’s a better boyfriend than him.”

Austin rolled his eyes.  “Isn’t that the truth.” he was about to smile then something behind Dahlila had his eyes going wide.  “Tommy stop!”

“Let go of him right now Tommy!” Yolando screamed.

“Or what?” Tommy laughed.  “Afraid I’ll hurt your little nerdy…”

Dahlila couldn’t understand why anyone would want to pick on a Vampire.  It never ended well.


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