Chapter 13

Writer Notes:  This is a little bit of a he said, she said after the change in scene to the Zarren house.  He said, she saids are really fun to work with! 

Warnings: three different scenes, talk of Feline case, run-on conversations, and prom placing

Detective Connor Benson may have been breaking a rule slightly.

But she was worth it.  Lewej Asi was her name and she was the most beautiful lady he had ever met.  She was an Elf, but that didn’t matter to him. 

“I’m sorry I’m late.” Lewej said.  “Parking was a nightmare.”

“Oh, it’s fine.” Connor replied.  “I wasn’t here that long before you came in.”

“How is the Feline case going?” Lewej asked.  “Or is that classified information?”

“No, it’s going well.” Connor chuckled.  “Your friend, Jay, was great. The information he gave us has helped reopen the case for further investigation and that will help the lawyers out to get this settled.”

Lewej smiled, but she had to be honest.  “I’m confused what this case is really about…”

“Right now it’s about Feline and…other creature rights to be equal to the Humans.” Connor replied somewhat hesitantly.  “But the Feline’s are showing signs of some illegal movements and gang activity as well as going rogue. The system just wants to make sure that the entire Feline race is not behind some hostile take over and that takes time to make the right exchanges..”

Lewej laughed.  “Feline take over?” she managed. 

“It does sound silly.” Connor replied.  “But there are ALOT of Felines out there.” 

“You’ve never been to the Elvin kingdom.” Lewej said.  “You’d be surprised how many of us there are.”

“Yes, but the Elves have never seemed to show signs of…what the Felines have.” Connor  answered.  “You all live pretty isolated and hey, as long as you don’t break the law, I’m all for it.”

Lewej snickered.  “Is what we’re doing right now kind of borderline breaking some rule?”


“Dad, can I talk to you?”

“Oh no…here we go.” Vaiden scowled.

“Well gee thanks!” Delania exclaimed.  “You’re my dad! Can’t you tell something’s wrong with me?”

“Dahlila, I’m your mother.  I can tell something’s wrong with you.”

“Nothing’s wrong…I’m fine.”

“Fine! Fine! What is it, princess?”

Delania sighed.  “Please don’t confuse this as me being a little girl.”

“You’re not a little girl anymore, Dahlila.” Tatiana said.  “So stop acting like one. Tell me what’s going on.”

Dahlila sighed.  “I’ve been thinking about the future.”

“Don’t you think about the future?” Delania asked.  “Where are we going from here? What will we become?”

“I’m leaving that up to you.” Vaiden replied.  “In the end, you’ll always be my little princess, my daughter.”

“You’re my daughter. I know you’ll make the right choices.” Tatiana answered.  “And have a great  career and a beautiful family.”

“Yeah, right.” Dahlila rolled her eyes.  “Me and true love.”

“I think Cory’s my true love.” Delania said.

“You’re too young to know what that means.” Vaiden replied. 

“But it’s beautiful.” Delania answered. 

Vaiden huffed.  “You know nothing about love.”

“There’s nothing as beautiful as being in love.”

“Love is a prison.”

“I’m sure Mom would appreciate that.”

“I appreciate it, Mom.” Dahlila replied.  “But right now, I’m just uncertain. I don’t know what’s after high school for me, college, yeah, but I don’t know what I’m going to major in or where to go from there.”

“From there, I’m certain.” Delania said.  “I know my major. I know I’ll do great in college, but is it ok that after college, Cory and I have a plan?”

“Don’t make a plan based on this boy.” Vaiden replied.  “You can’t rely on him. He’s bound to screw up and you’d just throw away your life.”

“Don’t throw away your life because you’re uncertain. Life is full of mystery.” Tatiana said.  “Nothing is ever clear.”

“I think this is clear now.” Vaiden smiled.  “Good talk.”


“Holy shit, Siren!” Yolanda shrieked.  “You were right! This place is amazing!”

“Not just amazing.” Rebecca Alpine smiled.  “It’s the perfect place for prom.”


4 Responses to Chapter 13

  1. 4mamma says:

    Tatiana and Delania have problems but what teen dosen’t?
    I wonder what they end up with… both in life and if the true love shows up or is there already but they can¨t see it yet.
    About the prom… is them theme scary och just vampires =) well only time will tell
    I enjoy reading your story when I can….so please keep it up

  2. Zhippidy says:

    I am laughing laughing – Vaiden! *LOL* I guess for their family it was best that Delania speak with Dad, How do Vaiden and Tatiana get along again? They are so different. Loved that exchange.
    A feline takeover does sound really funny.
    That will be one interesting prom night ^_^

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