Chapter 14

Writer Notes: How sad is it to know this chapter has been in storage since August?  Usually when I take my pictures, it do scenes for multiple chapters unless it’s something rather lengthy and laggy like in big lots as Latimere’s mansion.  Usually those take me all night to perform as I rearrange and decorate the sets.  That’s right, sets.  I don’t actually have any real houses in my game.

Warnings: teenage girls shopping, quick change, missing ceiling tiles, change in scene, intro of new character, announcement, discussion, and, ya know, relationships.

“I think I can rock this.” Yolonda said holding up a shirt.  “All I need is some lace and leather.”

“Stomping boots or heels?” Dahlila asked.

“Girl, you know what’s hot?” Yolonda asked.  “Some leapard pumps.”

“You look amazing!” Delania exclaimed.  “That color is amazing and bright and would definitely catch anyone’s eye.”

“Yeah, but it’s just…” Kristy sighed.  “I don’t think it’s me.”

“SO I’m dying to know.” Yolonda began.  “Who’s ya date to prom?”

Dahlila cringed.  “I don’t know…probably Taryn if Kristy doesn’t ask him.”

“That girl is head of heels for him for sure.” Yolonda replied.  “How come she’s not asked him yet?”

“She wants him to ask her.” Dahlila laughed.  “That’s so traditional, but that’s just not what Taryn would do.”

“I think you look fabulous.” Delania said.  “You should at least consider it an option.”

“Hey, if she has to suffer through prom, she at least wear something she wants to wear!” Dahlila shrieked.

Delania narrowed her eyes at her twin, but said nothing to her.  She turned back to Kristy.  “I like it.” she said.

“I dunno.” Kristy mumbled.

“Looking fly in blue, Kris.” Yolonda said.


“So what are you wearin’ to prom then?” Yolonda asked.

“She doesn’t know yet and she’s being a pain about finding something.” Delania answered for her sister.

“Tommy and I already have our outfits picked out.” Yolonda answered. 

“So you and him patched things up from the other day in the gym?” Dahlila asked.

Yolonda hesitated.  “Not really, but we had our stuff picked out before then so we’re still together unless he does one more stupid thang.”

“Cory finally came to terms that we are wearing pink.” Delania smiled.  “He told me that if it was that important to me then he would do it.”

Kristy shook her head.  “Poor guy.”

Kristy came to stand by Dahlila and motioned to the dress behind them.  “Go in that.” she said.  “It’s green, your favorite color, and you’ll totally rock it.”

“No way.” Dahlila replied.  “I’m going to dance. I don’t wanna trip over my own dress and faceplant.”

“That reminds me.” Delania said.  “Where is prom going to be held at?”

“At a Greenbrooke estate.” Yolonda answered.  “Checked it out a week ago. Girls, this place is FABULOUS!”

Dahlila looked at her sister then back at Yolonda.  “Greenbrooke…as in Latimere Greenbrooke?”


Visiting is just that, visiting.  Not staying long periods of time and certainly not over night.  Vaiden’s visiting times were merely called “drop ins;” however, his mother, Coastal, had made it a point to say this was important.  Vaiden knew that usually what his mother thought was important, wasn’t what he thought was important.

He’d play along though.

“And what is the meaning of this?” Vaiden asked. 

“Sweetie, be nice.” Coastal smiled.  “Rista didn’t come out here to hear you complain.”

“Then you two shouldn’t have invited me over.” he huffed.

“Please, dear.” Coastal tried to keep her smile light.  “Rista and I have an announcement.”

“You hags finally tying the knot?” Vaiden asked.

“I really don’t like your tone.” Rista raised an eyebrow.  “Don’t make me cut your funding because you’re being rude to your mother.”

Vaiden scowled.  At first he really hated the idea that his mother was dating one of his co-workers.  She was the “director” of the Black OPs.  She got all of the important secret missions from the higher ups and spread them around to the teams.  He liked Rista, but that didn’t mean he had to like that she was with his mother.

“Fine, what is this important announcement?” Vaiden asked a shred of sarcasm lining his tone.

“Honey?” Coastal smiled at her girlfriend.

“The Elves have decided to sign a treaty that allows general training for special officers and their subordinates and since, Vaiden, you were already a ‘general’ over there, you are the perfect candidate to conduct the new training.” Rista paused, waiting for Vaiden’s reaction.  “What do you think?”

At first he just blinked at her then looked to his mother then back at her.  “Are you joking?”


Maybe Vaiden was a little excited about getting to train Elves again as well as his new Black OPs recruits.  The Elves had wanted him to go back to being their little birdy before Delania and Dahlila were born.  He had done his last mission for them though and he didn’t go back on his word.  He was done with their dirty work, but training their best?  He would destroy them.

But since he was already at his mother’s he decided it was time for another discussion. One that he had been wondering about for a few months.  He just didn’t know if Rista was allowed to know about it.

“Last time we talked,” Vaiden began.  “You said you knew Latimere Greenbrooke…from the past.”

“I consider him an ally, yes.” Coastal replied.  “And a good friend.”

“Then why did you let him take Zarah?”

Coastal took a breath.  “I was more worried about my grandchildren, Vaiden. Zarah made her decision.  She could have refused and Latimere would have made some other deal, but she allowed herself to be taken under servitude again.”

Vaiden narrowed his eyes.  He didn’t like the choice of words.

“And perhaps, Zarah wanted to belong to a court again. Have you discussed this with her?” Coastal asked.

“Yes and no…” he answered solemnly.  “I haven’t really had the chance to speak to her.”

Coastal nodded.  “If Zarah complains to you then you know she’s truly unhappy, but she hasn’t, my dear. Latimere is a good master. He takes care of all his subordinates very well.”

Vaiden shook his head.  “What do you know of ‘Master’ Greenbrooke?”

“Why does it matter?” Coastal asked.

“Why are you protecting him?” Vaiden countered.

Coastal was silent for a moment. 

“Why are you protecting him?” Vaiden asked again.  “If he’s such a powerful master that revival Vampires are not a threat to him, then why does he need your protection?”

“I’m not protecting him, Vaiden.” Coastal finally replied.  “I respect Latimere and I will not discuss him with you!”

“And that is that.” Rista said.  “The table is set for lunch.”

Additional Notes: On the sidebar there is an area called “Alternate Universe Characters” and an uncomplete list under it.  I decided since AU has soooo many characters that you all needed an archive.  I also have a little something-something about the characters in there and what their opinions are on initial conflicts in the story.  Go check it out!


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