Chapter 15

Writer Notes: OMD prom…ick.

Warnings: prom stuff, couples wanting and with the wrong date, and questions

Dahlila was upset, but not for the reason everyone thought.  They thought she was complaining about prom, but what she really was upset about was where prom was.

“Don’t worry.” Taryn said.  “Everything’s gonna be ok. I’m going to be right there beside you all night.”

“Thanks,” Dahlila tried to smile.  “But that doesn’t make this any better.”

“Sure it does.” Taryn chuckled.

“Let’s just go inside.” Delania huffed.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen.” Lacarra said opening the door then her eyes went wide.  “Hello Miss Delania.” she looked behind the first two.  “And Miss Dahlila, welcome to Greenbrooke Manor.”

“Thank you.” Delania replied in a small voice.  She had thought she was prepared for the evening, but now that she was there, she understood why her sister had been so difficult.

Of course the guys didn’t understand.  They hadn’t told any of their friends where they had been for those two weeks.  They, along with Coristor twins, just let it stand that it was a coincidence they had been absent together.  None of their friends needed to know about the kidnapping.  It was just better that way.

But it was becoming increasing difficult to explain.  Taryn was one of the more persistant.  He let Dahlila win, but he kept his suspicions. 

“So who’s the scared one now?” Dahlila snickered.  “Are we gonna sit down or what?”

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” Lacarra began.  “Tonight you are dining in one of the greatest and oldest halls of our city.  We have provided you with everything you may need to enjoy this spectacular night and I hope it is one that you will remember forever.”

“But first, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to our host, Latimere Greenbrooke!”

It was like magic.  He was just suddenly there.  Dahlila remembered that had happened last time she had met Mr. Greenbrooke.  He just seemed to appear out of thin air.

He gave the average little speech about what a wonderful night it was and that he was proud that the senior class chose his estate for their prom. 

Latimere never looked the direction of either the Zarren girls or the Coristor twins in his speech.  It bugged Dahlila a little bit, but only a little bit.  She didn’t want to drag attention to herself, but then again.  She was wearing bright green.

Maybe part of her wanted Latimere to acknowledge her.  Had he wondered if she would be at this prom as she had wondered if he would make an appearance?

He was there, but he did not acknowledge her.


The prom was a success for the most part.  The food was fantastic, the music wonderful.  The teens enjoyed each other’s company in the beautifully decorated hall surrounded by waterfalls and ancient statues. 

Cory and Delania were sucking up everything.  It was just her and him in the hall under the lights, the hum of music distant in their ears.  They never wanted this night to end.

Some others may have disagreed.

Especially Yolonda Claver.  She stood behind her date, Tommy McCarren, waiting for him to pay attention to her, to ask her to dance, but he ignored her the whole time, talking to Sam Jenkins about sport stuff.  Yolonda was sick of it.

And she knew just who to turn to.

“How come you’re not on the dance floor?” Yolonda questioned.  “You love to dance.”

Elan smiled prettily at her.  “Well,” he began.  “I came here alone, but even so I wondered if it was appropiate to ask a lady taken by another to dance.”

“Then ask her.”

“May I have this dance, Yola?”


For others it was not as simple.

“Stupid.” Austin growled.

“Well, I’m sorry!” Dahlila said.  “Someone didn’t ask him out!”

“I just couldn’t.” Kristy said.  “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“You’re a girl.” Austin snickered.  “That’s what’s wrong with you.”

Dahlila narrowed her eyes at him. 

“You’re not a girl.” He smiled.  “You’re a shedevil.”

“Miss Dahlila,” Lacarra said from behind them.  “Mr. Greenbrooke has requested audience with you.”

“Lucky bitch.” Austin murmured.

“Looks like someone’s stealing your date.” Tommy McCarren snickered afar.  “Are you gonna let the big bad Vampire just have her?”

Taryn smiled.  “Well, you did.”


“Please wait here.” Lacarra said.  “Latimere will be with you shortly.”

Dahlila looked at all the old photos, spotting one she had seen before.  Her grandmother, Coastal, was in the photo, standing behind Zarah.  Mrs. Trudy Coristor was also in the photo along with both of the Greenbrookes.  She wondered what this pictures was all about.

But more disturbing were the other photos of her grandmother around the room.  Coastal had said she knew Latimere from the past, but Dahlila had never really thought about it until now.  How did they know each other?

“That’s just crazy.” she said to herself.

“And what would that be?” he asked afar.

Dahlila tensed at the sound of his voice.  She hadn’t heard him enter.

“Ya know, most people knock.” she scowled.

Latimere raised an eyebrow.

“And what do you want anyway?” she asked.

He smiled and looked from the picture of Coastal back to Dahlila.  “Just to ask if you are having a wonderful evening.” he said.

“Yeah, right.” she rolled her eyes.  “Let’s get down to business here and skip all the mumbo-jumbo.”

“Truly you misunderstood me.” he said somewhat surprised and amused by Dahlila’s attitude. “I did not know you would be attending this event and thus, I ask how is it?”

Dahlila hesitated.  She had been a little childish just then.  How would Latimere have known she would be at this prom?  But then again, hadn’t Siren Coristor been apart of the prom commitee that had selected this estate for the event?  Dahlila didn’t know what to make of it right then, but she would ponder about it later.

“You have one awesome mansion.” she said.  “I’m thinking it’s been in the family for awhile, but only to one generation.”

That made him smile.  “Thank you.” he said.  “And yes, Lacarra and I have…taken a lot of time making this the beauty it is.”

“And how long is that?” Dahlila asked.

His smile turned mischievious.  “Wouldn’t you like to know.”


Additional Notes:  Boy did this prom take some time to make.  I hadn’t decided until the last second that I would have it at Latimere’s mansion.  It made sense after thinking about it.  His mansion is glorious though I make it look bigger in the story than it actually is.  Only sets in my game after all.  Anywho, here’s the teens in their formal wear:

Who better to be king and queen of this prom than Siren and Zeek?  Though [hehe] I forgot to put their crowns on them.

It wasn’t until UPloading this picture did I notice that Hector is wearing the wrong damn suit! He’s actually wearing the same one as Elan OOPS!!! He was actually suppose to be wearing one that I recolored to match Rebecca’s dress.  Oh well…

Sam Jenkins and Porsha Lin…not much to say here.  Sam and Hector are best friends and since Hector knew his little sister didn’t have a date, he asked Sam if he would go with her.  Sam such a nice guy of course he didn’t let his best friend down. 

Sam’s brother Anthony always had the biggest crush on Ellen Chapman.  It took a lot of courage and some help from his brother, but Anthony finally asked her and she, of course, said yes.

Jane Jenkins and Scott Alpine.

Funny story here…I realized while taking these pictures that Penelope Steel was going to have a picture alone.  I didn’t like it so I summoned a townie.  Thank goodness it was a teen and one I had remade awhile back!

SO the prom’s photographer took pictures early in the evening.  Yolonda and Tommy pretty much broke up during prom, Yolonda asked the photographer to retake her picture…

…so had Elan with her.  And Yolonda’s the one who positioned them. 😉  Not that Elan complained.

This is my FAVORITE!!! Kristy Kay and Austin McCarren, best friends, but wanted to go with other people. Owwww,

Delania and Cory Pearson.

And, of course, Dahlila and Taryn Cash.

Who’s your favorite teen couple?


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