Chapter 16

Writer Notes: The night after prom…I was going to put this with the actual prom chapter, but it continued to get longer and I decided…let’s do a separate chapter.

Warnings: creepiness and reasons for it, lying, talks of cliches, and captionless pictures 

“Do you two have to stare?” Cory asked.  “I mean it’s a little creepy.”

“I’m on watch for my dad.” Dahlila said.  “Keep your hands where I can see them.”

“I’m just enjoying the show since two are so willing to do this in front of us.” Taryn laughed.

“I think it’s time to go.” Delania said.

“You sure?” Cory asked.  “I mean, I could call home and…”

“I’m sure you would like to tell my dad why you stayed over?”

“Look at the time! It’s real late! I should probably head home!”

“Bye!” Dahlila shrieked.

“You two staying up?” Delania asked.

“Yeah, we have a movie we wanna watch.” she replied.

“Ok, play nice.” Cory smiled.  “Let’s go.”

“So…” Taryn said as he heard Cory’s car drive away.  “What’s this movie we’re gonna watch?”

“What movie?” Dahlila asked.

“The movie that you just told your sister…”

“Dude, I lied.”


“So you don’t remember the promise?” she asked.

“No…I do…I just thought maybe…”

“So you don’t want to?”

Taryn scooted closer.  “Only if you’re sure.” He smiled.  “I mean, it’s pretty much the all time high cliche, isn’t it?”

“And that matters why?” she asked.  “Unless you’re against cliches and all. We could actually watch a movie. I think we have some documentaries up here.”

Taryn shook his head and sighed.  “So, is that a yes?”

“Did Kristy ever talk to you tonight about you two?” she asked.

He shook his head.  “No.”

“Then yes.”


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