Chapter 17

Writer Notes: the day after prom…I made it where prom landed on a Thursday…just because.

Warnings: scrambling teens, talk of dangerous missions, grab and run, language, irony, and ohmygodohmygod.


“Shit, my dad’s back from his mission.” Dahlila said.  “You better disappear.”

“Calm down.” Taryn said.  “You’re overreacting.”

“About my dad catching us and casterating you? No, I think you’re underreacting.”

“Umm…yeah…I gonna catch the bus on the other block.”

“Smart boy.”

“There you are.”

Dahlila jumped. “Oh! Hiiiiiiiii MOM!”

“Slept out in the garage?” Tatiana asked.  “Delania said you and Taryn stayed up there to watch a movie.”

“Yeah, the Avengers is awesome. ‘I have an army. We have a hulk.’ HAHAHaha ha!”

“Well, you better hurry up and get ready.” Tatiana said.  “Your dad’s going to be bringing you to school this morning.”

Dahlila raised an eyebrow to that.

“He wants to spend time with you girls before he’s sent off on his next mission.”

“Oh…” Dahlila looked away.

“It’s all right, honey.” Tatiana replied.  “It’s not going to be a dangerous mission.”

“NO MORE DANGEROUS MISSIONS, DAD!” Delania shrieked.  “I was worried sick all night!”

“Princess,” Vaiden shook his head.  “This mission is just a grab and run. I’m going to be fine.”

“Besides, shouldn’t you be more worried about getting ready for school?” he questioned. 

“You’re my dad!” Delania said.  “You’re important too!”

Go get ready for school this instance!”

“And I love you too, my princess.”


“Oh come on, Mr. LaBleau, do we really have to write a paper on The Scarlet Letter.” Zeek said. “I mean isn’t adultry a little too ‘mature’ content for us?”

Mr. LaBleau shook his head.  “Many teens your age have already written papers about the book. I think you will be all right, Zeek.”

“It’s a terrible story.” Scott Alpine.  Sam Jenkins beside him agreed in a grunt.

“Boys, enough. You will write your papers and you need that done by next Friday.”

“Ow, man.” “That sucks.” the boys wined.

“Really?” Sam Jenkins questioned.  “Why can’t it be the next week after because he have a big tournament coming up?!”

Student-athlete.” Dahlila said.  “Student being the word.”

“I think it’s a romantic story.” Rebecca said finally putting down her mirror.

“Yeah, full of death and turmoil.” Dahlila rolled her eyes.

“It may have been a story of a time long ago, but it still supports real life messages.” Penelope added.  “The world is filled with adultry and lying so we might as well learn from this story.”

“Yeah right.” Tommy McCarren rolled his eyes. 

“Love can make you do some weird things.” Porsha blushed.

“So can revenge.” Tommy replied.

“But it takes people to be in love to do those things class.” Mr. LaBleau said.  “Love means nothing unless you know what it is and have been in love. Revenge…is something I hope none of you have to understand. It is dark and full of self destruction. Love more, class, than hate. Hate will get you nowhere.”

“And love won’t get you into trouble?” Dahlila asked.  “Romeo, oh, Romeo anyone?”


“All right since you have your work done, just visit…quietly.” Mr. Garren said.

Having a class of three meant that anything said “quietly” was like shouting it across the room.  Even so Austin kept to himself drawing and coloring in his sketchbook.  Yolonda turned her attention on Elan.

“Thank you for da ride home last night, sugar.” Yolonda said.  “I appreciate it.”

“Well, I could not have let you walk home.” Elan smiled.  “I’m sorry that you and Tommy broke up. That was…”

“It’s fine.” she interrupted.  “Better than fine, actually. I’m never gonna be anyone’s hanging basket again.”

“Besides, I rather look pretty on someone else’s arm.” she smiled. 

“Oh?” Elan raised an eyebrow.  “Isn’t it a little earlier to be looking around?”

“I don’t think so.” she said.  “I’ve wasted enough time on Tommy, that dead beat. It’s time I do somethin’ for me.”

Elan smiled.  “I’m glad.” he said.  “You deserve the best.”

“You know, Elan, sometimes you are a little dense.” she giggled.

He just blinked at her.

“And a little clueless.” she laughed. 

“Whatever you want me to be.” he said.  “I will be.”


Dahlila was in the hall during lunch, which could serve her a detention.  No one was allowed in the hall during this time for teachers and staff members wanted to isolate the students from getting in trouble.  But Dahlila risked it.  She had forgotten to get her gym clothes and there wouldn’t be enough time after lunch to get them so she could get to the gym on time.

“Holy fuck shit!”

“Weren’t you wearing something different earlier?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, but this fits better.” Austin smiled.

“I like it.” Scott replied.

“I know.”

“Holy fuck shit!”

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” Dahlila shook her head over and over.  “The rumors are true.”

“Austin!” Dahlila jumped.  “…and Scott.”

“Dude, there’s no reason to pretend.” she said.  “I know about you two.”

“What?” he asked, blush already reddening the surface of his cheeks.  “You know what?”

“You’re a horrible actor.” Dahlila shook her head.  “And you’re not suspicious at all in this hallway.”

“I am offended, lila,” Austin said.  “I try to be as suspicious as possible!”

Dahlila frowned at him.  “Only my dad can call me ‘lila,’ emo boy.”

“Don’t call me emo boy!” Austin shouted.  “I am not emo! Emo’s got nothing on me!”

“Geez…” Scott shook his head. 

“Fuck!” Dahlila then shouted.  “Holy shit, Austin, I….Ellen and…”

“Mr. Lableau.”

“You knew?”

“Who do you think spread the rumor?” he snorted.


“She doesn’t know that we know, but we keep it a secret if she doesn’t tell on us for being in the hall.” Austin said.  “You know how much trouble you can get into by being in the hall, don’t you?”

“This is not funny, Austin!” she said.  “Mr. LaBleau is facing jail time and Ellen…!”

“Then don’t say anything and none of us will get in trouble.” Austin replied.  “It’s that simple.”

“It’s not that simple!” Dahlila shrieked.  “It’s wrong!”

“Sure, but when she turns eighteen?” he asked.  “Then it’ll be legal.”

“Bue, she’s…”

“Dahlila!” she jumped at the sound of her name.


I wanted to ask you…Oh…hey Austin, you know being in the hallway will get you in trouble.”

“Your secret is safe with me.” he snickered.

Ellen raised an eyebrow, but turned back to Dahlila.  “I wanted to ask you if you would like to help me on my Biology project.”

“Oh, biology, oh right, BIOLOGY!” Dahlila shrieked.  “Yeah, sure, I’ll help you in Biology!”

Ellen giggled.  “That’s great, but Dahlila, are you ok? You’re acting a little funny.”

“I don’t know what you mean!” She replied.  “So what subject did you pick for your project?”

“Study of Antonmy.”

Austin grinned to himself.  “I know whose antonmy I want to study.”


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  1. Iomai says:

    Best Halloween treat ever ❤ Can't wait for more

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