Chapter 18

Writer Notes: Hey, look I’m UPdating something! Wahoo!  It’s been a month or so, hasn’t it?  I feel terrible about that, really I do.  Especially when I noticed I had this chapter just sitting in drafts for this whole month. 😦 I sorry.

Warnings: wow language in this, lots of f-bombs, hurt friends, problems in paradise, past relationships conflicting with new ones, UPdate on the Feline case, and Lewej being able to handle herself just like Vaiden.

“Well, look who it is.” Rebecca began.  “The little slut.”

“And what do you call yourself then?” Dahlila asked.  “The Queen of the Whores?”

“I just hope you know that you are a terrible person Dahlila Zarren.” Rebecca said.

“Yeah, why don’t you just skip town already and leave us pleasant people in peace.” Jane Jenkins added.

Dahlila just shook her head and walked past them into the girls’ locker room.

And found a scene she was not quite prepared for.

The sight of her friend crying made anger boil in her stomach.

“Those bitches!” Dahlila shrieked.  “What did they do?”

“What did they do?” Kristy shot up.  “What did you do?!”

“What did I do?” Dahlila shook her head.  “What do you mean? I…”

“You slept with Taryn!”

“And who told you that?” Dahlila tried to stay cool.

“Rebecca and Jane who heard it from Taryn talking to Austin!”

Dahlila inhaled a sharp breath.  She was not prepared for this.  She wanted to tell Kristy about her and Taryn’s promises to each other, but that seemed a little childish considering Dahlila did know that Kristy liked liked Taryn.  It definitely was a difficult situation.

“I thought you and me were friends!” Kristy shouted.  “I thought that you wanted me and Taryn to get together.”

“I do!” Dahlila replied.  “But…”

“But nothing!” Kristy interrupted.  “You’ve always wanted him to yourself, haven’t you?! You’ve always had him wrapped around your finger! You’ve always manipulated him and kept him away from other girls!”

“WHAT THE FUCK! I HAVEN’T!” Dahlila shouted.

“Then tell me when he would choose something over you! Someone over you!”

“Stop it, Kristy…this is just…”

“What? Pathetic?” she questioned.  “I’m sorry that I was in love with someone and you stole him right from under me!”

“That’s it!” Dahlila snapped.  “You want the hard truth! I’ll tell you the hard truth!”

“I did sleep with Taryn and it had nothing to do with you!” she announced.  “We agreed after prom if neither of us got with someone, we would be each other’s first! We made that promise before we had ever met you! And yeah, I feel guilty about it, but then again I stalled it all evening to give you the chance to talk to Taryn and you never did!”

“So you fucked him?” She shouted.  “And what part of that makes sense?!”

“That’s not where I was going with that…” Dahlila shook her head.  “This is ridiculous. I can’t trade one friend for the other.”

“No, you just betray your friends!”

“Kristy, I just told you why…!”

“No, you just made up an excuse to justify yourself!”

“You know what…”

“I’m not going to take this.”  And Dahlila walked away.


“SO it didn’t go anywhere?” Yolonda asked.  “You and Kristy just aren’t going to speak to each other for the rest of your lives? Dahlila, sweetie, that’s just immature.”

“That’s how she wants it.” Dahlila replied.  “I just…I don’t know. I was a bad friend.  I’m a horrible friend.”

“Sugar, ya know Taryn has known how Kristy feels about him.” Yolonda said.  “You aren’t the only one to blame. Besides, Kristy should have bucked up the courage to talk to him about them two instead of being coward. She’s to blame too.”

“But I still did it, knowing how she felt, he felt…everyone feels!” Dahlila took a breath.  “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to show my face at school again.”

“Oh, don’t be dramatic!” Yolonda shook her head.  “Everything’s gonna be ok…well, eventually. If it makes you feel any better, graduation isn’t that far off.”

It didn’t make Dahlila feel better.  She didn’t think anything soon would.  She felt horrible, even dirty in a way.  Kristy had been her friend and she had betrayed her.  It was just terrible.

“Look,” Yolonda began.  “I made a stand for you against Rebecca and Jane. I told them to stay out of your business and everyone else’s for that matter. You’re my friend too, Dahlila, so I couldn’t just let them be bitches, but it’s up to you to get with Kristy and solve this.”

“I wish it was that simple.” Dahlila sighed.  “She won’t talk to me.”

“Well, then you’re gonna have to decide if her friendship is worth keeping. I mean, you and Taryn have known each other since kindergarden.”

“Yeah, but I dunno. I don’t want things to end like this, espcially since we’ll be graduating and going our separate ways.” Dahlila sighed again.  “I just don’t know what to do.”


“And that’s what we’re gonna do.” Conner Benson smiled proudly.  “Our department is taking this case to a whole new level and I think that everyone wil agree. At least the attornies have so all the Felines have to do is make a promise, follow through with interviews, and maybe, just maybe this whole thing will blow over!”

“That’s great news, Connor!” Lewej beamed.

“Good news for your friend Jay, right?” his smile weakened.

Lewej shook her head.  “Good news for everyone.”

Lewej could tell that Connor hadn’t taken the news well that Jay and Lewej had been a couple once.  He seemed oddly jealous of anything surrounding the Feline and that could possibly prove contradicting with his investigation.  But Connor never confused relationships with work.  It was one of his best qualities.  Still, Lewej was concerned that her new boyfriend would let her past relationships ruin their new relationship.

Connor was quick to change subjects when he realized that he had upset Lewej.

“So I hear that the Elves are going to be training with the Black Ops…” he smiled brightly.  “I’m sure your friend, Vaiden, is happy about that. He finally won’t be outnumbered in the squad.”

“Vaiden…” Lewej crawled ontop of Conner.  “…can handle himself.  So can I.”

Connor’s smile widened.  “I can see that.”


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