Chapter 2

Writer Notes: Ahoy, mateys!

Warnings: girl talk, guy talk, despising jolly guy, plant killer, painted faces, itchiness, manipulating children, and a Feline problem. 

During the school season the parents had set up a routine.  They would meet at Lewej’s house (formibly Vaiden’s house with a paint job) and wait for the kids to get out of school.  This was a time for the adults to catch up on gossip and relax.

“So are you going to start gardening?” asked Josie.  “I remember it being a goal for this year.”

“Ah, I know.” Tatiana laughed.  “I just don’t have time with this new case coming up.”

“The Feline case? Caden has been stressed out about it too.”

“And they fouled him out!” Caden cried.  “With two minutes left in the game! That was completely…”

“Just think if they fouled him out earlier.” Brently Casher tried to lighten the mood.  “Could have cost them a whole lot more.”

Vaiden let the guys argue over the sports.  Not that he was much into them himself.  Not that he much cared for their opinions in the first place.   But Tatiana had said when the girls started kindergarden that Vaiden was gonig to have to learn to be social with other parents.  He didn’t like it then.  He still didn’t like it now.  Making “pals” with Caden Pearson had been easy, considering he and Tatiana had been friends since college and he was also her boss. 

But adding Brently Casher to the group had been…uneasy for Vaiden.  He didn’t know this fellow, who always liked to be jolly.  He didn’t like him either.  Maybe it was his will to try and make everything light and merry.  Yeah, Vaiden was definitely betting on the obscure idea of always being happy.

“Well, how bout you start small, Tatiana.” Lewej said.  “Just a pot plant that you give plenty of water to and make sure is getting enough sunlight…if it survives…”

“Survives?” Tatiana questioned.  “You make me sound like plant destroyer!”

“So says the tomato plants in my garden last year that you said you were going to take care of.” Josie mumbled.

“If all else fails,” Lewej said.  “You could make it a chore for the girls.”

Tatiana sighed.  “No, I’m sure Vaiden would end up taking care of the plants though he pretends he doesn’t like them.”

“He’s an Elf.” Lewej smiled.  “We all have a green thumb. It’s only natural.”

“So how do you think they’ll react?” Delania asked.

“Oh, they’ll be livid at first.” Dahlila replied with maybe a tid bit of sarcasm in her voice.

Delania smiled. “Coming from the girl with bright green all over her face.”

“Hey, Dad!” Dahlila shrieked.

“Hello, Mr. Zarren.” the blue paint faced boy echoed.

“I’m not a plant killer!” Tatiana exclaimed.

“What the hell is that on your face?” Vaiden asked.

“Sure you aren’t, dear.” Josie said.

“An…art project.” Dahlila replied.

“Art?” Vaiden shook his head.  “It better come off, my-lila.”

“I’m with you on that, Mr. Zarren.” Cory, Josie and Caden’s oldest son, said.  “It itches.”

“Oh stop being such a baby.” Delania giggled.  She and Cory had been dating officially for over a year now.  It was like a dream for their mothers.  Two best friends since college and their children get together.  For Vaiden, it was a nightmare.  His little “princess” was growing up.  He didn’t like it either.

Taryn Casher, Brently’s son, was Dahlila’s best friend.  Everyone said that they would end up together, but so far…nada.  Vaiden didn’t know about the boy.  He was a respectful young man.  Bright and did show a lot of admiration for Dahlila, but he was Brently’s son and if those two got together then Vaiden would have to spend the rest of his life hanging out with jolly Brently Casher, which he loathed the thought of.

Kristy was the other girl and she had a severe crush on Taryn, which Vaiden may or may not have been pushing.  Children were easy to manipulate, you see.  And Vaiden was a master at manipulating.

“It’s not so bad.” Caden said.  “They’re all color coded makes it easier to remember their names.”

Vaiden smiled.  “You bring up a valid point.”

“Hey, blue face!” Brently laughed.  “Got any homework?”

Vaiden sighed.  Yep, he definitely had to get blue face together with purple because he was not going to deal with that man for very much longer.

“Little red better say good-bye.” Caden said.  “We’ll be leaving soon.”

“Working on that case?” Vaiden asked.

“Lots of work to be done on it as I’m sure you’re aware of.” he replied.  “The Felines aren’t being very cooperative. That’s our biggest problem.”

“You should call Jay then.” Lewej said.  “He’d be able to help with that.”

“I didn’t know you two were still…”

“We’re not, but I’ve still got his number if you’re interested.”


2 Responses to Chapter 2

  1. 4mamma says:


    As always …. one can have nothing to do but to love this series ….. Every time a chapter ends one wishes that there was to read …. Vaiden is an obvious favorite of mine …. I love his style …

    His daughters are not easy to hanskas with but they are very well who is the father ….. LOL

    Hope it does not take too long to read the next chapter …. and yeah …. The other men seem somewhat murky …. will be interesting to see what they’re up to …

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