Chapter 20

Writer Notes: Just go to the warnings…it explains everything.

Warnings: a lot of picture sequences, changes in scenes rapidly, inappropriate relationship, talk of torturing students, obvious reference to a popular TV series (hint, hint: vampires), college troubles, offended friend, tears, and ummm…M for Mature picture at the end: contains nudity and suggested content.

Ellen had been waiting on this for some time now.

Mr. LaBleau had broken up with Ms. Bale.

Now he was truly hers.



Yolonda was so happy.

Elan Coristor was finally hers.

“Where is he?”


“I just don’t get it.” Jane said.  “Why do our meals have to be cut? We don’t have a Taco Bell in our school like the big city kids do!”

“They’ll have us eating vegan food before too long!” Sam Jenkins cried.

Scott Alpine wasn’t too concerned with school food regulations as they would be graduating soon.  However, that empty chair disturbed him.

Where is Austin?

“It’s too bad they don’t serve True Blood.”

“I can’t do it.” Taryn whinned.  “My dad has always wanted me to go to that stupid college…but I-I just can’t. It’s not for me.”

“How about another college then?” Cory asked.  “I’m sure your dad will be happy just as long as you go to college.”

Taryn scowled.  “Ha ha, thanks for your vote of confidence.”

“Well, I’m just trying to help.” Cory said.  “Have you ever considered going to a community college first then transferring out…”

Dahlila was lost in whatever Cory was about to explain to Taryn.  She just wanted to do one thing that day…

…but it seemed talking to Kristy was going to be impossible for a long time.


“There you are…!”

“You missed the announcement that they will be cutting lunchroom funding again. I mean, why do it at the end of the school year? It doesn’t make sense.  Sam thinks we’ll be stuck with vegan food or something leafy. He’s all afraid about losing his meat. What a…”

“I don’t give a shit!” Austin shouted.

“Tommy knows…”

“And I sat there through the whole lunch and he didn’t say anything to me?” Scott shook his head.  “Why would he…”

“He doesn’t know tht you are actually involved.” Austin claimed.  “But he knows that I like you. Hector…he saw me looking at you in the hall or something…I don’t know, but Tommy…he says it’s over. If it’s not over, he’ll…”

“Do what?” Scott asked.  “Hurt you? He’s done plenty of that already and I…”

Austin started to cry again.  Scott just could not see him like that so he took him into his arms.

“No more, Austin.” he said.  “If I have to, I’ll stop Tommy myself. He can’t do this to you anymore. It’s wrong. I love you. I can’t see you cry again.”

“You love me?”

“I love you.”


2 Responses to Chapter 20

  1. Zhippidy says:

    That was a bit unexpected. hmmm…
    I love the scenes and how you cut from one conversation to another.

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