Chapter 21

Writer Notes: Vaiden and Tatiana are actually in this one!  Well, at the end…

Warnings: news of all kinds, friends arguing, making deals, LINK, and mind-talking.

“So you’re telling me this now?” Zeek scowled.  “On the last day of school! Siren, seriously?”

“I thought it best.” she answered plainly.  “Our time is done here and I wanted to give you some time to think about it before graduation.”

“But you’re going to be really far away…I mean, like hundreds of miles. Do you really have to join your dad’s dynasty?”

“I do.” Siren replied.  “I have no choice.”

Zeek sighed.  He always knew that their relationship was too good to be true.  She was a Vampire after all, a completely different specie,  His mom always had a hard time digesting that little detail.  She always said Zeek shouldn’t have spent time on Siren.  Maybe she had been right?  Zeek just didn’t know.

“Well, I guess…good luck.” he said.  “I hope…I know that you will do good by your dad. Family is the most important thing in the world so…”

“Zeek…” Siren shook her head.  “You don’t have to do that. The decision has been made and it doesn’t matter what I say or you say. I still have to go.”


Trouble lurks at her corner, but sometimes you find the trouble to be a someone instead of a something.

Dahlila knew this was going to happen sooner or later.  A falling out had to happen even if it was the last day of school.  Dahlila wasn’t sure if she was ready for this.  Kristy had been a friend for a long time.  She hoped they could work things out.

But by Kristy’s expression, she was hoping for a fight.

And she was going to get one.

“Girls!” Mr. LaBleau stepped into the building just in time to stop Dahlila from getting serious.

“This has to stop.” he said.  “Kristy, a word.”

“That was close.” Austin cringed.

“Yeah,” Taryn sighed.  He felt guilty about tearing the girls apart, but at the same time, if he ever had to choose, it would always be Dahlila in the end.

“You ok?” Taryn asked.

Dahlila side glanced at him.  “No.”

She was still a little mad at Taryn for telling Austin about their “special night,” but then again what didn’t Austin know?  He was the gossiper’s secret agent.  They hadn’t meant anyone to overhear their conversation, but then again who isn’t eavesdropping in high school?  Dahlila was so sick of high school.  She was ready to get out in the world and leave this childish charade behind.

“Damn, it was just about to get good too.” Scott smiled.

Rebecca shook her head.  “God, I wanted to see that Zarren bitch get beat up.”

“Uh huh, you do know her dad taught her self-defense?” Scott snickered.

Yeah, self-defense she never wanted to use against a friend, but, she guessed by Kristy’s face, a friend no more.  It was too bad.

Dahlila would miss her.

But she was sure by the time summer had come and gone, she would be over it.  If Kristy didn’t value her friendship then why should Dahlila weep over her loss?

Good riddens.


“Oh my god, Dahlila!” Ellen shrieked.  “Thank goodness, you’re here!”

“What is it?” Dahlila asked.  “Spider? I am the official spider squasher of the hallways.”

By desperation on Ellen’s face, Dahlila knew it wasn’t a spider.  Her stomach fluttered with butterflies.  She knew this had to do with Mr. Jean LaBleau in some way and she didn’t like it.


“Before you begin,” Dahlila said.  “I have to confess something…I know about you and Mr. LaBleau. It’s been bothering me that I know and I didn’t let you know and…”

“I’m pregnant.”

Dahlila took a step back.  “You’re what?”

“What am I going to do?” Ellen asked.

“Have a baby, of course.” Dahlila said.

“No, I mean, how can I tell my dad, a police officer, that I’m pregnant with my teacher’s baby?”

“Oh…” Dahlila cringed.  “That does sound like a problem.”

“He’s going to kill me.” Ellen said.  “And…Jean…?”

“Mr. LaBleau will…you should definitely tell him. Maybe he’ll sweep you off to France and…”

Then Ellen began to cry and Dahlila knew there wasn’t much she could do for the girl, but console her and tell her everything was going to be all right.


“I’m so excited!” Delania claimed.  “Our last day of school, graduation, and before we know it summer will be over and we’ll be going to college and then…!”

“Umm, yeah…” Cory interrupted.

“Aren’t you just so excited!” Delania said.  “Maybe we’ll live in the same dorm!”

Cory shook his head.  “Delania, we need to talk.”

“About what?”

“About college.”


“I’m thinking, you, me, tub, bubbles, and some low lighting candles…”

Tatiana lifted her eyebrows to that all too suspiciously.  “And?”

“And…what? Nothing.” Vaiden said.

“Uh huh, since when do you get all romantic and not want anything? I know you, Vaiden, what do you want?”

“Well…in that case…there’s a new rifle silencer included, highpowered, automatic with a scope that can get me ten clicks further than the one I already have. It also comes with a nifty collectible blade, lightweight, titanium, perfect for sneaking up and…”

“Ok, I get it!” Tatiana sighed.  “Let me think about our deal here…I get bubbles and candles. You get a rifle and a knife?”

“A titanium knife.”

Tatiana thought she was going to be saved by the sound of the doors opening, but then…

Oh no. Vaiden whispered through her mind.

Yeah, last day of school. She replied.

“Give Dad a hug, it’ll all be better.”

“I think I’ll handle this one.” Tatiana said.

“Just go.” Vaiden mumbled.

“So…how was the last day of school?” Vaiden asked.

“Dad hug’s are always the best.” Dahlila snickered.

Vaiden narrowed his eyes at her.

“School was school.” Dahlila said before Vaiden grounded her or something.  “We had a graduating cake during lunch.”

“Mr. Zarren, sir,” Taryn then interrupted Dahlila before she went on about other things.  “Can I talk to you about something important.”

Vaiden narrowed his eyes.  “About what?” he asked, looking back and forth between the two teens.

“Privately, please?” Taryn asked with a smile.

Vaiden shook his head.  Oh no.



“Honey,” Tatiana began.  “What is going on?”

“Cory broke up with me!” she cried.  “He decided to go to a different college than me so he can intern under some fancy lawyer his dad likes!”

“Oh.” Tatiana had heard Caden talking to Josie about Cory possibly interning with someone they knew well, but Tatiana didn’t think it was a “for sure” thing.  Evidently, not.

“Sweet heart, I know you had a whole plan for your future and this messes a lot of things up, but trust me when I say this,” Tatiana said.  “Maybe it’s for the best.”

“WHAT? HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!” Delania started crying again.

“I had a plan too once.” Tatiana said.  “I was set to marry a guy, but…well, things got out of hand and then I met your dad and that was filled with all kinds of uncertainity. The point is, you never know what’s going to happen in the future and maybe you shouldn’t plan out every event of your life and just live it.”

“I’ll let you have some time to think about it.” Tatiana said.  “But when you go back inside, you better apologize to your dad and tell him how much you love him because you just broke his heart.”


This had not been the conversation Vaiden thought he was going to have with Taryn.  And he was a little glad for that, but at the same time…

“The military is a serious business.” he said.  “You shouldn’t take it lightly.”

“I know.” Taryn answered.  “But I want to join. It’s my calling. I know it!”

“It’s your calling, hey?” Vaiden took a moment to think it over.

Obviously, there was no changing the kid’s mind.  He was set to be in the military.  Good for him, but he wanted to be in Vaiden’s division and no one wanted to be in Vaiden’s division.  He was the strictest, meanest officer in all the branches of the military.  Even his boss had said so.  Good thing too, Vaiden wanted all the superior officers to bow before him and if they didn’t?  They better cower before him.

However, that wasn’t his main thought.  His main thought was about his and Tatiana’s deal for his new rifle.  Perhaps letting the boy join his recruits would give him special brownie points.  He would have asked Tatiana in their mind connection, but he decided he wanted to see her facial reaction.

“Ok.” Vaiden began.  “I will sign you up, but…”

“Thank you Mr. Zarren! I won’t let you down!”

Holy gods and goddesses what have I done. Vaiden frowned. “But,”

“We have to do something about your hair.”


2 Responses to Chapter 21

  1. Zhippidy says:

    I know there were serious parts, but boy am I laughing! I loved it.
    I like Dahlila’s attitude on her friend being so angry.
    Ellen is really in a mess. 😦
    Poor Delania. But her Mom is right.
    “A titanium knife” *LOL* I can hear Vaiden saying that with no hesitation or emotion whatsoever. *LOL* and then he pulls the ‘give Dad a hug’ *LOL* and thennn he plans brownie points and gives attention to a hair style?? *LMBO* Vaiden reborn. ^_^
    Loved it.

    • Vaiden is back, definitely. In full force 🙂 I laughed a lot when taking the pictures and writing it so I’m glad that you laughed as well.
      A titanium knife, duh, got to have it! 😉 Vaiden will do anything for weapons. He loves them almost as much as he loves Tatiana and the girls…or is the opposite? You never know with Vaiden.

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