Chapter 22

Writer Notes:  Graduation 😀

Warnnings: oh boy…speeches…and captionless pictures.

Tonight was the night.  The stage was set.  The audience in attendance was excited, nervous, scared…all kinds of mixed emotions.

Tatiana was proud.  Her girls were graduating.  They had grown up so fast and were becoming fine young ladies.  Again, she was proud.  It had been a long journey of work, emotion, and passion.

Something that Siren Coristor, one of two highest honored students, talked about in her speech.  Though it did sound rather odd coming from Siren with her unemotional voice, she did play it up well.  Some parents cried.  Some students were left teary eyed.

“The journey comes to a close tonight.” Siren said.  “But only for a new one to begin.”

“We shall embrace this new journey with both feet work through new issues.  Find a new world and where we fit in it as we strive forward in our lives.”

“But for tonight, let us celebrate what we have worked so hard to acheive. Thank you.”

“Man, that took forever.” Samuel Steel said beside Lewej.

“Hush.” she said.  “Delania’s up next!”

Samuel smiled.  “She told me she was extra nervous about this, but I know she’ll do great.”

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” she began.  “After thirteen long years, here we are.”

“I am grateful and humble by my friends and teachers. We have worked together through so much drama and hardship, but we know it is because of those events, kicking and screaming, that will make us grow stronger.  It has made us able to face whatever future that awaits us outside of these doors.  I have teachers to thank for helping me get excited about learning, but I have two wonderful parents that have taught me to be excited about life and whatever we may come across because we don’t know what is beyond every corner.  We just know we will always have each other in our hearts and with such love it will guide us…”

“That was beautiful.” Vaiden heard behind him.

It was.  Just like his daughters.


Additional Notes: Here’s some shots of what happened after the ceremony.

Surprisingly Kristy posed in a picture with Dahlila O_o

This is Samuel, by-the-way, he never really got a proper introduction.  He is Gabriel’s son.


And with that the next adventures will be in college 😀 YAY! Things will definitely start to speed up.  I promise 😉


8 Responses to Chapter 22

  1. Zhippidy says:

    I love the second picture up from the word ‘exactly’ 🙂

  2. Curcolio says:

    I left those stories years ago. Actually received a newsletter and went to find book II ! Congrats on your perseverance, from a french fan girl of the early beginnings.
    And, on the pictures with about what ? 20 sims seated at the same time ?

    • Oooh, thank you! There were 20 teens and 20 adults in the audience 😉 It was difficult. The game lagged pretty good. That’s why I hurried up and got it done. You said you received a newsletter? From Thoughts of Hell or another site?

  3. Curcolio says:

    From Thoughts of Hell.
    40 Sims ? Poor Chrome ! (Is she even still alive ? )

  4. Ummm…what a question…the next chapter will probably be out some time next week. 😉 At least I hope.

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