Chapter 24


Writer Notes: Um…hi…yeah, I have a story, remember?  I don’t think I did. Oops! XD  But anyways, let’s get this story a rolling!

Warnings: sparkles, some language, a little wordy at time, evil doers are evil, photoshopped pictures for effects, changes in scenes, backflash pictures, high emotions, girl slightly through door, and meeting up with some old friends.


Tatiana shivered.  “…woah.”

Vaiden turned to her with a concerned expression.  “What is it?” he asked.

“Magic.” she whispered.  “Lots of magic.”


From behind them someone snickered.  “Good evening.”

They jumped up and faced this intruder.

Tatiana gasped.  “I know you…” she said.  “Ms…”


“Fairchild. You’re a friend to my mother.”

“Well, ‘was’ a friend, dear.” the old woman smiled.  “And please call me Julianna.”


“What the fuck do you want, Julianna?” Vaiden huffed.


“Oh straight to the point! I like that.” she laughed.  “I want many things, Elf, but mostly I want my fair share of an agreement from so long ago.”

“What ‘agreement?'” Vaiden asked.

“Between Tatiana’s parents and me. I’ll spare you the long dramatic story and simply say: Tatiana’s power is mine.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Exactly as it sounds, Elf.” Julianna replied.  “If you would be so kind and give me what is mine.”


“Over my dead body!” Vaiden exclaimed.

Tatiana was beside herself.  “I don’t understand. Why would my parents make that sort of deal?”

“We knew Mystic Crane would use you one day, dear, and there were many other enemies who wanted your power as well, but your parents wanted you safe. I was their friend. I offered you a way out. A little trade, if you will. I arranged for your parents to move away from Mystic Crane. You would grow up in the ‘Human’ world, went to school, and live out your dreams. In return, when you came of age to be recruited by Mystic Crane, I would safely remove your power so they could not use it.  We would then combine our magical families.  Of course when Mystic Crane found out about our little agreement, they were furious and banished me and mine. Your parents refused to help me. It was so long ago, but I remember such betrayal. I still want what is mine, Tatiana, and I will have it one way or another.”


“Well, the deals off.” Vaiden said.  ”

“If you refuse, I will have to take it by force.”

“We refuse.” Tatiana snapped.

“Pity.” Julianna frowned.  “Seamus, Honey…”




“Don’t struggle. It will just hurt you more.”


Vaiden glanced over to Tatiana unconscious beside him.  His body was on fire, but he stayed on a knee.

“Give up.” Seamus said behind him.  “You cannot win this.”


“Fuck you!” Vaiden spat.

“I admire your courage.” Seamus replied.  “But now is the time to give up and end this.”


“GO TO HELL!” Vaiden shouted.

Julianna laughed gleefully from behind.  “Well, he is full of surprises. Now, isn’t he? Honey.”



“I’m sorry, Elf, but you ruined our plans so many years ago. You should have stayed in the shadows and left Tatiana alone.” Julianna smiled.  “But don’t worry I will not kill you this night.”


“Tonight I rejoice. Tatiana’s power will be mine.” she said.  “But she does not contain all of the power that is rightfully mine. A mother spreads her power with her children, you see.  A year ago I would have had them, but those plans were spoiled by a master Vampire. This time, however, there is no room for error. I will do everything myself.”


“Stay…away…from my…family.” he muttered before falling unconscious.


“He is a strong one that Elf.” Seamus said.  “I have no doubt he will fight to the very end.”

“What shall we do now, Mother?” Honey asked.


“Begin the ceremony. I must drain Tatiana at once.”




“Vaiden, I know. I didn’t knock, but you know what…”






Coastal did not like what she could “see.”  Tatiana’s magical veins had been drained.  They were lucky that she was still alive, but Coastal knew why.  Dahlila and Delania still had a chunk of Tatiana’s power.  If it was taken from them then Tatiana would die.


“How is she?” Lewej had to ask.  “Any better?”


“I’m afraid not.” Coastal replied.  “This is a serious situation. Tatiana…is strong and it will take time for her to regain strength. I do not know when she will wake up, but I will keep feeding her as much of my energy as possible. Perhaps she can use it and restore enough power to wake.”


Gabriel shook his head.  He knew a little about magic and sharing it, but he was neither a Healer or a High Elf.

“How can you drain someone’s power like that?” Samuel asked from behind.  “I mean isn’t that sort of impossible?”


Coastal shook her head.  “They don’t teach it in lessons anymore since Jen the Unfavorable. She was the original High Elf who developed this sort of magic two thousand years ago.  After she tried to drain the prince of that time, this type of magic was made forbidden. It did not stop her though.  I did not think that Mystic Crane trained in these arts.”






“We don’t need another Jen. She was…scary.”


“No, what we need to do is find this Fairchild bitch and kill her!” Vaiden shouted.


“Vaiden!” Coastal moved in front of him so he couldn’t bolt through the door.  “You must remain calm.”

“Remain calm!”

“I know it’s hard.” Gabriel said.  “We will find this Julianna Fairchild, but we have to do it the right way. Think about your daughters, Vaiden. We need to get them to safety.”


Vaiden calmed down, but there was still such panic in his eyes.

“The girls are with Zarah for Spring Break.” Lewej then said.  “Maybe I should call her and have her bring the girls here.”

“No.” Coastal said.  “If she brings them here…Tatiana’s life force might try to steal theirs. It’s too risky.

Vaiden shook his head.  “I will call Zarah. I know exactly where they need to go.”


Vaiden rushed over to Tatiana’s side.  “I got this.” he said to her.  “You just rest, baby and I’ll take care of it.”


“Our girls will be safe. I promise you. I won’t let this happen to them.”


“But you need to come back to me.”


“I love you.”


Gabriel had to turn away.  He knew what this was like.  An enemy stormed in and ruined your life.  He had lost his wife.  He couldn’t see Vaiden lose his.


Suddenly the door opened.

Lewej’s heart raced. “..Jay.”


“I got your message.” He said to Vaiden.  “I’ve pulled the underground out by the roots and found something that might lead us to this Fairchild.”


Vaiden nodded. “Let’s go.”



Zarah and the girls just stepped inside from shopping when the phone began to ring.

“I’ll get that.” Zarah said.  “You girls go put up the groceries.”




“Dellawood residence.”



“I understand.” Zarah said.  “I…Is she all right? Yes, I will take care of the girls.”


“What’s going on?” Delania had to ask.

“Was that our dad? He really needs to get a grip. We’re on break! We’re not suppose to be studying.” Dahlila said.


Zarah sighed.  She knew this was not going to be easy.  “Girls, change into something a little warmer. We have to leave.”

“What do you mean?” Delania asked.  “What’s going on? What did Dad say?”

“Just do as I say!” Zarah said more firmly.  “Get your coats.”


“But it’s like 70 degrees outside. Why would we need our coats? Where are we going?”



“Hello, Ms. Dellawood.” Lacarra Greenbrooke said.  “This is such an unexpected visit. I thought you were on leave for holiday?”


“Yes,” Zarah tried to smile and be polite, but she hated the procedure of introductions.  “Thank you for answering the door. I must speak to Latimere.”

“Of course.” Lacarra replied, noticing the two girls standing behind Zarah.  “And welcome Miss Dahlila and Miss Delania.”


Once inside Zarah exhaled a breath that she didn’t know she had been holding.  They were safe…for now.

“Wait here and I will go find Latimere.” Lacarra said.

“Thank you.” Zarah called after her.


“Siren!” Delania shrieked and hugged her friend.  “It’s been forever! How are you?”

“I see you got my call.” Zarah said to Trudy Coristor.  “I’m glad you made it.”

“Could you tell me what the emergency is now?” Trudy asked.  “It was very difficult to leave without my husband suspecting something.”


“I hear you made the Dean’s list, Delania. Congratulations.” Siren said, but didn’t sound like she was really interested.

“Thank you.” Delania blushed.  “We missed you visiting campus. Rebecca told us.”

“Yes, that was unfortunate. Well, we are all busy.”


“Yeah, busy. How about we focus on the business at hand.” Dahlila snapped.


“Will Tatiana recover?” Mrs. Coristor was shocked and dismayed by the news.

Zarah shook her head.  “I don’t know.” she replied honestly.  “But I thought because your children were also kidnapped by these people that you needed to hide them as well.”  Then Zarah noticed something.  “Where is Elan?”


“I’m sorry about your mother.” Siren said.  “I hope Ms. Coastal will be able to revive her.”

Delania was quiet for a moment.  “I do too.”


“I hope he’s not traveling on his own.” Zarah said.

“No, he’ll probably have his…Human girl with him.” Trudy replied.


They continued on talking amongst themselves.  It annoyed Dahlila.  Her parents had been attacked.  Her mother still had not recovered.  She had no clue where her dad was or what they were doing at Latimeres Mansion.  She wanted answers!

Then the door opened.


“Good evening, ladies.”



“May I ask what the emergency is at this late hour?”


“I don’t have all the pieces.” Zarah stepped forward.  “But what I know is that the Zarrens were attacked by some sorceress. Evidently she is the one behind the kidnapping of the Zarren girls and the Coristor children a year ago. We ask…”


“You have my protection.” Latimere interrupted.  “I said so a year ago. What is the state of those attacked?”

“Thank you, sir.” Zarah replied. “Tatiana…the girls’ mother…is still unconscious. Coastal is trying all she can to revive her.”


Latimere seemed to grow a little uneasy.  “We shall pray blessings upon her quick recovery.” he said.

“Thank you.” Delania managed to say.

“I imagine Vaiden will come to see his daugthers before he goes after this…sorceress.” Zarah said.


That made Latimere smile.  “I look forward to speaking with him.” he said.  “In the mean time, please enjoy the safety of my estate. If there is anything Lacarra and I can do for you, please let us know.”


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    Oh boy 😦
    I look forward to this meeting with the Elf and Vampire too. Lots of secrets to learn?

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