Chapter 25


Writer Notes: My game crashed sometime ago and I have been sitting on some drafts of this chapter and another…and one for The Gang.  I will be updating them pretty spread out until my game recovers.  I have all of the main characters for both stories made, but no buildings.  I’m afraid certain buildings/sets will not be recovered so you might notice some changes in scenery later.  But for now, enjoy this chapter, though it is quite short.

Warnings: only one scene<—HOLY CRAP! A lot of thoughts bouncing between two characters, strange reactions, and pretty wordy.


Dahlila had found a new hell.  It was worse than pop quizzes, being short money at the cash register, and, her personal favorite, boys.  But it wasn’t a hell she could easily escape.  She could blindly guess on quizzes, or, to her sister’s demise, cheat.  She could put stuff back at the grocery store or ask for a few pennies from others standing in line.  And, boys…she could ignore.


But this hell…was tormenting.   She could take a dozen quizzes and be riduculed by boys and people at the supermarket, but she couldn’t take this waiting, or the paranoia and worry along with it.


Was her mother going to live?  Would she ever see her again?  Would their dad find them?  He had specifically told Zarah to bring them to Latimere.  Dahlila did not know why.  What did Vaiden always say?  Don’t trust Vampires, yet he sent his only daughters to one of the most powerful master Vampires they knew.  What was Vaiden thinking?




“I offer advice, Miss Dahlila,” he began.  “Thinking will not help.  It will only make you miserable.”

“Then what do you suggest?” Dahlila hissed.


Latimere was quiet for a moment.  “I am sorry about your mother,” he then said.  “I pray her a swift recovery. With Lady Coastal by her side, she has no better a healer of this world.”


“Thank you,” Dahlila replied somewhat soft.  “I’m sorry…about before, I didn’t mean to…I’m just upset.”


“I understand.” Latimere said.

“It’s just…this happened so fast and I don’t know anything.  That’s worst of all.  I hate not knowing anything.”

“I’ll remember that.” he noted.


“These are the same people who tried to get us a year ago, hey? Or are they knew people? What do they want with us?” Dahlila asked, but she knew there were no answers.  Not yet.  “Why would they want to hurt my mom? She’s just a lawyer, a good lawyer, probably the only honest lawyer in the region. I would have understood more if they were after my dad. He fights alot of bad guys.”


“But my mom? She’s just an appointed official.  I don’t understand.  What could they want from her?”  Then a thought crossed her mind.  She knew her mom was not just a simple lawyer, not just a simple Human.  She had “powers,” but she never used them, except for special occassions with Dahlila’s grandparents, Rina and Owen Smith, and maybe with Grandma Coastal.


Dahlila covered her face and sighed in frustration.  “This is just a mess!” she shrieked.

“It all starts off that way.” Latimere said, reminding her that he was still in the room.  “But eventually everything makes sense and comes to a close.”


Most would have gave her a ressuring pat on the back, but as Latimere sat across from her on the coffee table, he made a point not to touch her.  He was cold.  His face showed nothing, no sign of sympathy as it had showed not a minute before.  What had Dahlila said that made him so cold?


“And what makes you think this will ever make sense and come to ‘close.'” Dahlila said a thread of annoyance in her voice.

That made Latimere raise an eyebrow.  “My girl, I have lived through many wars. Some thought unending. Though this is not quite a ‘war,’ yet, I fear that it will soon be one.”

“Why?” Dahlila had to ask.

“Because the world has been quiet for sometime.” he replied.  “People get bored in peace and when people get bored they tend to poke at others with sticks until someone pulls out their sword and challenges them to a duel.”


That made Dahlila smile.  She could see little stick figure men poking “sticks” at each other.


“Aw, good, a smile.” Latimere said.  “I’m glad you are amused.”

Dahlila opened her mouth to reply, but then closed it.  She didn’t need to insult him, not in his own house and definitely not with him this close.  Instead she decided change the subject.  “Grandma Coastal told me how you and her met.  She admires you, I guess. You were always nice to her, she says.”


That made the coldness of his face melt away.  “Did she?” he smiled.  “Lady Coastal has always been a great friend of us Greenbrookes. She told you how we met, truly? Dismold times those were, no more a mess than we have before us, but even those times were put to a close as will these troubles we face now, dear Dahlila.”


Dahlila wiggled in her chair. “You are so sure? You don’t think they will find us here? The last time they kidnapped us and brought us to your doorstep.  You don’t they will think to look here?”

His smile never slipped.  “If they do, you have my word that I will protect you and your sister with all my power. I owe it to Lady Coastal that her granddaughters are brought back to her safely.”


“Thank you,” she said, reaching forward for his hand.


Once he noticed what she was doing, he jumped up at once before she could touch him.

“Don’t ever do that again.” he said, voice cold as ice.

Dahlila leaned back in her chair confused and hurt by his sudden coldness.


“Upsetting our guests already,” Lacarra stood at the open door.  “My brother has never been very good in keeping a merry mood.”


“By all means, dear sister,” Latimere began.  “Show me better.”

“I would, but there are many more pressing matters at the hand than sporting my flawless charisma.”


Dahlila giggled.  “She is good.”

Latimere seemed less amused.  “What do you want?” he asked.


“Have I done you wrong, my brother?” Lacarra questioned.  “I must then beg forgiveness, but my snappy attitude may have been from entertaining the rest of your guests. A one Trudy Coristor grows fearsomely on my nerves. She bores me dreadfully.”


Latimere relaxed.  “Has her son Elan Coristor arrived?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, with this gorgeous Human girl on his arm.” Lacarra smiled.  “They wait for you to receive them and we have other visitors as well.” She looked over at Dahlila.  “Who are much more pressing, but I rather deal with them then two more minutes with Trudy Coristor.”


Latimere waved her off, promising they he would be along then he turned back to Dahlila.  She stood, a curious smile on her face.  “I guess we should go meet Elan and the others.” she said.

“Perhaps,” he replied.  “But, Miss Dahlila, are you better?”


“Yeah,” she managed.  “I guess I am, but I’ll be even better when I see my dad.”

“Surely,” Latimere replied, somewhat amused.

“What?” Dahlila had to ask.


He just shook his head and gestured towards the door.  Vaiden Zarren, Shade Elf, a specially trained killer, and Daddy.  Latimere could hardly wait for his arrival.


6 Responses to Chapter 25

  1. Iomai says:

    GAH! Dahlila X Latimere!!!! Must happen now \T^T/
    Good chapter as always. Hope you get your game up and running again.

  2. CC says:

    I second the previous poster. Dahlila x Latimere please xD
    I can’t wait for the next chapter!

  3. Zhippidy says:

    Oh he was snippy there. Don’t touch. haha… I really admire your picture posing 🙂
    Great update.

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