Chapter 26


Writer Notes: This is the last chapter I made before my neighborhood crashed, so this must be posted so I have reason to actually work on my neighborhood 🙂

Warnings: wordy, inner thoughts, asides, and some language.


Elan Coristor had arrived with his “girlfriend” Yolanda Claver.  Mrs. Trudy Coristor didn’t really care for the girl, but she seemed to make her son happy.  Still, the Master Vampire was very worried that her son was settling on this Human.


Not that Elan would ever take his parents’ place as Master over the empire, that responsible fell to Siren.  She showed early signs of potential Master Vampire power and attitude, but Siren was very hard to figure out.  She was passive and uninterested in many things her parents wanted to teach her.


Trudy did not know how things would play out now that she was with Greenbrooke Estates again.  She hadn’t been able to reach out to her husband for sometime, emotionally and professionally.  Mr. Harry Coristor was anything, but suspicious that Trudy was Latimere’s lover and spy.  He was a fool, but he was her husband and partner.


Where did that leave Elan?  He was in college, seeking some mundane major and profession to do some good for society.  If society would ever accept him as a Vampire.








“Girls listen me carefully,” Vaiden began.  “We are in a lot of danger. Somone hurt your mother badly and they may want you too. I promised your mother that I wasn’t going to let that happen. So I’m going to find these bad guys before they can get to you.”



“Girls, I don’t have to tell you that your ole dad is a tough guy,” he said.  “But I won’t be anything without you.  Promise me you will stay safe and do as Zarah and the Greenbrooke’s tell you. Promise me.”


“Yes Dad,” they replied in unison.



“I know what you’re thinking…”


Lacarra had lowered her voice so only her brother could hear her.  “But this is much different.”


“The maiden is asleep and her hero away to avenge her honor, but this will all end in bloodshed and the death of innocents.”


“More reason to protect them.” Latimere replied.

“Perhaps,” his sister said.  “But their enemy will become our enemy. Are you ready to throw away our lives to protect theirs?”



“Don’t worry,” Vaiden said.  “I will be fine.”


“It’s all right Delania,” Jay tired to say reassuring.  “I got your dad’s back.”


“I don’t have to tell you how to do this, Vaiden.” Zarah began.  “But you give these bastards no mercy.”


“You don’t have to tell me twice.” he replied.


Jay glanced back and forth between Zarah and Vaiden and couldn’t help, but smile.  “We are so going to kick their asses.”


“And who exactly are they?” Latimere intervened.

“A witch named Fairchild.” Vaiden replied.


“Fairchild?” Zarah seemed to recall the name.

“She use to be a part of Mystic Crane.”

“Then she’s going to be hell to take down.” Zarah said.


“I will give you any resources that you require, Mr. Zarren.” Latimere said.  “All you have to do is say what you want.”


“Just protect my daughters.” Vaiden answered.  “The witch may come after them to get the rest of Tatiana’s power.”


“We have top of the line security, Mr. Zarren.” Lacarra said.  “And between the supernatural power here too, you need not worry.”


Vaiden nodded.  He didn’t leave it to chance that his daughters would be protected.  He knew Latimere was a great friend of his mother’s so he would do everything in his power to ensure their safety.  And, Vaiden was betting Latimere Greenbrooke had an endless supply of power.


“But if there is anything else…”

Vaiden seemed to think about it. “If you find out anything about Fairchild that might be helpful, Zarah has my cell.”


Latimere smiled. “I will be sure to pass along any information we find.”


2 Responses to Chapter 26

  1. Zhippidy says:

    can’t wait for more…. war of wars, very ominous feelings about all of this,,, years of peace are bound to come to an end at some point… I suppose that the bright side is that this group sort of knows what they may be up against.

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