Chapter 27


Writer Notes: I’m not dead and neither is this story!  My game still hasn’t recovered from its recent crash, but everything is slowly coming back together.  I was finally able to load some of the bigger lots so hopefully the ball will start rolling.

Warnings: transforming, whining, plotting, intro, unaligned hands, teasing, sarcasm, little photoshopping because my graphics have been funky as of lately, and arguments.


“Hurry it up, Honey,” Seamus said.  “This needs to be done  before the rest of the council arrives.”


“My son, it is I who should be impatient. The council will wait if necessary. The potion is difficult to make, but it has to be perfect.” Julianna Fairchild smiled to herself.  “By adding Tatiana’s power, this elixir will bring me great power. We will finally come out of hiding and get our revenge.”


“Mystic Crane will not stand a chance.” Her daughter, Honey, also smiled.  “It is finished.”

“Good,” Seamus huffed.


“My poor brother, you are in such a hurry to get back in the world.” Honey said.  “Take this slowly, Mother, it is quite hot.”










“It is successful.” Julianna panted.  “I can feel the power racing in my veins.”

“It has made you young again.” Seamus sounded alarmed.

“That is the idea.” his mother chuckled.


“Extracting power and feeding on it is how Jen the Unfavorable used to prolong her life and gain such magnificent power.” Honey sounded like she was describing her favorite dessert.  “Mother you are absolutely radiant!”


“Thank you, my dear, but I know what dark magic did to Jen.” Julianna grimaced.  “It erodes the brain. We will have to take this slow.  My age will revert over time, but we have no idea how fast.”


“We must be precautious.” Seamus insisted.

“I see you have gone through with the transformation.” a voice said.


“How do you feel?”

“Young.” Julianna laughed.  “My dear, Gregory, is the council in order?”


“We await your entrance.”



“Oh come on, Vaiden! It’s my car, why can’t I drive?” Jay whined.

“I don’t know, why did you have to buy that ridiculous hat?”


“Hey, this hat’s awesome! It practically bought itself! You’re just jealous because they didn’t have one with Elf ear cut-outs.”

“Yes, my life will be forever incomplete.” Vaiden rolled his eyes.


Jay knew he wasn’t going to win this argument so he decided to change subjects.  “Where are we going anyway? I told you that I had contacts in the underground…which is in the city…not out in the country.”

“I have to pay my in-laws a visit.”


“Are you sure, man? I mean, telling them by phone that their daughter was attacked by some witch and drained of her power is bad enough. Are you sure you want to face Rina’s scrutiny in the same room?”

“What are you talking about? She absolutely loves me.” Vaiden chuckled.  “No, I need answers about Fairchild. We may have to use them to get inside Mystic Crane.”


“But isn’t that like the organization of the most powerful supernaturals in the world? Are you sure we want to mess with them?”

“What? You’re scared they’ll take away your hat?” Vaiden snickered.  “They may help us take down Fairchild, but if they won’t, I’ll get my answers one way or another.”



“You two are just weird.” Dahlila said.  “I mean, who works on homework on vacation? And in captivity too?”

“We’re not prisoners,” Delania rolled her eyes.

“Tell that to the guard outside the room.”

“Dahlila, chill girlfriend,” Yolanda laughed.  “If we’re gonna be here for awhile, I think you need to relax.”


Dahlila was about to say something clever, but held her tongue.  “Fine,” she managed.  “But I’m not going to study the history of all Misplaced Stream.”


“I love history!” Delania smiled.  “The queens and kings, accomplishments and advancements of the area. It is amazing how much our city has changed in the last hundred years.”


“I’m gonna side with Dahlila on this.” Yolanda said.  “History’s boring.”


They moved on and started talking about boys (of course).  Delania explained that her and Cory still talked on the web and sometimes on the phone, but they had no plans of getting back together.  Estev was helping with that.


“Dahlila has been seeing Hector Lin, if you can believe that.” Delania grinned.

“Oh really?” Yolanda inquired.  “And how’s that goin?”


“It’s fucking…spectacular.” Dahlila snickered.  “But I have to say, it is kinda nice being here, considering I haven’t slept in…months because of Miss ‘oh Estev‘ over here.”


“DAHLILA!” Delania shrieked sliding off the bed.

“I guess the whole dormitory’s finally being able to sleep.” Dahlila laughed.  “Maybe the whole town.”

“Nuttin’ to be embarrassed about, Delania.” Yolanda winked.  “But you say Hector’s spectacular, Dahlila? You should try a Vampire.”


“Not that she doesn’t day dream about it.” Delania huffed.

Dahlila rolled over, but ignored her sister’s comment.  “Ya know, I’m taking the Study of Supernatural this semester.  It would be good for my research paper to understand all that they can do.”


“First you would need a Vampire.” Someone said, making all the girls jump.



“Why so interested in the supernatural?” Siren asked, but not like she wanted to hear the answer.

“It’s in our blood.” Dahlila replied, but that hadn’t been the reason why she took those classes.  Perhaps, at first, it was just plain curiosity, but then it had turned into something more.  Her mother was a lawyer, who defended the supeternatural and she was a sorceress. Her father was a Shade Elf.  And all their “friends” and family were some way supernatural or magical.  Perhaps it was only natural for Dahlila to go into that field of study.


“Latimere will probably ask us to join him for brunch soon.” Siren said.  “Perhaps you can ask him if he has a Vampire you can study.”


“I think she was just joking.” Delania said, but even she didn’t sound convinced.  “Brunch sounds amazing though! I’m starving.”


Dahlila couldn’t wait either, but it wasn’t because what was on the menu.



Lacarra loved when people argued.  They had no idea just how ridiculous they sounded and how many before them had the same arguments.


“You forget yourself, Ms. Dellawood,” Trudy Coristor warned.  “I am a Master Vampire and I will be treated with respect or, gods forbid, I strike you down.”


“I think it is you who has forgotten.” Zarah snapped.  “We defeated you before and had you on your knees begging for forgiveness. Do you think Vaiden or me has forgotten what happen all those years ago? You don’t think we could do it again?”


Yes, Lacarra loved a good fight, especially when the opportunity presented itself for her to learn a few new things.


“Are you threatening, Zarah?” Trudy laughed.  “Without your precious Elf, I could wipe the floor with you!”

It was Zarah’s turn to laugh.  “And what’s your combat experience? I have had years of training.”



“Ladies, if you would be so kind to meet my in the dining hall. We have much to discuss.”


“I wonder what’s for brunch.” Lacarra said.  “Perhaps apple slices and cheese with a side of your ass handed to you.”


2 Responses to Chapter 27

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Dahlila is feisty 😉 …. Vaiden has really loosened up… He’s not so much the quiet lurker waiting to strike anymore,…. The hat/car scene was a riot. 🙂

    But uh-oh, Juliana will be trouble.

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