Chapter 28


Writer Notes: You may notice that alot of these pictures in this chapter have been photoshopped in some way, well…I think my graphics card is going out. Everything’s on high including smooth edges, but I’ve noticed lately that my pictures are looking worse.  I’m a trained photo-editor so I can see bad pixels and stuff. SO I’ve had to resort into photoshopping a little bit to help with the extreme pixelation.

Warnings: worrying, threats, teasing, Vampire politics, some language, yelling, a history lesson, unnamed Elves, and evil schemes.


“Oh, not to worry we already fed this morning.” Elan smiled. “If it discomforts you, I could pretend to eat the food…?”

“No, that’s fine.” Delania replied.


She did not know why it bothered her.  The Coristor twins and Zarah had been friends of hers for a long time and they had drunk blood in front of her many times.  Perhaps it was being trapped in this place with a few more Vampires that she didn’t really know or trust that bothered her.  Perhaps.


“We cannot hide who we are.” Zarah said.  “But some of us should try to control themselves.”


Trudy knew the comment was aimed at her.  “I am certainly in control of myself, Ms. Dellawood.” She hissed.  “If I wasn’t then I’m sure I would ripped you apart by now.”


Zarah laughed.  “Little threats are nothing if you cannot act on them.”


“Do you think me to be stand idle?” It was Trudy’s turn to laugh. “If you want to die…”


It was time Lacarra got these ladies under control.  “I believe if you attacked Ms. Dellawood there would be extreme consequences.” she said.  “And I never make idle threats.”


The room was quiet until Latimere appeared.  He did not walk-in, the door never seemed to open or close.  He was just there, like magic.  “Good afternoon,” he began.  “I can feel the tension in this room.  Have we had another disagreement?”


“It has been resolved.” Lacarra replied.

“Good,” he said, but as he looked at the others he knew it was far from being over.


“What news do you bring us?” Siren then asked, though in a flat uninterested tone.  “Has Mr. Zarren found the witch, Fairchild?”


“I have recevied no information that he has,” Latimere replied in a careful voice.  “But I am sure Mr. Zarren knows what he is does. When the life of your family is on your shoulders, you must be cautious of your actions.”

“Of course,” Siren replied.


“Vaiden is the best at what he does.” Zarah said.  “Your mother and father know that very well, Siren.  I will always believe in his abilities as once his enemy and as his…ally and friend.  There is nothing he cannot do.”

“Sounds like you have a little crush on our dad, Zarah.” Dahlila teased.


But Dahlila was no fool.  She knew that her dad and Zarah were once a “couple,” though back in those days it was referred to as “lovers.”  But, she wasn’t comfortable using that word.  She smiled adding to the teasing because she was not sure if Delania knew or not…


…but then she looked up at Latimere and she could “feel” the room grow cold and still as he was.  “Let us not fret,” he said.  “It is useless and will cause us more pain than anything.  Instead, enjoy each other’s company and breath easy as you are all very well protected.”


“Yes and thank you again.” Elan said.  “I know this puts you and Lacarra at risk too and I…”

I keep all my promises, Mr. Coristor.” Latimere interrupted.  “It was negoiated that all of you be under my protection, if it were ever needed, a year ago.”

“Yes, but I understand Vampire politics enough to know this is does not sit well with my father or his allies.” Elan replied.  “They think you are holding us captive.”


“I’m sure they do.” Latimere replied, but not as he cared.  “Your father will grow to understand me in the future.”

“Harry is a very stubborn man,” Trudy snickered.

“Perhaps we could send him a message stating that we are being treated well and give him reasonable doubt of any ill-doings?” Siren suggested.


Latimere looked to his sister.  “I will get on that.” she said, but with distain in her voice.  She knew Vampire politics well enough too and once a Master Vampire had it in his head that he was in league with another then he would never give in to the other side.  Lacarra would let his children believe in whatever fairytale they wanted though.


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“I’m getting tired of this,” Vaiden growled.  “Will you help me into Mystic Crane or will I have to force my way in? Your choice, let there be no blood or let there be lots of it.”


“Vaiden, come on man!” Jay shrieked.  “They just heard the news about Tatiana. Give them a moment.”


Vaiden stood so suddenly his chair fell to the floor, and slammed his hands on the table, making it shudder.  “We don’t have A moment!” he yelled.  “Every second Tatiana gets weaker and closer to…we need to do this now!”


Jay was use to people yelling at him from police officers to rival Feline gangs, but he admitted that Vaiden was beyond intimidating.  Nonetheless, he stood his ground.  “I understand Vaiden, but bullying Tatiana‘s parents isn’t the way to go about this!”


“Just think what’s going through their minds!”

Vaiden scowled.  “That they made a deal with the devil?” he huffed.  “That is their fault, now it’s coming to bite all of us in the ass and Tatiana’s the one who’s going to pay for it, and damn it to hell, I will not let that happen!”


“You don’t know anything.” Rina finally said.  “If you were in our positions then, you would have made the deal too.  Tatiana’s power is a weapon to Mystic Crane and they planned to use it.  Julianna Fairchild gave us a way out and we trusted her, but…”


“You trusted the wrong person.” Vaiden spat.  “I don’t care what happened back then. It’s done, but now, my family is in danger and I will NOT let this Fairchild bitch win.”


“You think I don’t understand what’s happened? I understand it more than you!” Rina scowled.  “If Dahlila and Delania are drained then my daughter dies!”


“Then stop stalling and help me get into Mystic Crane!”

“It doesn’t work that way,” Rina hissed.  “You cannot just go to Mystic Crane and expect their help. Julianna was a powerful witch that was casted out and Mystic Crane is arrogant enough to think that will be enough to keep her away. What are you going to do, Vaiden? Do you have a plan? Guns and muscle will not help you in the world of magic. I expect you know that.”


“No,” Owen said softly behind Jay.  “But there is another way.”



“When I look upon this painting of this queen, I am reminded of her hardships.” Julianna Fairchild said.  “She kept her magic a secret for decades, even from her husband.  How frightened she must have been for during that time the use of magic was an automatic death sentence.  I am named for this queen, Julianna, as she is the beginning of our magical bloodline.  She suffered in silence, but we shall not be silent anymore!”


“How will you achieve this, great lady?” the blonde elf asked.

“You Elves have come to light and lived peacefully with creatures. Even the Vampires and Felines have been accepted into society, but our magical brothers and sisters still hide in the shadows, pretending to be normal citizens. Why?” Julianna asked.


“Because Mystic Crane makes them fearful,” Gregory replied.

“Exactly, my love.” Julianna smiled.


“And what are we to do with Mystic Crane?” Seamus asked his mother.  “They are extremely powerful. If not, they would never have survived this long.”

Julianna smiled at her son.  “Yes, and it has made them arrogant.  They also control the Marshals, their little magical hunting squad, but once we defeat Mystic Crane, they will become our tools.”

“And how will we accomplish defeating Mystic Crane?” Gregory asked.


“Combined magical strength and an elixir made of the blood of their most powerful wizard.” Julianna smiled.

“You killed Ackrim?” Gregory let the disbelief show in his voice.  “How?”

Julianna laughed. “You will find my daughter, Honey, is very persuasive.”


“And here she is now.”


“Sorry it took so long. I had to change. It is a messy elixir to make.”


Julianna opened her book of spells onto the table and began reciting.  Everyone took a glass, except Gregory.  He was a High Elf so drinking such an elixir would more likely do him harm than good, not that he needed it.


“And with this blood, we shall grow twice as strong and magically devine.” Julianna said. “So drink, my children, drink to our power, to over throwing Mystic Crane, and to our new future.”


“It all begins with blood and ends in blood.”


2 Responses to Chapter 28

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Latimere is still that questionable guy…. he has something up his sleeve…
    The scene with Tatiana’s parents was great…. quite dramatic 🙂
    It’s not good that the bad witches have some elves there…. not good…. I bet Gregory can give Vaiden a good fight, but of course Vaiden will triumph 🙂
    They seem more wicked than ever

    • I’m glad you noticed the significance of the Elves 🙂 Yes, it is not good.
      There is still A LOT to reveal with Latimere and I’ve been making plans to start showing a little bit more about his character.
      Thank you for the comment! It always makes my day 🙂

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