Chapter 3

Writer Notes: I….guess it’s all right to post this early.  I’m trying to work ahead on this story.  I want to UPdate more frequently like The Gang…maybe everything 10-15 days…if not sooner for certain chapters.

Warnings: student fighting teacher with sarcasm = upset mother, lessons of respect, phone call of secrecy, getting over the past for your Mom, and reasons for locking up your children.

“That is quite enough, Dahlila.” Tatiana said.  “Didn’t we have a conversation not long ago about the sarcasm?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Bah,” Coastal shook her head.  “Teachers are just too narrow minded now-a-days.”

“They sure are, Grandmom.” Dahlila replied.  “You should have seen his face though! He didn’t know how to react!”

“You still shouldn’t disrespect your teacher.” Tatiana said.

“Dad would have laughed.”

“Dad laughs at anything that shows people of power are not as smart as they think they are.” Delania said.  “Well, he laughs at anyone who’s caugh off guard. Or if people do stupid stuff.  Or just at stupid people.”

Tatiana had to let her girls have that one.  They sure knew their father.

“Respect your elders though, girls.” Coastal said.

“And no more fights with teachers!” Tatiana said.  “If I get one more phone call…”

“Well, you just got one.” Vaiden announced.


“The Cranes want to see you.” he said.  “They’ve been calling like this for days now.”

“Who are the Cranes?” Dahlila asked her sister in a whisper.  Delania just shrugged.

“Why now?” Tatiana questioned then shook her head.  It didn’t matter why Mystic Crane, a powerful group of sorcerors, wanted to see her.  They did so she had to go.

“Well,” she began.  “I suppose I’ll have to call Mom and Dad too…they probably know what this is all about.”

“Sure.” Vaiden replied.  “I’m sure Rina will be thrilled.”

No.  Vaiden’s relationship with his mother-in-law had not gotten any better through the years.  She was one stubborn woman and Vaiden wasn’t the least bit less stubborn than she was.

But as for other mothers, specifically Vaiden’s, the relationship had cooled and they were now getting along with a lot of influence from Tatiana.  Coastal was very glad for this.  She felt through the years before Tatiana and the girls that she was missing the best part of her life in Vaiden.  He was her only child, even if he was a very difficult child.

“I must go, my darlings.” Coastal said, embracing Vaiden.   “Have a good day. May the goddess smile on you.”

Vaiden rolled his eyes, but said something in Elvish, which meant good-bye.  He was thankful for saving the relationship with his mother too.  Coastal was an amazing person and he had been missing out as well.  Why was he so angry at her for all those years?  He couldn’t remember, but it didn’t matter now.  His mother was a big part of his life again and his girls’ too.  For that, he was glad.


“Well, that should tide them over for awhile.” Tatiana announded.  “Where are the girls?”

“Sleeping soundly behind dead-bolt locks.” Vaiden replied.  “So no more calls for a while then?”

“They’re just worried.” Tatiana said.  “And you can’t lock our girls in their rooms. How are they suppose to betray our trust if we don’t show we trust them?”

“I don’t trust them.” Vaiden replied.  “They’re teenagers with raging hormones.”

“Did your mother lock you up when you had raging hormones?” Tatiana asked.  Vaiden just stayed silent.  “I’m going to free them.”

“How about you stay and I give you a reason to keep those doors locks?”

Tatiana just smiled.  “Oh really?”


2 Responses to Chapter 3

  1. Zhippidy says:

    They seem so calm. I can’t believe Vaiden actually smiles now. ^_^ But to deadbolt his daughters in, *LOL* that is so him. Looking forward to reading more, I am sure trouble is approaching.

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