Chapter 35


Writer Notes: Story schedules are horrendously screwed up right now because of my work schedule and DOTY. Pretty much it’s play as I go and so far just bits and pieces of a few night’s work made this chapter.

Warnings: language, plottiness, implied abuse, talk of destroying the world, and family connections.


“I am getting fucking tired of being too late.” Vaiden huffed.  “They already got the Watskis.”


“These are just ashes.” Gabriel said.  “It takes a lot of magic to do this.”

“That means they’ve found a way to make themselves more powerful.” Vaiden nodded.


“With the Watskis dead, what do we do now?” Gabriel asked.  “They were the only ones who knew anything about Fairchild.”


“Something doesn’t feel right about this situation.” Vaiden said.  “How would they know to look for the Watskis and here?”


“You think someone–one of us–is giving Fairchild information?” Gabriel shook his head.  “That doesn’t make sense, Vaiden.  We’re all in jeopardy because of this witch. Why would one of us help her?”


“So which one of us is the least in jeopardy and has a lot to bargain?” Vaiden countered.


“Penny for your thoughts, gentlemen?” Honey laughed, rising in a cloud of smoke. “The answer to your question is right behind you.”


“Literally.” It was Harry Coristor’s turn to laugh.

“Why?” Gabriel had to ask.

“Because he’s a Vampire.” Vaiden replied. “You just can’t trust them.”


“It was you who chose, Vaiden.” Harry hissed.  “To side with Latimere Greenbrooke.”

“Jealous much?”


“I think now is not the time for mocking.” Gabriel said.  “We’re a bit surrounded.”

Vaiden scowled. “Like Hell.”



Gabriel’s head was spinning and when he tried to get up, he found himself locked in place.  Magical shackles tight around his body, keeping him on the chair.

“He’s awake.”


But what he saw, but whom, confused him.


“Penelope?” Gabriel was horrified.

“Hello, father.” she said.


“And don’t forget about me, Father.”

“No, Victoria, I would never forget about you.”


Gabriel shook his head.  “What is going on? Why are you here? Does this Fairchild witch have you imprisoned too?”


“Heh, such a simpleton and yet, he cannot fathom the truth.” Victoria said.  “We are with Julianna. She has shown us her vision of the future, where those of magic will rule all. And those without? Bow before us or be cast out.”


Gabriel just shook his head.  This was not right. Some evil trick, a spell, something.  Julianna enchanted him.  He was just envisioning all of this, yet it was so real.


“This is real!” Victoria spat.  “I will finally finish Mother’s work. A proper future for Elves and magical beings alike.”

“This is not what your mother wanted, Vicky.” Gabriel then said.  “She didn’t want chaos.”


“How do you know what she wanted!” She yelled.  “All you ever did was bow to the king’s feet and take his petty words. Or you traveled far away with Vaiden and left your family! You are the reason she’s gone! You left her all alone, unguarded!”


“I know.” he sighed.  “And you will never know how much I regret it every single day.”


“No, you have no regret yet.” Penelope replied.


“Please, girls, don’t do this.” Gabriel began.  “I know this Julianna has made you golden promises, but she is wicked. All she wants is the power to herself. When she’s done with you…you’ll be expendable. Let’s stop this now.”



“Now you listen, Father.” Victoria countered.  “Tonight is the birth of a new era. You are either apart of it or you are the enemy.”



“And here I was afraid they gave you a concussion or something.” Julianna said as Vaiden awoke.  “My, it’s been a week, but you may not recognize me anymore.”


“I was so old and gray.” she laughed. “But now, with Tatiana’s help, beautiful and young again.”



“Are you looking for ways to escape, or to figure out where you are?” she snickered.  “Don’t bother. That magic will hold you forever and as for where we are…don’t worry, we won’t be staying.”


“My plans are almost complete.” she continued.  “There’s just a few more tasks left.”

“Too bad you won’t complete them.” Vaiden huffed.


“Why? Do you think I’ll just procrastinate and put them off?” It actually made her laugh.

“I’ll stop you.” he snapped.


“You can’t do much of anything right now, Elf.” she snickered.  “Just sit back and watch the show.”


“You’ll see.”

“Mother said no one is to enter.” Samuel ordered.

Bullocks, move aside.”


“Mother, I tried!” Samuel exclaimed.  “But he is damn persistent.”

“Watch your language, boy.” Gregory snarled.


“Now what is…”


Gregory?! What the fuck!”


“No, I believe that’s my line.” Gregory turned to Julianna.  “What is he doing here?”

“After all these years? You aren’t excited to see your son?” she replied.


“You have no right to bring him into this mess!” Gregory fumed. “He has nothing to do with any of it.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, love.” Julianna smiled. “I cannot explain it to you, but I am sorry that I have kept this part of the plan a secret from you.”


“Please do not be angry with me.” Julianna batted her eyelashes. “We are so close to accomplishing everything we planned for all these years!”

“And what could you possibly need him for?” Gregory questioned.


“Oh, just for a distraction.”


“What kind of distraction?”

“I will not lay a finger on him, I promise.” Julianna smiled.  “But we have so much to prepare, we must hurry for the day is ending and with it, the night begins.”


“And what happens tonight?” Gregory had to ask.


“We destroy Latimere Greenbrooke.”



6 Responses to Chapter 35

  1. chabana says:

    That of new developments, so we know who is the father of vaiden ! I look forward to the continuation 😉

  2. I feel so badly for Gabriel… His heart must be breaking…. Vaiden can get out of anything, but I am worried about this situation… Perhaps his Father will be a bit soft and have a change of heart, but he looks quite wicked… Vaiden must be a little nervous since he is talking much more than he usually does… I guess having love and a family makes him a little soft and he speaks more… I am worried for him and his daughters…

    • mdpthatsme says:

      So much more to come in the following chapters! Definitely a lot on Vaiden and Gregory’s relationship and that with Coastal as well.
      Thanks much for the lovely comments 😀

  3. Jean says:

    Well damn! I somehow missed this chapter D: But oh wow! Betrayal sure is a bitch…

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