Chapter 36


Writer Notes: Sooooo worked on this aaaallll yesterday and had to work all day today so, typing it out before I pass out.

Warnings: backflashes! plotty, lots of dialogue, moping, teasing, pixelated nudity and blood, apparent torture, talk of vampire-y things, dungeon, madness, violence, and death.


“It is time my dear children,” Julianna Fairchild said.  “Tonight will be our final test. If we succeed, everything we have worked so hard for this last decade will be ours.”

“Latimere Greenbrooke is not Mystic Crane.” Seamus returned.  “He will be expecting us.”


“Send Mr. Coristor first.” she replied.  “While all Latimere’s focus is on him, send in the Elvin girls and let them take High Tower.”


“As you wish.”



“Stop moping and help me figure a way to get out of here!” Vaiden snapped.  “The longer we wait, the closer night falls.”  He waited for some type of reply, but there was none.  “Gabriel. Gabriel!”


“How…what can I do?” he asked.  “Fight my own children? No, Vaiden, I have failed them and I have failed at being a father. I can’t do this.”


“Yes you can.” Vaiden huffed.  “You didn’t fail them. They failed themselves.”


“No,” Gabriel shook his head.  “I let so many things get in the way of my family: duty, honor…damn politics. I left my wife alone and lost her. Now I’ve lost my children.”

“Well, two out of three.”


“Samuel won’t be able to take the news of his sisters’ betrayals. He’ll…”

“Sam’s a good kid, Gabriel.” Vaiden tried to sound convincing.  “And you can’t let your daughters’ actions define you. Maybe they are brainwashed, maybe not, but whatever happens, you didn’t give up on them. They chose this life.”


“I’m not going to lie though.” Vaiden added.  “It does suck.”

“You have no idea.” Gabriel sighed.


“No, he does.” Gregory said.



“Gabriel, meet Gregory, my long lost daddy.”


“And here I thought Coastal just conjured you straight out of Hell.”


“Unfortunately, no.” Vaiden snickered.

“He was the outcome of a ritual.” Gregory added.


“The only rituals that call for consummation are those from blood magic. You give up a piece of your soul towards power. Coastal would never…”


“She did.”


“Though I’ll admit, I was a fool to believe she wanted to perform this ritual with me because of…mutual attraction.” Gregory explained.

“You were barking up the wrong tree.” Vaiden snickered.  “Coastal only likes, likes girls.”


“I would agree with you,” Gregory returned. “But she was very…aggressive about performing the ritual.”




“And why did she agree to do this ‘ritual?'” Gabriel had to ask.


“The purpose of the ritual was to cheat the magic. I had read every scroll concerning blood magic and was sure I knew how to bypass its ‘sacrifice.’ The ritual we performed was to prolong life or to avoid age and death.”


“Did it work?”


“No.” Gregory replied.  “It only gave us half a life. A Shade Elf, as you know, does not have real emotions. Everything they ‘feel’ is made up to fit into normality.”

“But Vaiden does…”

“Enough!” Vadien snapped.  “Tell him how this ties in with your power, necromancer.”


“Necromancer?” Gabriel’s eyes widened.  “Why would a necromancer want to make life?” That’s the opposite of what you do.”

“Part of necromancy is bringing the dead back to life.” Gregory agreed.  “It is the most dangerous of blood magic to revive the dead back to the living. I have that power, but I did not want to bring the already dead back. I wanted to improve the living.”


“To make life everlasting.”


Gabriel shook his head.  “We Elves already live thousands of years.  How long do you need?”


“We’re not truly immortal though.”


“No one is.”



“Bloodlust just can’t be ignored.” Elan Coristor said.  “What Siren did…and what she has apologized for…is just in our nature.”


“I’m not saying that she just viciously attacked Dahlila, I know that she had no control of herself, but how do you always control yourself all the time?”


“Temptation.” Elan smiled at Yolanda.  “But also making sure you stick to your diet. Just missing a feeding could make you go stir crazy.”


“Come on, there’s more than that!” Delania shrieked.

“Leave the little Vampires alone, sister.” Dahlila said.  “They don’t want everyone to know all their secrets.”


“To control one’s self is always a test.” Lacarra then said.  “Do you not feel tested when you open up the freezer and have to choose between sweets and fruits? It is not much different for a Vampire, but our food doesn’t hide behind cabinet doors.  We live in constant awareness of each heart beating around us and know that each heart is someone’s life.”


“Very poetic.” Delania nodded.  “But you and Latimere are by far the most normal Vampires around. Us being here doesn’t seem to affect you at all.”


“You remind me of love I once had: naive, warm, and beautiful, but it ended terribly.” Lacarra smiled.  “I would repeat your father’s famous words, ‘never trust a Vampire,’ but I feel very objective to it. I would simply change it to: never trust a hungry Vampire.”


“But we’re always hungry.” Elan chuckled.  “But not always for food. Most Vampires want power, love, attention, or sex. Something they can control.”

“That’s about the same in everyone, sugar.” Yolanda said.


“But we have to be more careful than most, just a simple touch of another could set us off.”


“And here I thought Latimere was just germophobic.” Dahlila snickered.  “It explains a lot though.  Don’t obligate yourself to others, their feelings. Don’t let them touch you or be near you, and keep pushing them away with every step. It’s to protect them. Yeah, I suppose, it’s a good excuse to be an ass.”


“For you to understand that, you would have to know…our beginning.” Lacarra thought on it for a moment.  “It is something that neither Latimere or me likes to talk about and haven’t for centuries…if not millenniums. I warn you, this isn’t a pretty tale or one that ends happily ever after.”


“I cannot even remember my parents’ faces, but I remember their silence.” Lacarra began.  “For years they said nothing to me, or didn’t even acknowledge my existence.”


“My mother, especially.” she added.  “See, I was her first girl. She could not let me have an inch of her spotlight for she was a rare beauty. Endlessly she had to let everyone know that she was the most beautiful woman of the land and that no one would ever be quite as remarkable as she.”


“My father was just a self-absorbed; however, unlike my mother, he wanted everything to be as excellent as he was.”


“So on my one-hundredth birthday, there was no party, no great ball of celebrating my century long battle to exist in this world. Instead, my father led me through our halls and down to the cellar. I had never been allowed down there before so I was interested, but at the same time, I knew places that were off limits were dark and could only be filled with danger.”


“In the dark we found this black gate forged in the strongest metals. My father told me this was a crypt for those who did not rise to his expectations.”


“He told me to look inside.”


“And see the bones of those who had already failed, my poor brothers.”


“‘Papa,’ I told him, ‘there’s still one alive.’ ‘That is what you think, child. Look again,’ he said. ‘See what you will become if you fail me.'”



“I didn’t understand. I couldn’t. A century I had lived in great halls, beautiful gowns, and in the sunlight. Even so, I did not know anything about power, corruption, or what my parents expected of me.”


“I was naive. Power was everything. If I surpassed my parents in power, then they would not be the best. And they could not have that. I was to fear what happened to my brothers would happen to me.”


“Out of all the nightmares I have faced, I have never underwent the horror he did.”


“Whoa…” Yolanda said.  “Your parents were so jealous of your brothers, they threw them in a dungeon and left them to rot?”

“So they were of Master Vampire quality at young ages, just like how Siren is now.” Elan shook his head.  “I can’t imagine what that might have been like, Lacarra. Your ‘growth’ is out of your control…how could they expect you to…I can’t even. That’s just crazy!”


“Sometimes crazy is our life. And sometimes life takes it out of our hands.”


“For me, life sent me swords and men who liked to kill Vampires.”


“I went to the only place I thought they would not follow me and I hid.”



“They threw open the gates and were soon faced with an evil they would have never been prepared for.”


“I thought I would face the same fate.”


“But he just stared at me with those alien eyes.”





“After spending five hundred years trapped in a dungeon, feeding off rats and the remains of our brothers, Latimere killed twenty men that night and drank them dry. I watched and I can only tell you that I was not afraid. I was happy for him.”


“As a millennium went by and the memories of that horrible time faded, I was sure we were living how we were meant to.”


“Those days were so warm and happy…”


“But every now and then, ‘nature’ would ruin it all.”




“Latimere did not want to live that way.”


“So he fought it. He’s still is.”



“Something is amiss.” Latimere inhaled sharply.  “I can feel it.”


“Ok, what do I need to do? Go get Lacarra?”


“Ten thousand…Eleven thousand…they’re breaking the locks. That cannot be.  I set them. I know they cannot be undone.”


“Locks? What are you talking about? Latimere?  Latimere!






“How…h-how did you get in here?” Zarah took a step back.  “You’ve been working with the witch!”


“Julianna Fairchild sends her regards, Latimere.” Harry Coristor laughed. ”




“Is that the best you got, Master Vampire?”


Zarah couldn’t believe her eyes.  She was sure that attack had crippled him, yet Latimere stood there tall…and quite arrogant.

“I was looking for a challenge here, Mr. Coristor.” he smiled. “But I suppose like many before you, you have underestimated me.”


“Before the night is over, Julianna will destroy this hall and everything you hold sacred. We will purge this world and start anew. The supernatural shall rule all, anything less will bow or be annihilated.”


“Oh good.”


“Now I don’t have to be sorry about what happens next.”


8 Responses to Chapter 36

  1. Jean says:

    Ohh! Shit’s about to go down!

    Damn…I’m gonna have to read back; I don’t remember Vaiden and then getting captured. But then again it’s been a while since I’ve read this :p LOL

  2. chabana says:

    ooh !!! more strongly I’m so excited lol ! 😉

  3. Michelle says:

    Great update, very interesting.

  4. mdpthatsme says:

    Thanks much you guys 🙂

  5. Sonja says:

    I just read through all of AU today – both book 1 and 2. And I’m enthrilled! 😀 Can’t wait for the next chapter.
    I love Latimeres ‘throne room’ in High Tower, it’s so beautiful. And I like how you seem to stick to a blue color scheme for him and his sister – I spotted the occasional blue carpet in their other home as well.
    Also Siren ist breathtakingly beautiful in close ups and Dehlila as well. I’m totally shipping her and Latimere ^^

    • mdpthatsme says:

      Thank you!
      Actually all my sims have a favorite color and I usually put them in it and/or decorate their surroundings in those colors. If you probably noticed that Zarah tends to wear a lot of whites and golds. Vaiden wears mostly black and red. Delania loves pink. Siren wears purple, the other Coristors tend to wear more green base clothes.
      I don’t know why I identify characters with colors, but I always have, even in all my other stories. Characters got to have a favorite color 😉

  6. Ohhh Vaiden was created! That is disturbing and somehow really cool.
    Latimere’s back story was intense. With a start like that, he must have a very animalistic instinct that he fights to control all of the time. Loved it. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

    • mdpthatsme says:

      Thank you bunches!
      Yes, Latimere always has to keep himself under check. He is old enough however that it isn’t very hard for him. He just doubts himself.

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