Chapter 5

Writer Notes: Welcome to the world of making your sweat it out.  Yeah, I know after the ending of Chapter 4 you have a lot of questions, but I’m afraid this chapter has to cut in and scramble your brain(s).

Warnings: 1st person view, flashback in the present, language, and maybe just here and there stuff.

One week earlier…

After a long day of work as a detective, you’d think I’d feel glorified.  Saving innocents, healing those hurt, and just bringin’ justice to crooks.  Yeah, glorified and…thirsty.

1st class Detective Conner Benson is the name.  Fighting crime is my game.  Yeah, cheesy.

Walkin’ into your ordinary office you find Officer-what’s-his-face, grinning like a cat, guardin’ the usual street walkers.

“You missed the catfight,” he laughed.  “…detective.”

Even though they’re in a police station, they still try to hit up offers with ya.  Dames…hell, these ladies aren’t worth the title.  They’re just whores.

Inside Officer Kay is getting the other ho’s statement.  She probably was the victim, but by the sight of the other girls…she took’em no problem.

Well, he.

“Good morning Detective Benson.” the officer smiled.  “Seems like you missed all the drama this morning.”

Lady was her first name.  Lady Kay.  Her parents weren’t that creative, but hell, her name was rememberable unlike officer-what’s-his-face.  I liked Officer Kay.  She was by the books and got shit done that needed done.  She’d make a fine detective if she ever persued it one day.  I’d give her one hell of a recommendation if she’d let me.  If she’d go on that date with me I’ve been trying to get for months.

Yeah…being a detective can be a lonely thing.  Hell, half of the force who is married, gots problems.  Major problems.  Borderline divorce problems.  I guess it might be that way with all service duty individuals.  I know my firefighter buddies have it harder.

My partner quickly waves me into the questioning room where we have a Feline making his statement to help out with a case. 

My partner asked him the usually questions, plus some more direct questions concerning the actual case.  The Feline was all cooperation, which was a little strange.  Usually we had such problems with them.  They liked to keep secrets and live in the underground, but this Feline…he was different for sure. 

I briefly wondered why he didn’t have a lawyer with him, then I got distracted by the pretty little Elvin girl with him.  Damn, there was something about the Elves.  Something.

I hadn’t had to deal with Elves.  They lived pretty much soundless.  Their crime rate was zero, meaning there was no crimes connected to Elves.  Really strange.  Really suspicious.

Oh, now the lawyer comes to the rescue.  I recognize the lawyer, Tatiana Smith.  She’s good, real good at her job.  Highest praise preternatural lawyer in the region.  For good reason I guess.  She’s the only one I know.

Feline Jay is all too happy to see her.  He knows he gets to leave now.  Lucky break.

My partner stays all professional, but I can tell she thought she could have gotten more out of him.

Sometimes you just gotten take what ya get.  The Feline did give us a lot of info.  We could restart our investigation from a different angle now.  That would definitely help out the lawyers.

Aw, our usual subject.  He wasn’t going to be a breeze like Feline Jay.  He was going to be tricky, difficult, and ask for a lawyer.

Doubtful she’d take him though.

“Usually I’m not this honest, but…” I said.  “Your boyfriend helped us out a lot.”

She snickered.  “Jay and I aren’t together.”

“Why do I get the feeling “anymore” should be attached to the end of that?” I smirked.

She shrugged.  I didn’t catch her name…damn.

Yeah, no one at home, no date for months, no balls to get a girl’s name…man, I’m losing it.


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