Chapter 50


Warnings: magic! pixelated nudity, sexual situations, minor language, Vaiden being a dad, bubbles, break-ups, lots of dialogue, captionless photos, inner thoughts, and that’s a wrap!


“We will not stop. Honey is still out there! She will continue her mother’s work! We will win! We will crumble the human world and sit rightful rulers of all!”


“Come quietly, Mrs. Steel,” Rista sighed. “I’d hate to use the electricity in those cuffs.”


“Just a little longer,” Gabriel was in Hell. There was nothing Vaiden could do to help his friend out of this situation.  His daughters had committed crimes against the magical clauses of the Supernatural Law Act, thou shall not use magic to kill or maim. Victoria, his eldest, might be a lost cause, but Vaiden had faith Tatiana could help Penelope. She’d been brainwashed by Juliana Fairchild after all. The courts would be lenient, he hoped for Gabriel’s sake.


“It’s time to go.” Vaiden said gently. “Let go, Gabe, let go.”



“You are a nymph, or sprite, whatever you prefer,” Latimere explained. “The vine has blessed you with this power for whatever reason. You are very lucky, Mrs. Claver.”


“Is there a cure?” she asked.

“I’m afraid not, the magic is apart of your very being now as it birthed you back to life in this form.” Latimere said.


“But, there is a spell to make you look human.” the master vampire summoned his power and flung it at Yolanda. “This won’t hurt.”





“Awesome! I love magic!”


“Thank you, Mr. Greenbrooke!”

Elan cringed. “Uh, eh, Yola, it’s not like he had a knife slice his heart in two or anything.”


“We’re OK, sugar.” Yolanda smiled. “I’m never leaving you again.”





“That’s the deal, Gregoral.” Tatiana said. “In exchange for your life and freedom, you will sign these papers, stating that you will assist locating the sorceress and your step-daughter, Honey Fairchild. By signing these documents, you understand that if you give false information or assist Honey Fairchild in escaping the authorities, you will be arrested and automatically deported to the elves’ kingdom. If refused by the elves, you will be put on trial to decide if your crimes are worthy of prison or execution by the Supernatural Law Act clauses.”


“Are you sure about this?” Rista asked. “I know he’s your father, but he has already helped one powerful sorceress hurt your family.”


“He didn’t know about them.” Vaiden answered. “But you’re right. We can’t fully trust him. I plan to keep him close. I’m his worst nightmare, a Shade. He can’t use his powers around me. But we need him, if we ever hope to catch Honey Fairchild. People like her destroy families. We must stop her at all costs, before anyone else dies.”




“Latimere, thank you for coming.” Siren said. “I just wanted to tell you that I do plan to assume my parents’ enterprise as master of the court. It comes with the burden of resuming the vampire reform.”


“Siren,” Latimere shook his head. “Let the reform die. Harvey Dellawood and your parents have all died trying to pass that reform. Is it worth your life too?”


“My parents worked too hard to bring our kind out of the shadows into this modern era.” Siren hissed. “I will not let their hard work die in vain.”


Latimere frowned. “As long as you support the reform, which will destroy my legacy, my court, and the lives of my lessers, I will not help you. Being a master is more responsibility than you can know at such a young age. I wish you the best, Siren Coristor, but I fear, the worst, when you find yourself surrounded by enemies and I, one of them..”



“It can’t be,” Caden gasped. “Tatiana?”


“Hey, boss” she began, trying to keep the mood light.  Caden, her best friend and boss, deserved to know the truth.  She was a sorceress.  She told him everything that wouldn’t incriminate him, starting from meeting Vaiden to walking through the door just then.


Of course he was upset.  She’d lied to him for over two decades.  They weren’t just colleagues.  They were friends.  She kept this secret from him for his protection, now she wondered if she was wrong.  Should she have told him?


It didn’t matter now.  She couldn’t undo the past or what she was.  She just hoped they could move forward eventually.  Now it didn’t seem possible, but once Caden calmed maybe they could work things out.


“How could you do this to me?” Caden asked. “To our firm, to Josie, our children? Tatiana, I can’t have you at Pearsons and Associates anymore. I can’t…look at you? You look twenty-five! How do we explain that? No, I can’t. We won’t. I can’t…”


“I know right now you’re angry and that’s find.” Tatiana said. “But when you’re ready to talk to me again, I’ll be here.”




“Lewej, wait!”


“Come on, don’t do this!” Connor said. “We’re great together. I’ll drop the feline case, if that’s what you want. It doesn’t matter anymore. The underground isn’t going to give up anything and the Watskis are either hiding somewhere we’ll never find or they’re dead.”


“Connor,” Lewej shook her head. “It was never about your job. It’s just…these last few weeks, I’ve been reminded why we won’t work. I’m still in love with Jay. I always have been and that’s not going to change. I’m sorry, but we can’t be together anymore.”



“Yeah, it’s me,” Connor growled. “Get me everything on Jay Wishland, Vaiden Zarren, his wife, his mother, everyone in connection with them. I’m going to take them down.”



“Thank you for having us.” Coastal said. “It’s been too long since we’ve dined together, without the brink of disaster around us.”

“Of course,” Latimere chuckled. “And it has been a pleasure to finally meet you, Ms. Creighton.”


“Who,” Coastal laughed. “Has been dying to ask you a question.”


“She’s not going to let it go,” Rista rolled her eyes. “I was just wondering, how old are you?”

“Why is that the first thing everyone wants to know?” Latimere laughed.

“I guess, because you look young, but you definitely feel old…I mean, older. Coastal’s in her two thousands and that’s ridiculous to me, but you’re older than her, aren’t you?”

Screen Shot 245

“I didn’t realize it was a competition.” Latimere turned to Coastal. “It is odd thinking you’ve only existed for almost a third of my lifetime.”

“Wait? So that means you’re like…” Rista did the math in her head. “Almost five or six thousand years old?! Here I am at fifty, I not only feel old, but look older than you two do!”

Screen Shot 234

Latimere shrugged. “The supernatural does wonders, darling Rista.”



Jay startled awake. “Lewej?”


“Hey,” she smiled. “There’s some special people here to see you.”


“Hello,” Tatiana said. “How are you?”


“How am I?” Jay looked her up and down and let out a low whistle. “Hot damn, mama. Where’d you find the fountain of youth?”


“It’s a long story,” Tatiana shook her head. “You seem well. Coastal and Lewej have been able to use their magic to heal you for the most part.”

“It’s a slow process since the hospital wouldn’t let them heal me on the spot.” he shrugged. “But I’m getting better so that’s good.”


“He’s been asking about his hat.” Lewej eyed Vaiden. “And his car.”


“The fuck if I know.”




“That’s good news, Gabe,” Zarah said. “I’m glad the courts allowed both of the girls to be institutionalized. Perhaps the doctors can help undo what Julianna did to them.”


“You know, I’m always here, if you need someone to talk to.” she offered. “When will you get to visit them?”

“Thank you,” he offered a small smile. “I’m hoping to next week. Samuel won’t be able to go for the first month, but if the girls show improvement, he’ll get to see them too.”


“Maybe you can help sneak my sister in there?” Delania teased.


“We’ve tested them before,” Rina Smith scoffed.

“Yes, but Dahlila has shown she can harbor magic.” Coastal explained. “Like Tatiana, the girls are late bloomers. We want to double check. With Gregoral’s help, he should be able to understand Dahlila’s powers and perhaps Delania has magic too.”


“And what exactly are your powers, Gregory?” Rina asked.

“I am a necromancer.” he answered. “Which means I have the ability to raise and control the dead, but it’s not the depth of my power. I am gifted with other magics as well.”


“Speaking of which,” Tatiana took a deep breath. “Why don’t we begin?”


“Rule number one!” Vaiden began. “No magic in the house.”


“We know more about magic than you do, Vaiden.” Rina growled. “We actually have it and can use it. Your house is safe.”


“Honey, it’s OK.” Tatiana giggled. “I know you like your rules, but…”

“They have purpose.” he said. “And they’re not my rules. I didn’t make them.”


“Indeed.” Latimere and Lacarra appeared. The door never seemed to open and close, but there they were. “This house has a barrier spell that I cast in order to keep it hidden from all enemies. Only those that know its location can find it. Using magic inside this house could break the spell, so I recommend we take this outside.”


“Let’s get this over with.”



“I don’t like it.” Vaiden admitted. “My babies were free from magic. Boom! No magic. We were so relieved and now, what’s this? Dahlila was able to hold magic for Latimere? It’s not right. No redos, no take backs. What the hell, Life? Stop fucking with my kids.”


“It’ll be all right.” Owen chuckled. “We’re in this together. Look at all the support the girls have. We have serious magical power in this family. Given that fact, I was always surprised, and a little hurt, the girls didn’t have it. Now they have a chance to explore something amazing. Even if you don’t think so now, son, this could be a good thing.”


“White magic?” Delania couldn’t believe her eyes. “So I have healing powers like Grandma Coastal?”

“Yes,” Rina nodded. “Your grandpa and I are also very gifted healers too. We can teach you all you need to know.”


Latimere felt Coastal’s arm tense around his. “All?” she smiled, despite her tone. “As a high priestess with over two millennia of magical training, I think I can add a thing or two.”


“I guess that means it’s my turn.” Dahlila sighed. “Do I have to do this?”

“It’s best to know what we’re dealing with.” Tatiana patted her back. “I didn’t know I had destructive magic until I was twenty-six and that was bad. You have magic.  You have to practice it or it can build up and explode on you. Believe me, you don’t want that to happen.”


“OK,” Dahlila took a deep breath and let it out slowly.  For all the years she wanted to be different than her “human” friends, now as she placed her hands on her grandfather’s hands, she wanted to take it back.


Although magic was apart of her family, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to control it.  What would happen if she couldn’t?  She could hurt the people she loved around her.  She knew from her mother how dangerous it could be.  Tatiana had tried many cases defending magical beings.  Sometimes, they didn’t win.  People were executed because of their power.


“No, no, no, this isn’t working.” Latimere grumbled.

“I know what I’m doing.” Gregory growled.


Latimere ignored him and took Dahlila’s hands. “Relax, girl.” he said.


And just like that.


There was no going back.


“This is…rare magic.” Latimere said.

Dahlila felt her stomach fall to the ground. “What does that mean?”

“It’s green magic so it has necromancy properties, but it has other dark arcane elements to it.” he seemed to think about it. “It’s transferable magic.”


“Can you teach her how to control it?” Vaiden asked.

“Excuse me!” Gregoral snapped. “I am the necromancer here. I should be the one to teach her how to use this power.”


“Like Hell,” Vaiden scoffed. “You couldn’t even draw this power to the surface. Why would I trust you with my daughter?”


“We don’t have to do this right now.” Tatiana said. “As long as we can identify the power and make a learning path for Dahlila…”

“Latimere should be her teacher.” Coastal interrupted. “He knows more about magic than all of us combined.”


“A vampire, really Coastal? I thought you had more sense than that.” Rina gritted.

“She’s my granddaughter.” Gregoral said. “I think I have the right to…”

“You have no rights.” Vaiden snapped.


“What about what I want?!” Dahlila asked. “Gregory’s apart of our lives now, shouldn’t he get a chance to prove himself to be in this family? Why not let him teach me?”

“No,” Vaiden said in that parental tone. “Latimere, you owe me.”


“I told you before, I will only let you use that against me once.” the vampire replied. “Are you sure this is what you want to use it on?”

“Yes.” Vaiden nodded. “Coastal’s right. You know more about magic than anyone standing here. It’s a rare power that you know. It doesn’t make sense for anyone else to teach her.”


“In time, Lila, you’ll forgive me.”






“Mr. Steel, whatever brings you to my gym?” Lacarra asked, somewhat suspicious.


“Well, Vaiden wouldn’t let me forget I owe you a wrestling match.” he sheepishly smiled.

“Oh, I remember,” she giggled. “You said I couldn’t hold High Tower by myself.”


“That’s what Vaiden said, I never…”

“Why don’t we settle it in the ring?” she interrupted. “I could bring up weapons, unless you prefer hand-to-hand?”


“I’m not much of a fighter. It’s why after the 42nd battalion Vaiden and I served split up, they relocated me to the embassy. My tongue has always been my greatest weapon.”


“Well, let’s see what else you can do!”









“Mr. Steel, can I propose a new game that I think we both might enjoy more?”

“What did you have in mind, Ms. Greenbrooke?”


“A different type of wrestling.”

“What weapons do I have to use?” he asked.


“Your tongue…”



“…and your sword.”








“We need this.” Tatiana smiled. “A vacation away from it all.”

“Do you like the room?” Vaiden asked.


“I love it.” she kissed him. “I love you.”

“I love you more.”





“We’re going to be OK.” Tatiana sighed. “Everything’s going to go back to normal. You’ll return to your deer hunting and I’ll…I will start my own firm or maybe I’ll do something else. I don’t know. And the girls are back in school.  We’re safe.”

Screen Shot 264

“I’m not so sure about the girls being safe in school.” Vaiden grumbled.

“Vaiden, Delania is fine.” Tatiana clicked her tongue. “Estev is a nice young man.”


“They’re growing up too fast.” the Shade confessed. “Before we know it, college graduation will be here and then they’ll be out in the world.”

“That’s what you’re afraid of?” Tatiana snorted. “I thought for sure you were worried Estev would take your little princess from you.”


“It’s his funeral.”


“How come you’re never worried about the other one? Between the two, hasn’t she made more wrong decisions?”


“I am worried about her, but in a different way. Mistakes need to made so you can learn from them.”


“She’s not rushing anywhere. She’s living in the moment.”


“But when she stops and really thinks about the future, that scares me.”


“Because between you and me, I have a feeling she’s drawn to the darker side of our world, like my father.”


“I wonder, where is that going to lead her?”


“And who will be there to protect her?”




“And, will she be up for the challenge?”


Writer Notes: Wondering where this was, huh? Last chapter of AUB2. I have tears. Let me know what you think! Favorite character(s)? Favorite chapter? Favorite scene/exchange? Comments, questions, and/or concerns all appreciated!  Just so you know, this is not the last of Alternate Universe.  I have already started mapping out Book 3.  I’m sure I’ll post updates of the build progression of sets, character adding, etc. on my simblr during it’s short hiatus (hate that word, by-the-way).

In the meantime, I’ll be focusing sims-wise on wrapping up Sims 2 Bustin Out and perhaps The Gang will make a come back? The possibilities are endless.

Happy Simming!


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  1. Maroo says:

    Wow. Just…. wow. I have been reading sims stories for 15 years or something like that and this was… wow. I already started to think that I cannot find anything interesting anymore, that I have truly gone through every magnificent class sims story there is. But this… one of the most enjoyable six hours straight I have had in a long time. And I see you have still more in store for this story, as well as other Sims story projects. I’m glad for that. You have such amazing skills for this on every field: story writing, characters, character development, set designs, pictures for the story……. there is no end. Thank you for this.

    • mdpthatsme says:

      I am blown away by this comment! Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the other stories as well. Alternate Universe will return probably in late fall. Have a great day and happy reading and simming!

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