Chapter 6

Writer Notes: now don’t have a cow at the end of this chapter 😉

Warnings: FLASHBACK, reintro of characters, intro of some new characters, and problems

“Vaiden, I’m just saying. This war…you shouldn’t take it lightly. What if someone finds out about these secret meetings?”

“Gabriel…” Vaiden shook his head.  “The only way they do is if you sing like a canary.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Gabriel laughed.

“Is she really worth that much to you?” Gabriel then asked a little more serious.  “She’s a Vampire, my friend. You can’t trust them.”

Vaiden sighed.  “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Maybe I would if you’d explain it to me.”

“Enough of this.” Vaiden said.  “This will only take a second. I’m sure you can look out for that long.”

“Sure.” Gabriel replied.  He knew Vaiden, probably better than anyone alive.  But what his friend was doing was not only dangerous, but so unlike a Shade Elf.  Vaiden was one, yes, but sometimes Gabriel wondered.  Shade Elves did not care for anyone.  Did not feel it necessary to be involved with anyone’s affairs.  Hell, they didn’t even care to be alive.  Gabriel wondered if Vaiden was purely a Shade Elf or did he pretend?

But Gabriel did know one thing, the Vampire Zarah could control him if she wanted to.  Any wish she wanted Vaiden would excel to fullfill.  It was a scary thought because of how well trained Vaiden was at what he did.  What if she wished him to kill the Elvin royalty?  Would he do it?

“I almost thought you would not come.” Zarah barely said.  “It’s getting too dangerous for these little meetings of ours.”

“Don’t say that.” Vaiden was able to smile.  “If I lose you…I don’t know what would happen to me.”

“Oh, my poor Elf.” she shook her head and examined his clothes.  “You’ll be assassinating someone tonight, won’t you?”

Vaiden didn’t say anything.  He didn’t need to be conflicted about killing one of her race, but there was a war out there against all magical creatures, not just Elves and Vampires.  The deader was to be dead and it was Vaiden’s job to make sure that happened.  Peace depended on it.

“I know I can’t ask you who it is.” she said.  “So I will just ask you to be careful. There’s a lot of…”

“Don’t worry.” he interrupted.  “I’ll be fine. They won’t even know I’m there.”

“That’s what worries me.”

“We need to go.” Gabriel called.  He was getting paranoid, he knew.  No one was around, not for miles anyway.  But just one passer-by could end it all for them.  Gabriel could not chance that.  He had a family who depended on him.

Zarah side glanced Gabriel’s way.  “He’s right. You need to go.”

“This will be our last meeting for a long time, Zarah.” Vaiden said, but he was unable to finish the statement.

“You can depend on me.” she replied.  “I will always be here for you.”


Everyone arrive at Lewej’s house, finding Vaiden in that position.  He had been that way practically since the girls were taken.  Tatiana knew she had to underground this case.  If she reported it to officials…it would be months before they could actually do anything.  And Tatiana was not going to chance her girls’ lives on a savvy police force.  But she needed her husband to get out of that position.  They needed to pull together and figure this out.

Coastal and Zarah had not left Vaiden’s side since they arrived.  They knew him very well and Tatiana may not have realized, but Vaiden’s was strategizing.  He knew what it was going to take to find the girls, but he also knew what it would take to get them back alive.  This was not his first time hunting for a loved one.

“So let’s review this.” Lewej said.  “They were obviously magical beings, considering they could teleport using whatever light that was.”

“There’s a lot of beings that are magical, Lewej.” Gabriel said from afar.  “Sorcerors, wizards, Vampires, Elves…we have to narrow down this list. Who would want to kidnap Dahlila and Delania and why?”

Tatiana shook her head.  “The girls haven’t been able to use magic.” she said.  “And so far there’s been no ransom…”

“Then it’s something else.” Gabriel said.

“What else?” Tatiana asked.  “Vaiden’s retired from the Elvin kingdom. My only case concerns Felines. We don’t have any immediate magical enemies!”

“Calm down, Tatiana.” Lewej said.  “Maybe we aren’t thinking in the right direction.”

“There’s someone at the door, Dad.” Samuel said.

With that Vaiden shot up.  Something dark slid across his face, a rage that none of them could place.  Then the door opened.

“Coristors!” he growled.

“Now, now, Vaiden.” Zarah stopped him.  “I called them. They can help us and if I do remember right, they owe us.”

“Yes,” Mr. Coristor said.  “We do and I think we can help each other on this.”

“What do you mean?” Tatiana asked.  “What do you have to gain from this?”

“Please,” Zarah said.  “They have been going through the same thing as us, Tatiana.”


It was Mrs. Coristor who spoke up.  “They took our children as well.”


2 Responses to Chapter 6

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Yikes! Someone is collecting children from powerful families. I can’t imagine that they’ve just been taken to an amusement park. I’m thinking it’s an elf doing this. And I am very curious to read more to find out why 🙂

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