Chapter 7

Writer Notes: So this is a TINY chapter compared to what you would usually experience in AU.  Enjoy it anyhow!

Warnings: dirty, dark place, child abuse, talk of kidnapping scandals, tears, and teens making plans

Delania hadn’t stopped crying from the beginning so it was Dahlila’s job to be the strong one,  but she was pushing her luck as her kidnappers had practically pushed her down those stairs.  Boy, did her body ache.

“Them assholes!” Dahlila shrieked.  “When our dad gets them…”

Delania had become silent as they looked around the room.  It was apparent they weren’t alone.

“So they got you too.” the girl named Siren said.  Her twin brother Elan sat beside her shaking his head, such a sad expression on his face.

The girls knew them, the Coristor twins.  They were classmates at Misplaced Stream High.

“How long have you been down here?’ Delania was able to ask.

“Three days and nights.” Siren replied.  If she had a shred of fear in her, it didn’t show in her voice.  Siren was like that.  She always looked bored and unamused, sometimes hateful.  Elan was just the opposite, kind and generous.  For a Vampire he was very nice.

“We have no idea why they took us.” Elan replied.  “And it seems they’re getting tiredless by the second.”

“What are they waiting for?” Dahlila asked.  “Do you think they’re planning to kidnap our entire Senior Class?”

He shook his head.  “I don’t know.”

“Our parents know each other from the past.” Delania then said.  “Maybe it has to do with something from years ago and someone’s wanting revenge.”

“Unlikely.” Siren replied.  “I was told that the enemy was destroyed.”

The girls just blinked at Siren.  “Seems like our parents told us more about it than yours.” she said then shrugged.  “It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. The kidnappers will do what they want.”

“Don’t you have some super awesome Vampire powers you can use on them?” Dahlila asked.

Siren laughed, but there wasn’t a shred of hilarity in her voice.  “They’ve got ‘super awesome’ magic that controls us.”

“Oh…” Dahlila sighed.  “Well,  I dunno. Obviously you two haven’t found a way to escape this place. What do we do?”

Siren and Elan exchanged glances then said in unison.  “We wait.”


2 Responses to Chapter 7

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Muhahaha!!! Just wait…Daddy will save you and kick some ass while he’s at it!!!!

  2. Zhippidy says:

    With four of them there, hopefully they will come up with a plan. And yeah, wait till Daddy finds them – beware the kidnappers.

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