Chapter 8

Writer Notes: Now this is a much longer chapter 😉 One of my favorite Sims is in this chapter!  He’s so dashing!

Warnings: pictures photoshopped for effects, angry Vampire, making deals, unsatisfied kidnapper, appearing like magic, cowardice, VIOlence, pixelated blood, and introductions

“I demand an explanation at once!” the woman shouted.  “You do not stomp into the great hall of Latimere Greenbrooke without summons! You shall be struck for such insolence!”

“Silence!” the kidnapped spat.  It was just eerie how his magic completely paralyzed the Vampire woman.  She was trying to fight it, but obviously the magic was too great even for her.

“What you not man enough to take her on?” Dahlila asked.  “You coward! You hide behind your magic!”

“Shut up, bitch or I’ll make you regret it!”

“Good evening.” they all looked up to see a man standing on the platform behind the Vampire woman.  “It seems you have made yourself comfortable in my hall.” he looked down at the woman.  “And nicely greeted my sister, Lacarra.”

“Latimere!” Lacarra shrieked between barred teeth.  “It’s painful!”

“In due time sister.” he said.  “How can I help you people?”

“We demand sanctuary!” said the main kidnapper.  “Or by means of force shall we make our own.”

It was like real magic.  He was just there, standing before them, even the kidnappers were surprised.  This Vampire was no rookie.

“Sanctuary?” he questioned.  “I will make deals with you, but I will not provide anything without something in return.” he smiled.  “Firstly, released my sister. She will not harm you. I give you my word.”

“Thank you…” she was able to say as the magic released her.

“All is well, my sister?” the Vampire asked then turned back to the kidnappers.  “You ask for sanctuary?”

“Y-y-yes.” Obviously they could not hold back the fear in their voice now.

“I’m afraid not.” he replied.  “I’m afraid by attacking my sister, showing great disrespect of my hall you deserve no sanctuary.” he said.  “I said I would make deals with you, yes. That deal is my sister’s freedom for your own. Now leave before I change my mind.”

The main kidnapper was dissatisfied.  He made Dahlila stand in front of him.  “That will not do!” he barked at the Vampire.  “I will have sanctuary one way or another!”

“If you believed you were powerfuller than me and could take this hall easily, you would not hide behind that girl.” the Vampire snickered.  “So my deal has now changed. You leave these children here and go. It seems they are in great danger from you so I cannot be responsible for their peril at your hands.  Leave them and go, this is my last offer.”

“You should take it.” Dahlila managed in the clutches of the kidnapper.

“Shut up, you bitch!” he growled.  “We will have sanctuary! And we will take this hall!”

“So be it.” the Vampire’s face went slack.  He simply raised his hand and the kidnapper dropped Dahlila and started screaming.

And fell to the floor, blood oozing from his pours.  “I’m sure his voice is not your own.” the Vampire said to the other kidnappers.  “If you want to live, I have a simple request.” the kidnappers just nodded; they evidently decided to cooperate. “Tell your masters that if they threaten my estate again, I will find them and I will destroy them.  Now go.”

They did without hesitation.

“What was that all about?” Lacarra asked.  “Latimere, do you think they just merely were asking for sanctuary? Who asked for sanctuary with such force?”

Latimere Greenbrooke, a Master Vampire, kneeled and examined the dead.  He glanced over at Dahlila then at his sister.  “I believe there are elements we do not know and will never know about this situation.”

When the kidnappers left, the magical bonds that had been holding the teens in place disappeared.  The Coristor twins stood before the other Vampires shaken, but aware they were safe.

“We are the children of Trudy and Harry Coristor.” Elan said.  “We thank you for saving us.”

Latimere and Lacarra glanced at each other.  “Really?” Latimere laughed. 

“They were able to kidnap two Master Vampires’ children?” Latimere then glanced at Dahlila and Delania.

“And who do we have here?” he asked.

“Dahlila and Delania Zarren.” Elan replied for them.

“Zarren, why does that sound familiar?” Latimere asked his sister.  She just shrugged.

“I suppose it would be my greatest honor to allow you sanctuary here until your parents are contacted.” Latimere smiled.  “Lacarra please provide our guests with some clean clothes and food. They have been through so much I’m sure. The least we can do is provide them with comfort and security as I assure you all, you are safe with me.”


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  1. Zhippidy says:

    Latimere is so calm and cool — and deadly…. Dashing for certain 🙂 I wonder why the kidnappers wanted sanctuary and why they would request that after taking the kids? Too bad for master kidnapper there, he had pretty eyes. ^_^

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