Chapter 9

Writer Notes: WaHAHAHA! Too crazy?

Warnings: suspicions, discussions that they may or may not like, women bowing, and men not liking it so much

“I don’t know what-the-hell is going on, but I don’t like it!” Dahlila said.  “Something’s up!”

“Calm down.” Delania shook her head.  “Just be happy that Mr. Greenbrooke didn’t just throw us on the streets and tell us to find our own way back home. He’s been very generous.”

“Besides,” Delania continued.  “We saved us and he didn’t have to. He’s a Vampire, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know humiliaty.”

“Something’s weird though.” Dahlila replied.  “Dad always said not to trust Vampires. They make schemes!”

“Siren and Elan have never tried to scheme us.” Delania said.

“They haven’t had a reason to. Now this is a Master Vampire. He’ll make up something to scheme us!”

“We owe him though.” Delania answered.  “We owe with our lives, Dahlila.”

The door suddenly opened and stood Lacarra.  “Come, they are waiting for you.”


“Aw, I see you girls are well.” Latimere smiled.  “Have a seat. We have much to discuss.”

The girls were hestitant, but the longer they stood there, the more they felt silly.

The Coristor twins seemed much more calm now that they were changed and fed.  Maybe it was also the comfort of being with their own kind?

“You see, girls, your parents should be arriving shortly.” he said.  “And though I’m sure you are more than ready to be in their embrace, you will have to give me a moment with them to…explain the situation.”

Dahlila glanced at her sister then back at Latimere.  “Schemer.” she muttered.

“No, no, I assure you that you will not be schemed, Miss Dahlila.” he said.  “I have no reason for tricks; however, I do believe in favors. So do this for me, all of you.” he said.  “Do not think for one more second that those kidnappers will come for you again, because if they do they will have me to deal with me and I assure you all creatures do not want to have to deal with me.”

“I thank you.” Elan said.  “You have been very gracious to us. More than you had to.”

Latimere smiled.  The lad had been taught well.  “It’s been my pleasure.”

“Y-yes, thank you.” Delania managed.

Siren said nothing as her brother already had for her.  She had been silent for a long time.  Too long it seemed.  But the wheels were turning in her head about the Greenbrookes.  Dahlila was not stupid for calling them schemers.  Most Vampires would suck you dry for any little favor.  For Siren, she wondered why her parents had never mention Master Vampire Latimere Greenbrooke before as they had talked about every other Master Vampire in the area.  Latimere was divine, maybe too divine.

Dahlila and Siren had that understanding without even speaking to each other.  Something was definitely off about the whole situation.  Why would their kidnappers want sanctuary here at this Vampire’s dynasty?

Lacarra returned and she nodded at her brother.  “They are here.” she said.

“Good.” Latimere smiled.  “Now, ladies and gentleman, stay here as I speak to your parents.”

“Lacarra shall return in a moment to fetch you.” he said.  “This is good-bye from me. I wish you all well.”


“Welcome.” Latimere said to the group.  “I’m sure you are all too anxious to see your children, but I’m afraid that will have to wait until we have a little…discussion.  I’m sure you have many questions for me as I have many for you.”

The parents weren’t happy, but they would have to deal with Latimere’s ways.

Zarah had been nervous when they received the call.  She knew little of Latimere Greenbrooke, but what she knew had her shaken.  Lizabeth La’Belle had been a terribly powerful Master Vampire that specialized in executing other Master Vampires, but Latimere Greenbrooke she would not face.  Zarah never knew why, but she believed the only logical reason was that La’Belle feared him and that made Zarah even more nervous.

“I’ll make this short.” Latimere said.  “I had no reason to save your children.  I have no reason to keep them alive, but I proved more than generous by doing quite the opposite.  I have kept them well since they’ve been in my care and I demand compensation.”

“Compensation?” Tatiana questioned.  “Money’s not really a problem for us.”

Latimere laughed.  “No, no. Money, is not a problem for me either, my dear. I wish for something a lot more useful.” He looked at Zarah.  He knew of her.  She was once, in the days of Vampire kingdoms, an advisor for the throne.  “I wish for Ms. Dellawood to join my court.”

Vaiden was the first to shout.  “No!”

Zarah didn’t take any time to think about it.  It meant that her god-daughters would be safe.  It meant that Latimere Greenbrooke would give them his protection.  She bowed to him, a Master Vampire that a Master Vampire executioner feared.  She feared him too, but at least she didn’t have to worry of him killing her tonight.

“Splendid.” Latimere said then he turned to the Coristors.  This he would have fun with.  “You know, I would have killed your children if I didn’t have a head upon my shoulders. You know who I am, Mr. Coristor, and you know where I stand on your ‘Vampire reform’ so this is simple.”

“You cannot ask us to bow to you!” Mr. Coristor said.  “I am a Master Vampire and I shall not be under any other Master! Under Vampire law…!”

“Under Vampire law! HA!” Latimere laughed.  “Your rules and regulations do not and will never threaten me, Mr. Coristor. If I wanted to squash you under my boot I would, but alas I care not for your politics. I care not for your reform and it will never hinder me!” Latimere smiled and it reached his eyes.  “My business is not with you Mr. Coristor. It is with your wife.  Trudy, shall you return to me?”

“Yes, Master Greenbrooke.” she said as her husband shouted “no” in the same breath.  Her husband had not known her servitude of Latimere in the past.  He would not have accepted her as his partner so Trudy had kept it a secret.  Now, however, that all seemed childish.  She was Latimere’s once again.

“Lacarra, go get the children.” Latimere stood tall and proud, a smile more satisfying on his face than the drink in his hand.  “I believe our business here is done.”


2 Responses to Chapter 9

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Oh boy, what a pickle they are in now. Latimere must have orchestrated the entire kidnapping. Poor Siren is falling for the wrong guy. Divine for sure, but deadly wicked and seemingly self serving. A pretty little snake. Loved it.

    • I think of Latimere as an opportunist. He sees something that he can win big on, then he goes for it and usually wins. There’s a lot to be revealed about Latimere yet. I’m glad for your comments! They are always full of great insight and that helps me a lot!

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