Interlude I

Writer Notes: Alternate Universe, Interlude I, what does this mean? 

Warnings: surprise, half-nakedness, and omeletes…I tried having as minimum text as possible



“You’re back! You’re here!”



“Oh my gods, I miss the smell of your cooking.” Vaiden said.

Tatiana just smiled.

“How’d you sleep?” she asked.

“For what you let me sleep for?” he smiled.  “Soundly.”

“So the Elvin war’s finished then?” Tatiana asked.

“Well, until the peasants decide that they don’t agree with the Royalty again, which should be in another year or so.” Vaiden laughed.  “At least the rebel command has been…elimenated.”

“Thanks to me.” Vaiden smiled.

“Have you told anyone else you’re here?” Tatiana asked to change the subject.  She knew Vaiden was an assassin, but as she was a lawyer, she tried to pretend to be aloof of illegal…actions.

“Does anyone else need to know I’m here?” Vaiden questioned.

“You need to tell Lewej and Coastal.” Tatiana said.  “I’m sure they’re…worried.”

“I’ll tell them later.” he replied.

Tatiana began to say something, but was stopped by a voice in her head.

“Shut up.”


6 Responses to Interlude I

  1. Zhippidy says:

    I can’t believe he smiled! *LOL* Her expression in picture five is absolutely perfect. I hope you have some more interluding to do ^_^

  2. iomai says:

    Holy crap i just noticed this was up *was reading the gang* and i squealed like a fan girl (i have a huge crush on Vaiden lol) now i’m excited and happy 😀

  3. krismina says:

    xD I love Vaiden’s humour. It’s funny how although he’s presented to be the one who is afraid of an invasion of privacy, he seems to be the one using this connection between them to his advantage. I love it!~

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