Interlude II

Writer Notes: Two years after the end of Alternate Universe, Vaiden and Tatiana got hitched.  Friends and family gathered to witness this happy day of matrimony.  The pictures are edited though…because originally these pictures were just going to be put in pictures to hang on the Sims’ wall…that’s why there’s not a title “Interlude II” on the picture above.  But anyways enjoy the ceremony.

Best man and best friend of Vaiden’s, Gabriel Steel, with the groom himself.

Maid of honor, Josie Pearson, and the bride.

Parents of the bride.

I absolutely love this picture of Vaiden and Coastal. 🙂

Vaiden was forced to smile in this picture with Lewej.

Lewej and Jay.

Josie, Tatiana, and Caden

Vaiden and Zarah…she really didn’t want to be photographed and he was forced to smile again.

Congratz you two. 😉


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  1. Zhippidy says:

    Very nice 🙂

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