Interlude III

Writer Notes:  So this actually has a lot of text…but I think you’ll find it very…eventful.

Warnings: argumentative Elves, a certain type of “test,” talk of threatening a lawyer, telling of news, and I spy poseboxes!

“No dear,” Coastal announced.  “It is simply just the shock of it all. After all, how many times in your life have you worn white?”

Vaiden rolled his eyes. “I’m not buying a collection.” he said. “You’ve tortured me enough with all of your shopping today.”

Coastal sat carefully on the bar stool.  “Whatever you wish, my child, but you know I’m right.”

He sighed.  “One day,” he muttered.  “One day…”

“And what will happen that day?”

“Well, Coastal.” he smirked.  “I’ll be the one who’s right and you’ll be very wrong.”

“Sure,” she replied.  “But that won’t be until you’ve had children of your own to understand the complex values and principles that go along with children raising.”



“Come now, Vaiden, my dear.” Coastal giggled.  “You cannot be that pigheaded. I know I raised you to be thoughtful as to the perceptive of others. It is one of the reasons why you are the best at what you do.”

Vaiden didn’t say anything, but make a face.  He couldn’t deny that he was the best at what he did and he couldn’t deny that some of his abilities came from what Coastal had taught him.

“Oh, you’re home….” Tatiana said quietly from afar.  “…good.”

“That didn’t sound very ‘good’.” Vaiden said.  “Is something wrong? Is that prosecuter giving you a hard time again because I can change his attitude for you.”

“No honey, he’s been very professional towards me….now.” Tatiana replied.  She couldn’t help, but wondered what exactly Vaiden had said to that specific lawyer, who had believed that Tatiana’s profession was a joke and he had made several comments on Tatiana’s position as a woman and a lawyer.  He hadn’t as much sneezed around Tatiana since his and Vaiden’s “talk.”

Vaiden smiled triumphantly to himself about the circumstance with the other lawyer.  “Well, I’ve made him out to be a believer for you.”

“Sure.” Tatiana replied.

“He’s being supportive right?”

“Yes, Vaiden.” Tatiana said.  “But…”

“Vaiden, darling, why don’t you go get the bags out of the car.” Coastal interrupted. 

He side glanced at his mother then touched Tatiana’s face and made her look up at him.  His eyes were serious, but he said nothing outloud or telepathically.  He kissed her forehead and went for the exit.

Tatiana watched his backside as he headed for the door.  She did one of those little girly sighs as if she was watching the cute rebel boy exit the room.  Coastal just shook her head.

“And I do look damn good in white!” Vaiden shouted as he exited.

It was Coastal’s turn to sigh, but rather out of frustration.

“He does.” Tatiana said.  “I can’t believe I got him to wear white though.”

“Hmmm, did you tell him that he was afraid to wear it?”

“Well, yes, of course.” Tatiana replied.  “If you tell him his afraid of something he’ll try to prove you wrong.”

“That’s my boy.” Coastal said.  “But let’s focus on something else.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“What is troubling you, my dear?” Coastal inquired.

Tatiana hesitated.  She knew better than to try and lie to Coastal.  Coastal was a two thousand year old HIgh Elf who raised a very, very stubborn Shade Elf.  Tatiana could only imagine what a little terror Vaiden was growing up.  He certainly wasn’t very friendly now.

“Ok…” Tatiana cringed.  “I just found out…but…ummm…I don’t know really how to say this.”

“Then just plainly say what it is.” Coastal said.  “Evidently, it is news that not only one person can handle.” 

Tatiana took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.  “Do you think Vaiden’s ready to be a Dad?”


Vaiden stopped and stared as his mother and wife exchanged a very long embrace.  Something was wrong.  Tatiana eyes were glossy with tears and though he couldn’t see Coastal’s face, he was sure by her posture that she had been crying too.  Vaiden prepared himself for a gab fest.

However, once Coastal saw her son, she composed herself and decided to leave the couple to themselves.  She smiled slightly at Vaiden when she hugged him goodbye and was gone.  Vaiden suspicions multiplied by twelve.

“What’s going on?” he asked Tatiana.

She put her hands on his shoulders to steady him…or was that herself?  It was big news he could tell.  It couldn’t have been about work because his mother had never been interested in Tatiana’s profession as most elder Elves.  But then what else could it have been?

 “Ok.” Tatiana began.  “I’ve taken a test and it came out positive.” He blinked at her.  “Vaiden, we’re going to have a baby.”

Tatiana had expected many things: faces, confusion, smart remarks, but nothing prepared her for the joy and utter happiness that boomed from Vaiden.

The tears started to twinkle in her eyes again.  She was happy.  Vaiden was happy.  It seemed like a fairy tale for a second.

“We’re going to have a baby.” she repeated.  “Can you believe it?”

“You mean, we’re going to have babies.” he said.  “Two, twins.”

Tatiana gave him a look.  “And how did you come to this conclusion?”

“Let’s just say I had a premenition once.”

“Uh huh.” Tatiana shook her head and then smiled at a thought.  “Are you going to tell that premenition to my parents?”


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