Interlude IV

Writer Notes:  This interlude is similiar to the second one as the picture above doesn’t have the title in the picture and these pictures are meant to be hung on the walls of the Sims.  Also this will be the last interlude if that gives you a clue as to something coming in the future.

Warnings: pic spam, writer talking about character stuff, aww moments, and fast forwarding thru time.

Vaiden and Tatiana are one of my favorite couples of all time (that I have made).  They are completely different.  Really they don’t have much in common besides they’re both from the preternatural world.  Vaiden is a hard headed, ego-maniac, control freak, who half of the time doesn’t give a damn.  Tatiana is caring, sophisticated, and something of an emotional rollercoaster.  How in the world can these two stand to be with each other for more than five minutes!?!

But they love each other.  Hell, they’ve been too much together and survived.  They did have three lightning bolts for each other, until I moved computers 😦  Now they’ve just got two.  Tatiana likes black hair with glasses (custom accessories for Vaiden’s ears).  Vaiden likes blonde and I believe (don’t hold me to it, I’m typing this via memory and at work) custom hair because Tatiana’s hairs aren’t always binned…I had changed it though once I moved computers…so he may like make up instead…hmmm…as for dislikes all my Sims dislike smelly Sims.  Always have, always will…unless they’re Jack of The Gang…he dislikes formal wear…so you can smell around him.  He won’t mind 😉 

I believe I changed Vaiden’s aspiration to Family when Tatiana got pregnant (he was originally a Pleasure Sim)…but I think Tatiana’s still a Fortune?  Or was that Knowledge?  Or Popularity?  Hmm, she’s a lawyer…could be for both Fortune and Popularity…but she’s a witch could be for Knowledge…I don’t know…I’ll have to double check.

I know there’s some Vaiden fans out there so here’s a little bit on his views on how his life ranging from before Alternate Universe (Book 1) and after it.

He believes (yes, he has beliefs) that there are stages in life.  He’s been through many of those stages before AU.  One was a career in which he considers the part he took in military and protecting the royalty of the Elves.  One was branching out, in which he served along side of Zarah.  Then there was solitude…a space in time when Vaiden had retired from his Elvin duties and lived alone in silence, misery, and a bottle.  He became an assassin as another branch out to escape being tormented by his own misery.  Lewej was brought to him to train and protect by Asiram in a stage of his life which he considers “hell.”  Saving and protecting Tatiana, also saved himself from his own loneliness and gave himself something and someone to care about.  He believes that it was the time in his life where he needed to fear, be a hero, and find someone as challenging as himself.  He thinks it’s a little weird that his past lover, Zarah, delivered his future wife to him though. 

After AU, Vaiden spent a year with the Elves in which he considers retracing his roots.  It made him important again.  Then he returned to Tatiana (Interlude I) with whom he spent another year with before marrying.  Vaiden didn’t really believe he had been in “love” before he met Tatiana, but he believed that year with Tatiana was a stage in which he called “gay stuff.”  He completely “gave” Lewej his home (not) and moved in with Tatiana, later they married.

But then they’re having babies….Vaiden considers this stage in his life “the new hell.”  Though he was happy and excited, there was some fear (which he would never admit).  He didn’t know if he would be a good Dad.  He had convinced himself early in his life that he wouldn’t ever have kids because of the difficulty and mess they made, but as the months were coming to pass and the due date arriving.  Vaiden really wanted to be the best Dad ever.  He wanted to concur it.

But there was one problem that Tatiana had kept nagging at him about and that was his “job.”  An assassin career wasn’t very ideal for a family man, but then again what else did Vaiden do best?  He had been born a Shade Elf and they were beings primiarly for such dirty work as they were said to be less emotional than other Elves; therefore, killing wouldn’t bother them.  Vaiden believed in his abilities even though Tatiana feared she’d lose him to gang bangers.  However, Vaiden didn’t think being an assassin was something his children should look up too…so he looked for something else to do.  He became a “special forces” instructor.  He didn’t like it at first since he had to deal with a bunch of rookies, but then again he liked to yell at people when they looked stupid.

Then the girls were born.  Delania and Dahlila Zarren.  All right here’s come candids:

Vaiden’s got his hair back!  Well, the shorter version, but it’s at least back in the original style.  I missed him in that hair although the Rose hair did look nice on him.

Don’t you just want a grandmommy like Coastal?


Both of the girls really admire their daddy…not just in storyline, but in the game too.  They both wanted to be held by him, sang to by him, etc.  Note: Coastal’s actually the one who taught them the Nursery rhyme, which made them like her more than the other grandparents.  Tatiana taught them to talk.  Vaiden got them terrors awalkin’.  And both parents potty trained them.


Here’s the girls: Dahlila (left) and Delania (right).  They have Tatiana’s eyes, Vaiden/Coastal’s skin, and of course their Dad’s side hair color.  As for facial structure, I believe they’re perfect in-betweens.  Note: their eyes are no longer Tatiana’s.  I kept the same color, but a different set of eyes by Shady.  When they became teens (and I tested them as adults too), their eyes didn’t match well with their eye shapes so I changed them.

Here’s one with “Aunt” Lewej.  Aw, Lewej, you fabulous girl you.


So eventually Vaiden and the girls moved out of their place and found a more permanent family home on the beach because Vaiden remembered how much Tatiana LOVED the beach.  And as a finale, here’s a couple of candids of the girls:


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