Tease Me Will YA!


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Merry Christmas


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Masquerade Halloween

Happy Halloween!

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Character Studies: Dahlila and Delania

All righty, I finally got around to making the characters studies for the twins.  Pheew.  Dahlila’s was actually the harder one, which I was surprised by, considering I actually play her more than Delania in the game.


1. Name, 2. Origin, 3. Favorite Food, 4. Favorite Color
5. Favorite weather, 6. Favorite Drink, 7. Hobby, 8. Favorite Animal
9. Occupation, 10. Love, 11. One word description, 12. Something Else

Here they are:


1. Dahlila, 2. Misplaced Stream, 3. Fruit, 4. Green
5. Winter, 6. Dr. Pepper, 7. Studying Magic, 8. Huskey
9. Student, 10. my dad, 11. Rebel, 12. Twin 

1. Delania, 2. Misplaced Stream, 3. Cupcakes, 4. Pink
5. Summer, 6. strawberry shake, 7. sewing, 8. cat
9. Student, 10. time with my dad, 11. sweet, 12. sister

Note:  Both of the girls in “love” have something to do with their dad.  Not saying they aren’t close to Tatiana too.  Vaiden’s just special.


Pictures found on DeviantArt.
Idea stolen from a collaboration of atomicspacekitty and ValleySunSims.

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Sounds of Hell

To complete the title of this post: “You know when…you say to everyone in the community that you’re going to focus on writing your manuscript and put a hold on the Sims, but of course something has to happen.”

Well, that something did happen.  And that something is probably not what you’re thinking.

Both of my custom neighborhoods crashed.  Literally.   Yet the Maxis neighborhoods are completely fine.   

I do not know how or why this happen, but it did and now I’m rebuilding.

Rebuilding for me isn’t just getting the Sims and putting them in the designated lots.  Nope.  That’s just the easy part. 

I have to rebuild their memories.  I don’t know why it bothers me if they’re memories aren’t exactly how it suppose to be in storyline.  I mean, you all can’t see their memories so nobody can’t point and laugh: “That’s not what their memories…

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Misplaced Stream High

One of my favorite things to do when I’m making a pretty decent neighborhood is to make the Senior Page of the Yearbook of the Highschool.  So Misplaced Stream is the place and I think I’ve had one for it before with Gwen’s story, which was never postedHere.  So there’s some returning characters from that Senior Page to this one.  The original Senior Page I did is here.  It was for Pyper’s story, another story that was never posted.  I soooo wish I had though because hers was excellent.

Unlike last time, I decided to do pages like a spread for the Senior Class.

So let’s do an analysis:

Eye Colors
Blue: 6
Brown: 8 
Green: 4
Grayish: 2

Hair Colors
Black: 8
Blonde: 3
Brown: 7
Red: 1
*Note that though a couple of the brunettes look to have Reddish hair, only Kristy Kay actually is categorized as a red head.

Skin Colors
Pale: 7
Medium: 3
Tan: 1
Dark: 0
Custom: 9
*Note my defaults are by teru_k.

Other little fun facts
3 sets of Twins (Clavers, Coristors, and Zarrens)
1 set of Triplets (Jenkins)
In storyline the McCarrens were born exactly 10 months apart so they were put in the same grade.  Porsha Lin has moved UP a grade despite her brother, Hector’s protests.
The Alpines are cousins so that explains the sharing of their last name.

All righty then.  Hope you like.

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Alternate Universe, Book 2, has begun!  Go check out the first chapter and the insight of the world in the actual Book 2 thread


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