Christmas with Vaiden and Tatiana

“I’m surprised at your attitude.”  Tatiana said.  “You took Thanksgiving like a some type of burden, but you seem to like Christmas.”

Vaiden shrugged.  “I still don’t understand Thanksgiving, but Christmas I get.”


“Yep,” Vaiden smirked.  “I like gifts.”

Tatiana shook her head.  “That’s not what Christmas is about, Vaiden.”

“Sure it is,” he looked down at the three gifts between them.  “Or you wouldn’t have bought so many presents.”

Tatiana couldn’t contain it.  She laughed.  “Vaiden,” she shook her head over and over.  “No, it’s the love of giving.”

“Same thing.” he replied. “You get something. I get something. Hell, we even got Lewej something. Though she’s kinda on the naughty list.”

“You should be too.” Tatiana giggled.

Vaiden gave her the coldest look he could, but truly she was right.  Vaiden had done a lot of horrible things.

She just smiled at him because he knew she was right.

“Ok, not about the gifts, it’s about giving the gifts?” Vaiden sighed.  “All right.”

“I can live with that.”

“You’re serious? No arguing, no counters? Serious?”

“Dead serious.”

“Wow, this is almost unbelievable.”

“Don’t say it.” Vaiden growled.


“You know what.”

“It’s a Christmas miracle?”

Vaiden sighed.  “Yeah that. I’m feeling a little kind. Don’t ruin it for me.”

“Merry Christmas, Vaiden.”

“That was a little too cliche for me, Tatiana.”

“And now he counters.” She rolled her eyes.  “You couldn’t go one day without arguing with m…”

“Merry Christmas, Tatiana.”


2 Responses to Christmas with Vaiden and Tatiana

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    When will Vaiden learn…he can’t win against Tatiana…LOL

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